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The ui looks very cool and fresh! You've done a great job improving everything!

This is amazing so far, I look forward to more!

I hope you'll find the time to make more and enjoy doing it!

I loved that game! It's a whole lot of fun one screen puzzles.

I wanted to see if there's been any interesting games that fit the theme of this jam.

Feel free to share your favorite games and any of your previously finished projects!

Here's a couple I thought of off the top of my head:

This is absolutely lovely! This mechanic is absolutely stellar, I could see this becoming a very fleshed out platforming game like Celeste. I felt clever when I discovered I get an extra jump when coming out of the teleport, I'm glad that it's intentional, it's pretty fun to do!

The camera is very disorientating, it's way too close to the character and it jitters way too much. Also, I feel like there could be a better input for the rope, it'll be impossible to play on a trackpad.

I love the concept though, jumping with hookshots is always lovely.

I don't like the level where you have to use a box to jump over the gap. The box kept falling into the pit.

It's a nice summer morning.

It's a super cute game! It's a cute little puzzle and I chuckled at the end.

Hatboy is a mandatory upgrade.

It's cute and relaxing. You did a nice job on the sword model.

It's a pretty neato game! I'd like if there were more explanations of things, though, it takes a long while to get through mistakes.

It's neat that this turns an RPG into a puzzle.

This is amazing!

I like how the lava both acts as a penalty and makes sure players don't fall all the way to the bottom. I'd love to see this more polished, there's a lot of cool ideas here. I imagine the lightning flippers were going to be checkpoints? I think I'd like some more control with hitting the ball, it sometimes feels random where it'll end up, and sometimes it ends up under the flipper after I hit it.

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You have a beautiful art style! It's cute and somber.

I like how you took the "Just One" concept with its aesthetic rather than its mechanic.

A minor complaint: movement on slopes feels awkward, the character keeps jittering a bunch. And the character flew up when they placed the sprout down on a slope.

I feel like it's not exactly "Just One"?

It's a cool dungeon though! I like how the enemy changes pattern in each color of room.

The art and style is very cute! It's got a quaint charm to it, like reading a diary. The game is a nice lil twine game. It feels a lil weird having dialogue choices be above the text that the choice is for though.

Everything aside, for some strange reason, my computer makes a weird noise when I play this game?

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It's a nice and simple game, it was easy to know what to do after fiddling around with buttons. However, it's simple enough that I feel like it's been done before.

This feels like it fits better with a previous year's theme: X without Y / Platformer without Walking.

The game itself is pretty cute! I like how goob and its particles look and it's pretty fun flicking it around, but it's weird that it gets stuck on walls sometimes.

As a whole, this feels like it could have just been a mario maker or super meatboy level. It was frustrating dying a bunch and having to just do everything over again. That being said, you made this yourself, and you did a great job finishing it within the time limit!

I like that the limited uses of the sword give you an option of making the level easier, since you have to loop around the same enemies. I don't think the shield is that useful, since you have to keep that button held down the entire time.

This is a very clever concept! You also have nice n cute designs for the characters!

The controls need polishing to be able to functionally move around however, that's its biggest issue.

I like how it turns a platformer into a golf game.

I don't know if it's intentional, but the opponent killed itself on the last level. It was pretty funny considering I flubbed the shot.

It's nice that this is a quick series of levels, you could probably lower the timer and make it a decent Wario Ware style game. It's also nice that you can just see how the opponent shot to copy him.

That's a neat concept. You're just one person in a crowded space.

That one part where the character's color kept fading out was neat, it could have been a more interesting effect if it was easier to lose track of the character. But the guy's always at the center of the screen, so it's sorta a moot concept there.