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It's a bit fast-paced, yeah. Didn't have time to balance things properly so it is what it is

Thanks for the feedback!

 I'm planning to add more items, item drops, new weapons and more thrilling combat and enemies, as well as goals more interesting than collecting stars. I'm also planning on fixing the notoriously buggy raft. The next demo will have a bigger and fuller map as well, so stay tuned for that!

These changes will take a while, though, as I'm quite busy until mid-September.

Thank you! I'll do something about the raft. If you haven't already, consider filling out the feedback survey linked in the game description.

Interesting to see how all of the questgiver games differ! I made one as well :)

The higher the level, the better are the chances. Simple as!

Feels like a fever dream. I love it!

Oo, what a coincidence! I'll make sure to check out your game after I've had my beauty sleep

I'll keep your suggestions in mind, stay tuned for the post jam version!

Good ideas, thought of some of them myself, just didn't have time

Nice concept, oddly relaxing too

With some tweaks you could turn this from great to amazing! As some have pointed out, displaying when the money comes in and how much hp everyone has could really add to the experience. I never managed to fill up the ascension metre despite many attempts, so difficulty could be lowered as well.

That's a known issue. A fix is in the works and will be implemented after the jam. If you want to, you can follow me to get notified when it's published :)

First one I've played where the roles reverse mid-game, very creative!

I'll make that more obvious in the post-jam version, as well as fix the bugs. Stay tuned!

Thanks for the feedback. I suppose the clues were a bit cryptic, but you could improve the chances by selecting the right class for the job. For example, the dragon's weak spot is visible only when its flying, so the archer has the best chances, and so on.

Thanks for the feedback. By clicking the quests in the quest log, you can see their descriptions, that give clues as to who you're supposed to send there. For example, the dragon's weak point can only be seen while it's flying, so the archer has the best chances.

Oh, right. Should've read the description more carefully. I'll play it and rate it again!

I can't, for some reason the window doesn't capture my mouse

This game didn't work, it showed just a black screen after the first dialogue box. Gladly the original one did, so I based my ratings on that! I liked the cat as well as the wobbly text.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback! The enemies' spawnpoints are in the edges of the map because I was too lazy to make it more complex lol 

Only tower defence game I've played this jam, good job. The colours could be nicer to the eye, right now they jump to your face and scream

Found the long cooldown to be necessary, as a shorter cooldown would've eliminated nearly all possible tension

Thanks for the feedback! I really had a hard time with the theme this year, so I took the easy route lol

Thanks for the feedback! I planned on adding medkits to the dead ends, but was too burned out at that point to add yet another game mechanic. A rewaed in the dead ends would've made sense, as a risk-reward type a deal.

Thank you for the feedback! The zombies are bullet spongey for a reason - to make the game feel more tense. This is the same reason why Resident Evil's enemies are usually really strong.

Thank you for the feedback! The cooldown is always 15 seconds, and it starts immediately after getting a new weapon from the dice roll. 

Very pretty and polished!

Really fun! I liked the visual effects, the clean UI and the weapons that get randomised when you run out of ammo (I used that mechanic in my game too!). Though a score system would be nice

Very addicting!

The gameplay was interesting and the visuals were gorgeous. Hitting the enemies was a bit difficult though, probably just a skill issue

Thank you for the DICE WORDS!

This is a very popular concept in this jam, but this game does make some improvements to the formula. One of them being that the needed number has to point upwards instead of downwards - unlike in many competitors - which makes the game far more enjoyable. I also like the undoing, as it prevents getting softlocked. 

The game feels really polished and the visuals are very pretty. I especially like the transition effect! Good job

Only gripe is that moving is like sliding on ice, could be snappier. Otherwise very good, especially the art!

Way too difficult for me, but I love the idea and aesthetic! I especially dig the jumping particles

I've played a lot of physics based dice throwing games by now, but this was not only the most creative, but the best looking and most polished! I love the little tofu dice, they look very delicious. The main menu is also gorgeous.

Oh and shameless plug, check out my game too cough cough

Lovely aesthetic! The desturctible environment and the overall vibe reminds me of DOS games like Liero. Nice work!