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Great tool! Do you know why audio tracks sound different in the app vs playing the exported .wav? Seems to happen for  >0.1sec length. Sounds great in the app, but seems to be missing the whole sound effect when I export it (truncates 99% of the audio).

Fun but crab stunlock felt unfair. Also W didn't work at first, so I had to manually rebind it in controls

Fun idle game!

A few features I would like to see expanded on:
- Ability to drag to move map rather than "push" to edges of screen
- Make it  a bit easier to pop bubbles when lots of plants on screen (accidentally pick up plant instead of bubble)
- Make new plants not stack by default (was a shame when you would buy 10 plants at once and then have to manually move them around)

Very nice art and music, played it all the way through to 0% pollution. Was thinking maybe make sight and pollution level work a bit closer together as sight sort of becomes useless pretty early and once you beat the game the smog clears anyway.

Thanks for giving it a try!

thanks for giving it a go! Any features you want to see?

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You can, try double clicking the image and dragging it around!

Nice tool. Good for RPG world building :)

Really creative idea! Sorta makes you feel like your a character in a movie lol.

thanks for giving it a try!

For more info visit the itch page @

Sorry to hear the mic didn't work! I have included instructions on the game page for troubleshooting browser issues, so let me know if those help!

Thanks for playing!

The core game is simple and fun. Nice art and chill music was another big plus too.
The swimming controls were a bit frustrating (clicking up/w would have been more intuitive to control) and I wish the spear gun didn't have such a punishing cool down if you miss a shot.

thanks for the feedback! It was important to me to cater to as many different control preferences as I could :)

thanks for playing!


Cute art and music, but the tutorial was too easy to miss (Didn't realise I could click the signs for better explanations)

Thanks for playing!

I liked the concept of power ups being stronger together, at the risk of losing them all. It did seem too easy to avoid losing them since you can easily keep track of how many are active. The performance seemed a little slow considering the graphical detail, but maybe that's the fault of the browser and not the game.

Thanks for playing! I agree that having a final goal was the missing piece.

I enjoyed playing this game. I think the time slow mechanic is cool, I personally haven't seen something like it in a platformer before. I do wish the mechanic worked off a resource bar or something (so you had to plan when to use it). As is I just held it down for the entire game so I never really needed to use "normal speed". Another cool idea would be to slow down the music when you slow down time (or play an effect). Nice game :)

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Thank you for your feedback! I originally wanted to have a goals/milestone system where you try to reach planets and other galaxies but I ran out of time. Glad you enjoyed it for what it was.

Thanks for playing! Definitely wish I could have made the core gameplay  a bit more exciting.

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sorry to hear that. It seems to be an issue with some browsers. The only solution I found so far is to try disabling the permissions (from the button near your browser's search/address bar) and then reloading the page. Thanks for playing

thank you for playing!

Nice game with great sfx, art and music. The game crashed when I tried to go outside with the chef.

Great game. Browser version was a bit tricky to use (tabbing out) but the downloadable option addresses this.

Nice game with great art. The audio seemed great too, but I could barely hear it :(

Nice game. Good art and music with simple but challenging game play!

Would  you mind adding some screenshots to your store page?

thanks :)

Nice game, definitely needs a score board though! Keep making games!

Hi blek, thanks for the feedback! I will be fixing the game after the jam ends so maybe we will know! 👀

Nice game! I liked having several classes to choose from. I didn't understand what the speed upgrade did, as I didn't seem to move any faster. 

Really liked this game, reminded me of a mobile game I used to love. My only gripe is the lack of any sort of upgrades that let you go "into the wind" (e.g. Oars). It was super frustrating wanting to dock for upgrades and getting stuck just outside the town limits waiting minute after minute for the winds to blow the right direction.

Really liked this collection of mini-games, but I wish there was a clearer, adjective based, clue on how to play each level (e.g. A left arrow and the words "MASH!" for the apple game) as some of the games aren't immediately clear on what to do. Once you figure it out though all the games are really fun (although the lemonade one might need some fixing because sometimes all the lemons would go out the sides of the screen and time would run out)

Wow, awesome game you've made here. I wish the fishing line was more telegraphed to the player through some sort of warning icon.

Thanks! I'll try to fix the can problems in an update

Thanks! I will use your feedback to improve the game after the jam.

Thank you !