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Cool, I love the detail that when you don't pick up the dynamite then you have different death animation for lava and spikes. 

LMAO, nice indeed!

very cool game :)

wow, great music and art style! Very interesting concept!

good pokemon like idea :) will you continue with the project?

Very cool art! I love it!

I love the art style! I used it for my first game jam attempt

LMAO about NFT 

I like the game, but the limitation could be better. But ninja zombies are best :D

Very cool game, I love the gameplay. Good job. Also nice pixel art graphics!

very cool concept. I'm amazed that you randomly generate it. Good job

great idea, lol :) nice dialogues 

One of the best game in this game jam I've played :) good job. Smooth, good music and good feeling.

Hi, thanks for trying my game. It seems that Brave browser has some problem with Unity... Do you experience the same problem with other online Unity games? Or is it just this on? LEt me know pls, maybe I'll learn some valuable optimization lesson. Thanks again!

Wow, this is the most advanced game I played in this game jam. Good job! :) love the smoothness and the idea. Keep up the good work. Also beautiful :)

I won! Really funny idea :)

cool little game :) 

very cool! Love the idea and the gameplay. The tongue LOL. Nice art.

Beautiful :) 

Cool idea and nice graphics :) I also received some errors during the gameplay (PS: I also hate spiders)

Great idea

cool idea with the attack

haha cool!

Chill game :) 

Really cool idea! I like the art of the game. The limitation for the jam could be better :) keep up the good work

Really nice feeling for the character.  The idea is good. Will you continue with the development?

Cool idea. Bit hardcore but great thinking :) Like the game

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I love the concept :)

I tried 15 times so I guess that I'm unlucky. I thought that it was intended... that you can't escape :))

I like your character! :)

Simple idea, nice music. (PS: Nice representation of a female, lol)

Cool game. Nice feeling, good music :) 

I like the character feeling :) the limitation could be handled in a better way.

I had fun :) but there is probably not the 5th key so you can't escape the nightmare...

to be honest I don't understand the game but the idea with cards and roguelike is great. Good luck with the progress!

Very interesting concept!

Haha at this game I really had a laugh. At first, I thought the game was just you sleeping on the bed but then the scene changes and you're playing an asteroid shooter. The game has some bugs (HTML version no respawn when you die) and I didn't like how you handled limitations tho. But nice try, definitely enjoyed the idea.

I like the character feeling and also the music is very cool :) ending for the game would be nice (or maybe there is but I tried to jump really high). GL

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really HARDCORE, found the space program lol :) A dreamy theme was not a requirement but I missed it. I like the game, but don't like how you handled the limitation. It's clearly a prepared game for other purposes and reused here. Anyway, good luck with future projects!

EDIT: I apologize for the false accusation! The authors have provided evidence that they prepared the game for this game jam