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Played it yesterday for a couple hours while blasting Fallout OSTs (which I think improves the experience considerably). I had the weirdest streak of luck where I rolled the "lakes and rivers" encounter three times in a row and my map looked like a fucking swamp, which made it all the more endearing to me. It honestly felt like when you boot up Fallout 4 and mindlessly go around blasting in the best possible way.

  • In Character Creation > Starting Equipment, Big Iron says it deals 1 DMG. But in the Weapon shop, the same weapon deals 2.
  • In Companions, it says to roll 1d6 and "find the result in the companion table". I don't see this table anywhere, only the "Creating a Companion" rules.
  • Maybe it's just my luck, but I didn't get to see any trinkets, and I got to over 160XP :( There could be a trait where you can forgo 1-2 encounter rewards in exchange for an increased chance of finding them.
  • Faction rewards require entirely too much fame/infamy for my tastes, though to be fair, I got the bad luck of all my combats being raiders except two, so maybe it's easier if you get better rolls in combat encounters.

All in all, it was a good couple hours of fun, and it seems like an easy system to expand upon with more combat variability, new encounters, etc.

160300 and I felt like I was playing out of my mind. quite a fun twist on the watermelon game!

Average play time: 1-2 hours

Well, call me spiders Georg.

I'm writing this review immediately after finishing the game for the first time, and I have clocked over 23K words throughout the better part of a week. As you can tell, I enjoyed this game.

My favourite part probably has to be the four reactions you can take when you meet people: it is a very intuitive system and progresses the game forward in a very natural way. I feel similarly about the motivation/notoriety/favour mechanic. Overall, a very robust system.

The different planets and people's characteristics offer not only a possibility of replayability but also a nice background to optionally add if you want to develop your character's environment and backstory further. I would have loved to have more information about the system's backstory -- the previous wars, fought and won, or the standing of different planets in the intergalactic conflict -- but perhaps less is more, and it should be left for the player to fill in the blanks.

The exploration/destination cycle makes use of those locations and gives you backdrops in which to drop your nomad, though in the more narrative style of play I enjoyed it could sometimes conflict which what seemed like the course of the story: I had to use a great number of fade-ins and time-skips, though I do not believe it detracted from my enjoyment. This disconnection was exacerbated in the use of showdowns (especial location/moods for important characters), but framing it as a movie in my head made it easier to understand how to fit them in the story. Also, I got the same description event four times in my run, but that might've just been my luck.

Anyway, these important characters have special interactions and descriptions that befit their position. I loved those! And the epilogue gives you a branch to which to continue your character's story, both narrative and mechanically, which is appreciated and actually makes me want to give good ol' Kiria another run.

Thanks for the game!

I will +1 everyone saying that I can absolutely see this becoming a mobile game, perhaps expanded to seeing more than one block on the screen / your main dude having more than one hole. The style is a bit minimalist but I think it works quite well with these types of games. 

Brilliant in its simplicity, the fact that getting it wrong does not automatically kill you but instead pushes you to the edge gives you a whole another level of play where you can allow yourself to be pushed if needed, great work there. High score is 55 >:D

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When you said this game was challenging you were not lying! Got to round 6, and had a lot of fun doing it. It is interesting how my playstyle had to change with the evolution of the levels, from lackadaisical orb collecting to focusing on dodging the 3209 bullets coming after me and THEN worrying about maybe getting an orb or two. My favourite level type was undoubtedly the one with the spinning thingy that shoots bullets in a circular pattern -- it was so hard! It would have been cool to have an ending screen where AMB1 and D3X-TR met though, every time I had time between stages I just put them as close together as possible to hang out </3

Also, the "combat" music is capital G Good, though sadly there were a couple moments where the sound volume fucked up and peaked and I had to turn it down.

Anyway, loved the used of both arrow key and WASD. A great use of the theme, which is always a plus. Great game overall :) 

ACAB :) Game was simple but good fun, like the other comments I truly think the selling point is seeing the crowd grow and having to manipulate it throughout the corridors -- I felt somewhat like a dog trying to corral its sheep herd, haha. I would have enjoyed the player having more speed though, it felt sluggish at times. Regardless, great work for just a weekend!



For both Spanish and Galician :) 

oh that's wonderful! I had seen the tests, but not the update itself. hope everything goes well with it! it was truly a pleasure, hit me up whenever to contribute again :)

BET is APUESTA, which is way too long, so I would do either ALTO_2, etc. or perhaps DOBLE_2*, etc. (ie. DOUBLE_2), since it's a doubling die after all. 

* DOBRE_2, etc. in Galician. 

