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Lovely gameplay, lovely music and lovely art style. A fun time all around!

Was confused the first time, but got the hang of it. In space, no one can hear you having fun

Pretty fun, but the thrill of the longer snek is the downfall for my score

Do you remember in which screen or rooms the crashes happened?

Thank you for playing!

Agora é só fazer a conta pra combustível e manutenção que sobrar depois das entregas... Sobrar...

Bom jogo - fiquei sabendo deste depois de ter visto a respeito no Meteoro Brasil

Precisamos de mais jogos desse tipo

The Jam isn't rated 👀

Charming little spin on the idea. A few levels did solve themselves (Maybe a bug?) but overall nice game.

Really really liked it - Controls were responsive, levels well made, visuals great.
A fun time to be had, that's for sure. Only thing I can think of how it could be better is by having more levels, so good job!

...With crate powers  comes rated responsibilities ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Nice take, gorgeous presentation. The grid rotation added to what direction characters would move were a bit confusing at first trying keyboard only; But the mouse hover preview helped.

Would be perfect for mobile - I could see myself playing it a lot on a bus stop.

Charming and well made premise.

Also, taking "Please look at me, I'm undoing my misdeeds" to a whole new level.

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I liked a lot your take on the concept. However, since some objects aren't controllable in some levels while others are, could be helpful if there were some indicators to it.

Since I smartn't, didn't manage to finish it all the way thru - but pretty neat.

Edit: On a second note, affected objects could be a bit more consistent between levels - Since it's weird that in some levels the flag isn't controllable and that the score is in others.

Some say that if you stop and pay attention for a  hot second, you can still hear the developer  giggling to this day. GG

That said, I'll have a cup of knife with chopped cup, please ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

An example prompt made into good entry?  GG

The resolution thing was a bit weird, but the game was addicting.

I've seen this concept made before - but I like your take on it. Visuals really convey what they're supposed to be, controls are simple and the game doesn't overextends  itself.

Liked a lot of the written interactions . All in all, cozy vibes and a good time.

Good  platformer, but  not being able to change the gravity mid jump/air defeats the best of it's use.

It's not a bad reversal, but I do believe that with more tweaking on controls/mechanics and on the level design to accommodate such quirks, it could flesh out the best of it.

But 48h is 48h, so GG.

The floaty jump looked a bit weird; but that aside, if it had a bit of extra control on the blocks size, I can easily imagine it having levels to traverse and  alter.

I wonder if this will plant seeds to be developed in the future ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Good game, great animation/visuals. Music got me hooked from the first second.

Really enjoyed it - and the last level really took me for a spin.

F for Carl... Anyway,  making the golf course was surprisingly more fun then the premise gave off.
Poor Carl facing lightspeed golf car sized golf balls.

Was good, but I feel that if it had a few more enemies in the level, it could force/incentivise for the player to move more often and do a strategy. As it stands, one can mostly spam their way to victory

Looked fun - And playing it felt even better!
Great game overall. It leaves me thinking how you've set up the AI;

Also, I imagine how it could be scaled up. The simplicity adds to it.

Bite sized, bit sized. Curti, mas concordo com Vimlark, se as ações fossem automáticas seria melhor ;)

Cool idea, but some extra work on the mouse's clipping/vanishing and on the character's collider would improve it considerably.

Also, personal preference but- If W/up was also jump, I could make the jumps without switching my hands over the controls (WASD+Mouse+Space is standard, but Not friendly if you have wrist issues)

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By the screenshots alone, it looks interesting
Edit: Fixed my browser and played it. 

Nice premise, but since there is fall damage and there is no way of knowing  what's in each pit while needing to dive in blind, even with the gloves, fall deaths become frustrating. Aside from that, nice platforming.

Undead toast... Hmmm, unkillable hunger

The presentation of this game went pretty good

Now that's some unexpected kind of entry. Actually had fun playing this

An interesting idea, however, couldn't land the jumps past at the first 2 levels, so I can't say much about

Interesting one, nearly impossible for me to go beyond 15 points, however (Didn't know playing the first time that I mouse did something)

Seen your game in a stream, was nice - Still, a few spikes feel a bit oddly placed

Quite hard to control, but I liked a lot about this idea


Thanks for the warning - didn't know the upload failed up until now

A bit empty, but I loved the art . Spent a good amount of time just looking around and I like the idea

Your entire game, from the art to the gameplay, is simply stunning, beutifull and overall great. A surely a lovely experience

It was cool, it was buggy, it needs to be it's own thing, but I think the theme was a bit loose here

The presentation is off the charts, reaaaaaaaally good. Thought, you guys should've gave more care for the gameplay

The puzzles were solid, good and simple mechanics, though it could use some more polishing.

Cute rats, I like them