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Oh, silly me. That makes a lot of sense.

Thanks for that!

My community has run into a problem trying to get sponsors for our annual gamejams. The analytics for our jam page from last year isn’t available. It looks like a game on itch keeps its analytics data for years, whereas a Jam’s is unavailable after just a few months.

This makes it hard to give sponsors any indication of how many page views they can expect leading up to and during the jam (we normally look to community sponsors for small prizes to give out to jam winners).

This was disqualified as it doesn’t meet the entry requirements of the gamejam.

I have been thinking about this more and more lately. I would love to expand this to maybe 10 levels. Each would be a hospitality business that you can help revitalise. I have tons of ideas like a taco truck, a rooftop bar, a sushi train restaurant etc.

Thanks so much! This tileset is awesome.

I used it in a procgen dungeon tutorial…

Thanks so much for the kind words, it means a lot. I really enjoyed working on this game too. I hope to make more GBA games down the line.

I am really fond of mode7 on gba. I love how smooth and tight the controls feel too. Any plans to keep working on the game?

Where is Dog Discoverer 1?!?!

I love the dog animations, sooo cute! It would be great if you could remap controls in the game.

Wow! Just wow. It ticks all the boxes, beautiful graphics, smooth animation, great music.

This made me crack up! Awesome work on this piece of comedic genius

So great! I love the vibes and the parallax. Some music would make it chefs kiss

I felt mesmerised for a few moments when I first saw the sprites dancing around. I also had fun imagining what the game behind the title screen might be like.

Love love love love love it!

Nice vibrant colours, great tune and a fun overall vibe. I dig it.

Love the art and the subtle flicker of the neon sign. It makes me very curious what the game would play like.

Haha. That is totally fair enough. As I started adding more and more content I shrunk the title more and more.

The intention was to make a title screen, but I guess that got lost along the way.

Awesome visual novel. Really well written and a very enjoyable game.

I found the font hard to read, but happily finished all of them! Any plans to add more puzzles in the future? This is the perfect game for me to play on the bus!

Hey thanks so much for the comment. The game does assume SRAM, unfortunately I don’t have an everdrive to test with though.

The first thing you could try would be deleting the save and trying again.

Otherwise I believe Everdrive defaults to SRAM, do you happen to know which version of the firmware you are on?

I’m keen to try and get this working for you if you don’t mind troubleshooting with me. Feel free to get in touch on Discord (Jono#0378).

I had actually thought about this too haha.

I think when it comes to the technical side of things it might be a bit interesting. The GBA screen is 240x160, so you kind of have a few ways you could approach it…

  1. Crop the screen to 64x64 to match the limitations of the LOWREZJAM.
  2. Crop the screen to 128x128 and scale your artwork up to twice the resolution (Not sure on the exact details of LOWREZJAM, but you might need to lock your sprite movement to the scaled up pixel grid with this option).

Bonus: You could also look at scaling assets 3x, cropping to 192x160 (for a ‘virtual’ resolution of ~64x53) if you are will to lose a little height to get more actual device screen real estate.

Text-Based Jam community · Created a new topic Using Twine?

I am just wondering that since “it’s only about the narration skills !”. Can we use Twine or other ‘no-code’ text-based game engines?

This is really cool. I love the simple mechanics

oh man. Thanks. You should be able to jump up and to the right to get out. I will make a new build in the next few hours with a fix.