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I really like the bat character. He's got a very good fight.

This game is very cute!

I like how the puzzles become challenging while still being simple.

I would like to have an undo button, I make a single mistake and then have to redo the entire puzzle. Also, the input seems to lag a bit, especially when the levels start.

Neat ambient little game.

Very short, however.

It's got a lovely aesthetic. I like the low poly models in the game.

The game is super cute by the way, I love the graphics and music!

I got trapped in a later room!

I was able to stand on the edge of a platform and grab something that was directly under me. It made me shoot through the map.

This is such a lovely relaxing game.

The soundtrack is very soothing, it's very soothing to listen to while thinking about all the puzzles.

You can change the language in the options.

The option menu is the second one in the main menu, and the language is the 4th option in that, second one under the two sliders.

It's a real cute game! The character designs are super adorable and it has the feel of a goofy Saturday morning cartoon.

I like that we get an area to play around with the game mechanics, fun just platforming around.

I've actually found a couple other puzzles where that happens too.

Some of the tv puzzles don't scroll the screen when I walk off the edge, then I'm trapped in the side after I walk back. Thankfully resetting the puzzle still works.

Maybe having a designated button to turn off controls would be easier.

Didn't realize that wasn't intended. That might be an interesting upgrade if you do try to make it a fully realized game.

Being unable to stay awake is called "narcolepsy"

Love the art style and the music.

The characters are lovely.

A real lovely concept!

It looks absolutely stunning.

It seems pretty awkward to actually put the inputs in, game lagged on me and I filled in the beats with a buncha useless inputs.

It's absolutely cute! All the characters are adorable.

The rabbit's ability is the weirdest to use, doesn't seem to work all the time for me.

I think using both dpads for a controller would be a better fit.

But it's a real cute concept, you're the saddest kid of the bunch with a barely working rv car.

That's a pretty unique concept!

It's a bit awkward with some setups, I have to keep directly plugging it in and out of the usb itself. It's also right next to my power button.

Feels like playing qwop.

Pretty fun.

I did it! I got out.

It's ok. Reminds me of that other game from a previous year.

You did a nice job.

I don't think the window is properly positioned for me.

I'm just seeing a corner of the map, I don't see my guy at all.

Ran into a glitch where my guy kept running in a direction.

Really nice concept, simple enough to get the hang of real easily.

It's very cute!

The sprites and music are nice.

I like having the extra slot I can choose to set.

I love how chunky everything feels.

The sound effects and music fit really nicely.

It seems way too easy.

Pretty simple.

Cute graphics.

I might have glitched it. I answered emails randomly and all the colors wildly spasmed.

It's neat.

I'd like if you had a bit more time to put things together, but that helps it feel hectic.

The upgrade button makes me move left instead.

The art style is super fun and quirky! I love it. Reminds me of Don't Starve.

It's interesting that the things you use to attack can also hurt you.

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This is pretty much a fully fleshed out game. Some of the puzzles get a little tedious, especially when you know the answer but you gotta execute it properly. I like that everything is predictable though.

The wizard is cute and emotive.