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Dstroy 2

Your favorite Bomberman like game is back! · By Fully Bugged

! Bugs ! Sticky

A topic by Fully Bugged created May 13, 2018 Views: 222 Replies: 6
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If you find any bugs (or anything weird) while playing the game, let us know here please!


We are aware that there is a visual glitch with the "Kick" on the right and left sides. It's already repaired for our next build to share. <3


If i want to change my keyboard controls, it  doesn't mark my current menu point.

Hi ! I was a huge fan of Dstroy and I'm really happy to discover a new version ! (I still remember when we ordered floppy disk to have the full version of the game !)
I wish this project will be released a day so I can play it with my chilren.

I've tried this alpha on two Linux systems and I've got some bugs. First, I've go no sound during the game, only the menu have sound. Second and most weird because it occur one only one of both systems, it the keyboard which does not produce the expected key pressed. hen I press down, it enter the menu and not go down. But up is ok. escape also seems to be an alias of enter. It's hard to explain better as the problem is weird. No problem with a controller. This system is Ubuntu 20.04 with X.

The other system is Arch with Wayland and no keyboard problem

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hello Fabiin and welcome here.
Thx for your comments, You're not the only one contacting us being happy to see Dstroy 2 being in progress after playing the game 20+ years ago. :). We will release a new build soon normally, so you should have more to test soon.
About the bugs:
- No sound - It's normal, because we have not started to work on any sound yet. We're waiting for Jerome, the original musician to work on it again, but he is very busy, so, we're waiting :P...
- For the other problem, let's test the new version coming in few day, and we'll see if it's still there. then we will see. We can test Linux versions on Ubuntu too for now, so we should be able to better test the Linux version. We will even propose in the upcoming version an Appimage version of the game, because it's so much easier to propose it like this :).

If you want to join us on Discord btw, you can get more news here:


We are aware of a game crash because of a bonus in SUrvival mode, we are looking for it now, and wil release a update asap

Developer (1 edit)

V0.6.0.2 is now available witch known bugs removed.