I don't really understand how "bet" and "up" could be related when you are talking about "this face up", they mean different things. Perhaps that is a relation that exists in French but if so I am unaware of a Spanish equivalent. 

Yes, they are the same in Galician, this post included :)

I have two proposals: 1) we could use "ALTO" (ie. "high") to imply that the side that's up is the "high face", or 2) we could use "ARRIB" and omit the last letter hoping people understand the need for limitations.

That sounds great!




M for moneda and D for domino will work for certain. I think the ALGUNA_D will perhaps confuse some at first but there really aren't many alternatives so I would say go for it. Perhaps using only ALGUNO instead of changing between genders will make it easier to understand, honestly, because since they would change with number/suit/etc. it feels pretty trivial to try to contain it within the gender separation.

1. Ñ: Cheers, I have no clue on how Unicode works but that's perfect.

2. Todos: I will simply offer the possible options in Spanish we discussed and their Galician translation, though of course feel free to ask any further questions: 




(1 edit)

1. Reina and Rey: Yes, we use Q & K :)

2. Jokers: No, that super makes sense, I just don't know how well people will get it? But ROJ / NEG does seem like the best choice.

3. Visto: Yes :)

4. Todos: I mean that could work; "todos" means "all", "los dos" means "the two", and "cualquier/a" and "alguno/a" mean "any"(1). I think any of these options can work because they are all easily understandable with a guide, but my assumption was that "any" was preferable. Don't think it'll be much of a problem regardless!

Edit 1: The difference between them, as best as I can explain it, is that "cualquier/a" refers to a determinate amount of entities while "alguno/a" does not specify, and since we know the faces of a die or the sides of a coin "cualquier" makes more sense but "alguno" is likewise understandable.

A short game that will struck a cord with any person who has suffered from mental illness. The grueling past through highschool and college is all too well exemplified in the monsters that roam the halls, and as someone who also does not remember anything of their teenage years it was a very emotionally rewarding experience. 

Cool hack !! I played a suave vampire with a fedora which immediately turned him into "not actually suave, he just thinks he is". Got caught by the hunters embarrassingly fast because I used my powers solely to "well, actually--" around but we teamed up to fight some ghosts <3 

My GM at first was concerned about the few amount of islands, but I ended up staying most of the time at the cruise so that wasn't really a problem. 

We think you have captured the feel of the original really well, honestly. A clear objective and a lot of issues in which you could choose either roll. I would fully recommend people try it out! 

I would recommend to read the Spanish Translation first because some things I commented there (eg. accents) apply here as well.

Galician Translation


  • ACE - AS (A)
  • TWO - DOUS
  • SIX - SEIS
  • TEN - DEZ
  • JACK - PAXE / SOTA (J)
  • KING - REI (K)

* For us ñ is its own letter, but I don't know how it works in the software you use. RAINA should be used otherwise.



Logic is VALUE then SUIT. So a two of hearts would be DOUS_CORAZON.



JOKER_VERMELLO and JOKER_NEGRO would be the standard way. We also do not abbreviate colours, so my suggestions are to either write JOKER_V and JOKER_N, or maybe to put a white/black pip to indicate red/black respectively. 


  • YES - SI
  • NO - NON
  • AND - E
  • BUT - PERO / MAIS **


  • CHECK/TICK (checkmark) - VISTO 
  • CROSS (an X shape) - CRUZ
  • PLUS (+) - MAIS (MÁIS) **
  • MINUS (-) - MENOS
  • SLASH (/) - BARRA
  • EXCLAMATION (!) (Dicier uses EXCLAIM for this icon in English to keep the code short) - EXCLAMAR

** Here we run into the reason why accents exist. "Máis" means "plus", but "mais" means "but". Leaving "PERO" as the only "BUT" option seems like the most sensible choice. 




(1 edit)

For transparency:

Edit 1: Misclick (oops). 

Edit 2: Changed "pica" and "espadas" around, since "pica" is the proper English way.

Edit 3: Added "COMODIN" as an option for JOKER. Usually the latter is used when talking specifically about the English deck, but I would rather cover more options than less. 

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Hello! You have created such a fantastic feature, I would love to contribute :) 

Spanish Translation


  • ACE - AS (A)
  • TWO - DOS
  • SIX - SEIS
  • TEN - DIEZ
  • JACK - JOTA / SOTA (J)
  • KING - REY (K)



Card suits are usually plural (ie. corazones, rombos, tréboles, picas), but it would break the character limit so I think this is our best choice, but feel free to offer others. I put the options with proper accents but I don't think it is needed, since many programs do not compute them anyway and Spanish speakers are used to this limitation.

* Copas, oros, bastos and espadas are actually the suits of the Spanish deck, but they are sometimes transposed into the English one for ease of people who have only ever used that one. 

