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I modelled a lot of funtionality off of the calculator on my android phone (which has = end an expression). I'll consider adding that function though :)

love it!

This was fun :)

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The P.M.C.D.E.P.E.W.A.I.E.P

(pm - kh - deh - pee - why - ehp) my first attempt at making a complete program with a GUI. Until now, I have exclusively created (or helped create) boring, terminal based products. When I saw the ToolJam2 I found the motivation to change that! This program is a calculator with a strong stance against negative thinking. Do let me know what you think of this project as a whole. Are the colours any good? Is the sound too loud? Does it actually work how you would expect a calculator to work? Is it funny to you, or is the audience for my humour limited to me, myself and I?