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holy cow this is good!

Great job, this looks amazing!

The double clicking through text was kind of tedious, and it wasn't immediately obvious who the bad ghosts were but I was able to figure it out pretty quick.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks! :D

Great job! Is there a bug on level 3? I had the key and made it to the door but it wouldn't let me through.

The platformer controls felt great.

Cool, good job, especially for your first Unity game! It took me about 15 minutes to max everything out.

Awesome! Worked great through SteamVR on the HTC Vive. I only wish I could move around faster, and that the view was zoomed out a bit.

Great job, loved the writing.

Hah, that was a really nicely done boss battle, it felt _great_. Good job!

Good job! This would be a really good educational game.

Nice job, I thought it was an interesting game mechanic.

Nice, very calming. The landscape is so beautiful!

Great job, this is a lot of fun. I love the level design. The later levels on hard mode are so incredibly challenging.

Great game. I spent a lot of time playing it and it felt like it progressed well. Level design was awesome and well thought out.

Good job! I liked the stick man animation.

Oh, nevermind, figured it out. Tricky. Good game!

This is a really cool idea. I got stuck at the water though, not sure what to do!

Good game idea. I thought the sentences went by really fast though, they were hard to read.

Nice job. The platformer was kind of hard, but I made it through!

Fun little word game, good job!

Nice job. The controls felt great and good use of ASCII art!

This was amazing, good job!

Neat idea!

Is there a cooldown after completing a word where you have to wait some period of time before starting another word? I had some issues with that and wasn't sure what was happening.

Neat! I'm terrible at word games like this, but it's an entertaining concept.

I thought it was kind of hard to read when the text overlapped, but other than that it was great, good job!

Won't load in Firefox for me. I see this error in the console:

Uncaught ReferenceError: unityFramework is not defined

Great job. The ball was shooting through the walls when it got going really fast, but that was probably my fault for using too many springs.

Amazing. I had a hard time with the spacebar as reset as others pointed out, but other than that this was really enjoyable!

This game is the truth.

This is great. I love the graphic and narration style. The level was well designed and had good pacing. I was looking forward to a boss fight at the end!

Fun, good story, art and music. Only criticism is that it was hard to avoid the bags. Maybe the colliders were too big?

I'm a survivor! I loved how you did the spherical map.

Really cool idea, loved it!

Nice little platformer, good job!

Such a great game and idea!

Great job. Managed to get 2 then the dogs just kind of ganged up on me keeping me from getting anymore cats. :(


Beat it, I think! Great pixel art style.

Fun and unique idea. Loved this one!

This was so incredibly fun and entertaining.

Not challenging? Pfft, that last level had me sweating.

Nice game! Awesome graphics and good gameplay for the time spent. Would be an awesome minigame for a bigger project. :D