Logic is VALUE then SUIT. So a two of hearts would be DOS_CORAZON. 


  • RED - ROJO

JOKER_ROJO and JOKER_NEGRO would be the standard way. We also do not abbreviate colours, so my suggestions are to either write JOKER_R and JOKER_N, or maybe to put a white/black pip to indicate red/black respectively. 


  • YES - SI (SÍ)
  • NO - NO
  • AND - Y
  • BUT - PERO


  • CHECK/TICK (checkmark) - VISTO / TIC
  • CROSS (an X shape) - CRUZ
  • PLUS (+) - MAS (MÁS)
  • MINUS (-) - MENOS
  • SLASH (/) - BARRA
  • EXCLAMATION (!) (Dicier uses EXCLAIM for this icon in English to keep the code short) - EXCLAMAR **

** Proper terms are "exclamación" and "interrogación" respectively, which just won't do, so I changed them to "to exclaim" and "to ask". Again, opinions welcome.





*** Damn you, languages with gendered nouns! If these are too long, I would recommend ALGUNO / ALGUNA instead.

What a fun little game !! It really reminded me of the classics it is inspired by and it was very enjoyable. The controls are Extremely responsive (bravo !!) and there is enough variety between the different stages to make it interesting. 

My favourite part has to be the boss fight, the music fits very well and the boss patterns were fun to play against. Also its dialogue is funny :) Well worth the journey to get there.

Also the fact that all the machines were hand-drawn by you and your friend is such a cute little touch, I love the individually that your assets provide (and they're very well done too!).

Thank you for the game !! <3 

What a quaint game I love it !! The ST & DND inspirations are apparent but I think you work them in your favour to create a slice of sci-fi that shapes itself to be cute and fun, especially for one-shots! I loveee the versatility you've added between the different ship jobs and the vessel, I feel it would help a lot to create different stories from the get-go. The fact that you have suggested personalities is also very helpful for those who may not have played RPGs before! Thank you :)

But my favourite part HAS to be the vessel creation, it's so interesting! Every time a deck of cards is worked into the game as a mechanic I immediately get excited, and it would be so fun to buy a cheap deck specifically for this game and just keep the final vessel map as a memento. I can already see my friends arguing about the next room they should get.

If anything the one-page limitation of this game is the worst part about it because I want to know all about these little guys!!! I love them !!!!! Thank you so much for the game <3 

What a cool game! I know everyone has already said it BUT the sound effects are absolutely amazing haha and the music as well !! it's also just a very cute game in general :) 

Hello! This is a very cool RPG and I loved reading about it. The way it is structured (with a clear Big End culminating in the party) I think will help a lot to introduce it to tables that revolve around going to gamestores and the like, even if we may have to wait a few months for that to be feasible again.

Your classes and races are all quite distinct and yet their simplicity creates a really nice template to introduce homebrew ones! My favourite are the fae beasts and the ratmin :) Also I think it would be cool to add more mechanics for helping outside of Meals, I think you created a really smart way of doing it and it's sad to think it can only be used in that specific purpose. 

Anyway it's a really cool game !! Thank you for sharing <3 

I don't think I have ever seen a game that so fully embodies the concept of court politics. All the main characters in usual intrigues are there (the Visitor is an unexpected but welcomed addition) and they are perfectly exemplified in the proposed backdrops as well as the special moves they can take. Great work! The dice mechanic is novel for me but the explanation right above me was quite helpful in understanding it. Thank you :) 

Oh wow this is so beautiful !! I enjoyed it very much, thank you :) 

Oh wow, cool system! I can understand the appeal of making a guide for transitioning from fantasy to sci-fi, but I think your work could stand quite well on its own. 

The use of dice in map creation was a clever touch (as are their names), and I like the suggestions you give for "modernizing" fantasy races. I like the care you have put to introducing a transhumanist aspect on the guide, since I consider it an intrinsic part of the cyberpunk genre. 

I think it would have been cool that you also added some suggestions for transforming common fantasy classes into sci-fi like the cleric/druid/warlock examples, simply because your thought process on that regard is super good -- you make them fit your setting so well!

Talking about the aesthetic, the example "quest" is also super interesting, and leaves a lot for the GMs to tweak as necessary whilst giving a lot of information to develop it. Fantastic work!

Thank you for sharing :) 

I had never heard of this myth before! Thank you for sharing it with us through this game, I love learning about these types of things. I greatly enjoyed the evolution of the "timeline" of the game and the options each character has at every pivotal point, because it could result in way different playthroughs, which is enhanced by the fact that there's no set amount of turns between one moment and another. My favourite part has to be the divine gift / human trait, and how the hidden/admired quality is mirrored between the two characters for obvious reasons, it was a very nice touch. I also enjoyed that what exactly constitutes as an intimate moment is left vague on purpose :) Great game! <3 

Oh wow, thanks! I am indeed doing that, but I didn't think anyone would notice! Just want to give something back, you know? :) Thank you!! 

