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Fully Bugged

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Awesome! We're happy you enjoyed playing the game :).
And great video too, We will spread it out around in our Social medias!

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Thx so much.

We added online score when we had a service allowing us to do so 'easily'. So the Android (with Google play) and Steam version have it.
This version without any DRM or mandatory account  unfortunately is not, but you're right, it's part of the fun to compare your high score with your friends, or the world.

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Please, add our game Little Cells: 


A new version should be available later today (June -26th). We'll update the text and spread the news when it's available.

We’re planning to fix some of the bugs and add a couple of features to the game postLD judgment period. So if you encounter bugs or have any enhancement in mind (like keeping highscores), feel free to post them here. :)

What's planned based on feedbacks from players:
- Allowing rotation in both direction when a Tetrinos is against Border
- Rotation for the square Tertinos
- backspace relaunch the game
- Windows mode update after problems met by few Streamers.
- Adding, Keeping and Showing your best Highscore at the end of each game.

We are aware that there is a visual glitch with the "Kick" on the right and left sides. It's already repaired for our next build to share. <3

Dstroy II community · Created a new topic ! Suggestions !
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You wish to share with us your feedback, comments, ideas... voice them here if you wish. We'll try to answer them asap.

Dstroy II community · Created a new topic ! Bugs !

If you find any bugs (or anything weird) while playing the game, let us know here please!

Little Cells is our color-matching puzzle high-score game:

This is the winner of Ciemnogród's GameJam.

Yes, Keyboard Controls (WASD( or UDLR-Arrows ) + Spacebar)

Simple and really nice vertical Shooter, Fun, kinda tough and well done!
Reminded me the Amstrad CPC or C-64 games Era !

(Played on Mac OSX version)
It's working great with a fast pace, not that easy but definitely balance not to be too hard or frustrating.
Maybe a little vibe of Xenon II in the palette colors and univers, really nice Music too.
Can play with Joystick or keyboard (Fortunately, several keys to shoot, because on Mac, Arrows + Ctrl are assigned by the OS).
in the end, very good job, guys !