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Oh wow, cool system! I can understand the appeal of making a guide for transitioning from fantasy to sci-fi, but I think your work could stand quite well on its own. 

The use of dice in map creation was a clever touch (as are their names), and I like the suggestions you give for "modernizing" fantasy races. I like the care you have put to introducing a transhumanist aspect on the guide, since I consider it an intrinsic part of the cyberpunk genre. 

I think it would have been cool that you also added some suggestions for transforming common fantasy classes into sci-fi like the cleric/druid/warlock examples, simply because your thought process on that regard is super good -- you make them fit your setting so well!

Talking about the aesthetic, the example "quest" is also super interesting, and leaves a lot for the GMs to tweak as necessary whilst giving a lot of information to develop it. Fantastic work!

Thank you for sharing :) 

Thanks for all your kind words gabichete! I really appreciate it. 

Feel free to build on what I've started with your own ideas, and do let me know how you get on if you run any of this in your own games.

Have fun!