I don't often play these types of games but I enjoyed it! The different skill trees give a lot of possibilities and the charm of the game is unbeatable. Thank you for the game!

Hello, this was cute! I made a couple planets and they were very fun. My favourite feature is the asteroid ring (it's so cute!!!) and the fact that you can 100% customize colours. Also making the moon run around at max speed is also fun hehe. Anyway thank you for this game! <3 

I could only play it for myself, but the target practice was cool. The environments differ a lot from one another and thus there's a lot of different strategies you can take -- and the items help a lot with this. I would echo nomolomon's sentiment that bots would be a cool addition to have. Also, the game controls are super smooth and work great, which is a must in FPS. Great work!

Thank you for the game <3 

This is such a creepy game! I think it creates a really good atmosphere of being a dollhouse from the beginning, and the characters are all quite interesting. Haven't been able to finish the game (I am not particularly adept at combat) but I will keep trying, I want to know what happens!

This game is so good! When I was reading the corebook I was already imagining possible scenes that could happen :) And thank you so much for adding your personal chronicle at the end, I loved reading it! It seems like a short feel-good game, which is gravely needed sometimes. Thank you!! <3 

This is very cute! I like the idea of re-vamping classic RPGs to not have a GM and instead rotate the main character around. Also the fact that is not based on a particular setting opens up a lot of playing possibilities :) 

The idea of map creation is super interesting! Can't wait to have a map that is completely in comprehensive except for those that have been playing, haha. If our game has anything like your drawings I'm sure we will have fun! Also, the simplicity of it and the focus on collective play makes it perfect to play with kids, so I may do that. 

However, when seeing the roles, I can't help but think that the enjoyment of the "Treasure" person has some degrees of separation from the rest of the group (as in, they are the ones that make the map, they do not really interact in battles, etc.) I may actually hack it to be a third person game in which we all take the role of Treasure when it is needed, to see if that sounds better. Oh, relatedly, I really your "healstuff" example -- a chewy ring that heals you up is so cool! 

A thing I don't really like is the EXP mechanic. I understand why it is there (this is based on classic RPGs after all) but I felt as if your game was more conductive to have a "milestone" advancement system, you know? 

Regardless, I really liked reading through it. Thank you for sharing! 

Thank you for the game I had a lot of fun! The music fucks and brings a lot to the atmosphere. I was a bit shit at the game and would have killed my brother for a jump button in some stages, but I enjoyed trying to hold some semblance of dignity whilst screaming at the ball to please move how I wanted it to (it didn't listen). Will absolutely revisit after I have calmed down a bit. 

Anyway you simply gotta go into the Space Hole baybee !!! 

Hell yeah, I love this! I think this is a beautiful work of cosmic horror. The indescribable nature of the Evil, the gradual progression of the loss of sanity... it all evokes the feelings I love from this genre. I think the choice of making it about a single protagonist that we all share was a really good pick, I have rarely seen it but I think it contributes to that feeling of separation characters often feel in this setting. 

The Creeping Menace mechanic is also so interesting! The randomness the die bring lends itself to having games with vastly different pacing which makes replayability much easier, as it does the vagueness with which you describe the Shadows and their actions on the world. Fantastic work! 

My favourite parts are the "Allowed Shadows" table (SO interesting, and useful, to portray so many different sources of unease that gradually increment in danger) and the "Neurosis" examples (especially the degradation that occurs if you get to read more than one line!). 

Also from a reader's standpoint, the fact that it had hyperlinks made it much easier for me to understand what was going on, haha. 

Anyway, thank you so much for this, can't wait to play it! 

It is really cute! I am not quite good at the game (yet...?) but I enjoyed playing it a lot :) As Teekayeh said, the art is very nice and fits the atmosphere perfectly.

Also, I would consider perhaps allowing the "strike mode" to simply be the right click button, if that's possible. It would allow for a faster gameplay. 

Anyway, I liked it! Thank you <3

I love this! Honestly it makes soooo much sense to have Warlocks in Dungeon World and the way this has been constructed is SO good (also, there's so much!). I really like Curse as a main mechanic not only for the many options you give but also how easy it would be to implement homebrew ones to suit the style of a particular patron. 

My favourite moves are: The Devil's Own (classic warlock move I think), transmogrify (holy shit!), and mark of service (because come on, aesthetics). Thank you so much !!