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Thank you for playing! 

When you say "unsightly", what part are you talking about?

Thank you!

Thank you for the high praise!

Hmm interesting, to me [Z] has been the jump for the longest time, and [Space} or [Up] feel clunky or unnatural. [Z] was also the default jump key in Cave Story, so it's kinda stuck with me ever since I played it. Pretty sure bunch of other games have used it as well.

Amazing art style and the pretty good audio design gives it a really nice atmosphere. Overall interesting setup as well.

Now some issues though: looks like you the border splitting the aim between left and right is positioned based on the default width of the window, so on full screen on a higher resolution monitor, you need to place the cursor on the far end of the left side of the window in order to aim left. 

Also the birdzilla monster had so much smaller hitbox, than the collision box, that I wasn't able to reach it with the spear. Is this on purpose?

But still overall this was a pleasant experience.

Pretty nice idea for a game. Overall the writing is pretty entertaining, and graphics are pretty sleek.

Is there any way to find the passwords to know the magic rituals in game?

Also for some reason my game stopped giving movement options after getting my third key and trying to turn right on the corner? Is that where the game currently ends?

Nice and simple mechanics that allow to make still quite complex puzzles. Really good art style and nice sounds and music. Difficulty seems to curve pretty well too.

Very good atmosphere, the always visible line of sight is a good idea, and the relentless ghost is a serious foe, without feeling unfair. Good job!

Thank you for playing! Also, "odd"? :D

Nice game! Interesting mechanically once I understood what was going on. Needs some tooltips, and identifiers on the bars.

Thank you for playing!

Yeah I didn't get to polish the mechanics as much as I wanted, and ended up moving to work on other parts due to the time constraints. Next time I think I'll give the mechanics more polish first, even if it means the game will be smaller.

But yeah, on the map size; originally I had a plan for 9 ingredients even and more areas :D, but I ended up scrapping middle phase from the game pretty early on. But yeah I'm probably making a smaller level next time regardless, as I overestimated a little how much I could do in 9 days, though I also increased the amount of polish from the original plan. Next time I'll focus even more on polish and make a shorter game, as that just seems to fit much better in the Jam format.

Thanks for the more thorough analysis!

So yeah as the checkpoints are in the game, they only save the location of the player and not the item the player is carrying, so I ended up putting a checkpoint near the pickup point, so the player doesn't have to walk back to the pickup point if the item burns. This was a decision I ended up making while trying to keep the core gameplay more simple. Was it the right choice? Not sure really.

About the coyote-time, there kinda is one, I made it using a ray collider that is located near the feet of the character, always behind the character, opposite side to the moving direction. It's disabled when the character is on air or isn't moving. Now the ray is somewhat close, so it doesn't add as generous window as some other games do, but it is still there :D It could have been bigger though yeah.

Really interesting spin on the RTS genre and nice use of the wildcards!

Nice and simple! The difficulty curved up quite nicely as well.

That was a pretty neat game! Very nice thinking outside of the box with the wildcard use :D

Thank you for playing and the praise!

There is bit of a difficulty curve in my game, and it's bit on the longer end, and there are quite many games in the jam, so I completely understand if people don't finish the game

Thank you for playing!

That's a good point, should have taken the time to implement one of those brightness adjustment options that some games have, where you need set the slider brightness in a position where one picture is barely able to be seen and other one is invisible.


Oh :S But thanks, nice to hear!



Game's pretty funny, wasn't really sure what the colour circles meant at first though. The process of making new potion colors is uhh fascinating

Wasn't entirely sure if I did everything there was to do in the game, but I feel like I have experienced an acid trip :D

Really liked the graphics, and overall feel of the game. There are bit too many sudden deaths, considering you seem to need to restart from the beginning after every time(?).

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Really nicely done destructible terrain, and gameplay is overall pretty fun! The music is good as well. Nice to see a leaderboard as well!

Couple slight issues: the cursor was sometimes little bit difficult to see with both its size and color, at least on my 4K monitor (not flexing, just that the cursor doesn't scale bigger). There is also an issue with bullets hitting the wall prematurely, when the playable character's gun is too close to a wall.

Thank you for playing!

Really neat graphics and overall presentation! Wasn't quite sure on how level 3 was supposed to be solved, but good thing you had the level selection so I got to try the ones after it.

Really nice work! There was difficulty spike somewhere around 8-10, but I ended up finishing the game anyway after I how things work

Thank you for playing!

Yeah somewhere during the process I had an idea that I should mark the ingredients with some symbol to tell which one is weak to light and which to dark, but I guess I ended up forgetting that. And yeah I agree, some kind of prompt to explain the would have been nice as well.

And yeah, this was actually my first submission in a game jam overall, hopefully first of many!

Thank you! I was actually kinda worried that it was too long :D

Hehee thank you so much :'D

Thank you so much! And nice to hear you beat the game!

Yeah the options menu was pretty rushed, and actually my first time making rebindable keys, so I'm not that surprised that there was a bug left there :S

Interesting idea having no grid in a tower defence game! At first glance it seemed like it was too easy, as you can stack objects to make a quite unbeatable barricade, but the resources are also needed elsewhere quite fast, so it still makes a nice balancing act.

Nice work with the graphics as well!

Managed to beat the game on third try.