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Awesome game! The visual style has a really cool tone in contrast to the hilarity of the story. Thank you! And the guitar at the end sounds really neat.

It is quite difficult, for two main reasons. One is that the pencil is quite large, making some collisions hard to avoid. The other is that the controls are a little hard to handle, since there is rotation with the mouse and WASD/arrows to move forward and backward. From a game design perspective, though, making the pencil smaller might mitigate the charm of the barrier drawing, since all of a sudden you don't have as big a radius. Maybe there is still room to make it smaller though?

Another thing is that the shapes start to fly around the screen much faster than I can react to them.

This is only my experience with the game, and my view on the difficulty could absolutely be my limited skill. Don't forget that you have made quite an original look and play. 

Thank you and sorry for the late response!

I like that the map isn't just a box like classic snake. Good job!

I really like the tone of the whole game! Well done

This is a really cool-looking game! The barrier mechanic is a nice twist on the game play. Great job!

Hey Vinnie, I'm not getting any responses to my inputs for some reason. I tried moving in each direction for a while, but nothing seems to be happening.

Thank you!

Hey all!

What should I be looking for in Unity to upload as source code? This will be the second game I've made on my own and the first not in Bitsy, so I'm extremely new.


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That's a really nice game! The music is perfect for the poetic story and you did a great job with the art. Thanks for making it!