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If there's anything you wish was in this set let me know and if it fits i'll add it :)

If there's anything you wish was in this set let me know and if it fits i'll add it :)

Thanks for the kind words. Glad you got it working :)

Thanks alot. I really appreciate it! I hope you enjoy Dungeon Maker Sketch, if you have any issues or feedback let me know. You have an amazing day too :)

Hey i wish i had good news for you but unfortunatly my time is being stretched very thin right now. I'm going to be as honest and upfront as possible. i'm working on 4 different projects. (5 including this one) and being a one man indie developer means i have to prioritise. There is one important thing i'm working on that will be done sometime early October, that currently is using up all of my time. After that the other things are quite small so i can put more work into Dungeon Maker Sketch and the other projects.

If i had to give you a time frame: Late October - early December this year there will be an early release of the new version (It will be early access type thing alongside the old version). I have it started and i'm sure you'll love what i have planned for DMS and it's being rebuilt from the ground up with better artwork, UI and more features. Then around March-April 2021 should be the first 1.0 release of the new version.

Sorry that i don't have better news. I'm sure everyone understands that this year has been difficult. When an update is approching i will be posting on here screenshots and sneak peaks and over on the Disord server. The best i can say right now is sit tight, an update is coming.

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Hey would love to be apart of this. It's only a small contribution but i'd be happy for my ghame The Corridor to be in the bundle:

It's an old one i made but it has been paid for a long time now $1.00

Is it possible to make 2D export presets. I see in the presets folder theres a few for 3D but can't find on google how to make custom ones for 2D exporting. Also there may be a bug when exporting. If i have the group selected it's invisible in the export preview. You have to deselect it then export again

Hey thanks, unfortunatly development has stopped for Myether at the moment due to engine limitations. There is plans to create something similar in the future so i will keep that in mind. The timer was added to stop you from eating or drinking when you didn't want to.

Brilliant. Thanks alot! I did find a bug also. When you use "G" to gribble or something whatever that means, if you try to then size the block it scales from an incorrect origin point. I tried making a tree but couldn't do it cuz of that.

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Hey thanks for letting me know your thoughts on Dungeon Maker Sketch. There may be keybindings for things i left in while debugging (before adding in the interface) but i love the idea of working out some keybindings for alot of the features. I have been thinking of improving the layer system but i will probably add the keybindings on top of it. Thank you for your feedback

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Hey so I'd love to see these features:

  • Hold Ctrl or something to scale all axis of a model,
  • Exporting a sprite from the current view angle (or an easier way to adjust the camera for sprite export rather than number on each axis)
  • More settings like changing snap to grid size on inital placement and changing keybindings
  • Ability to unselect a texture after you have selected one (couldn't find an option for this under paint)
  • Toggle which allows you to select assets not on the current layer
  • The sprite export sliders on the right for shadows and ambient occlusion are pointless as you can't drag them right you mouse just hits the edge of the screen so make it so they change value even if you hit the edge of the screen, or make it so you drag up/down to change them instead of left and right
  • Increase the size of the sprite export preview window, it's tiny
  • Lighting adjustment object that you can move and rotate and scale to adjust the lighting for sprite export
  • Hold ALT or something to remove snap to grid in all direction, it's kind of annoying if i want to place small foliage and i am stuck with the large grid Figured out it was "greeble" button.
  • Copy and paste was better in the previous version the 2.0 version is annoying as it just copies it to the cursor which because of the large snap to grid is not what i want i would much rather it create it 1 unit right and 1 unit back (+1,+1) from the orginal and then allow me to move it similar to how it was in the previous version.
  • Allowing an adjustment of the asset thumbnails. They are very small and i can never tell what anything is so i'd love to be able to scale them up without scaling everything.

That's everything i have found at the moment. I love the software as i'm not a 3d artist and this makes it easier to make models


Make it create multiple assets by default and then select another or press esc to cancel. It's difficult holding G and Shift and pressing at the same time

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Before you post a bug report please read these issues we already know about and are working on fixing for the next update:

Issue: Saving Exporting not creating a file
Resolution: The folder you are saving to may be read-only. Please try again in a different location or change the folders security settings

Issue: Importing can sometimes cause a crash, under certain conditions. *
Resolution: It is sometimes caused by the imported files already existing in Dungeon Maker Sketch, or an issue with reading the file. To solve go to %localappdata% and find the Dungeon Maker Sketch folder. Inside is a folder called imports, place your images in that folder and restart the software. This should add the images without using the import button.

Minor bugs:

  • Long searches display outside the box *

* - has been fixed in the next update.

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If you have made a map you are proud of or think is funny and you just have to share it with someone then this is the place to put it. Just post an image of your map and/or the map file. I would also love to see what people do to the exports like colouring and editing the maps once you have made them in the application.

If you have used imported images in your map then sharing the map file may not work at this time.

If you have an idea for Dungeon Maker Sketch I would love to hear it! I am always going through comments, emails and discord posts on things users would like to see. Let's make this software the best it can be.

I love to hear what people think to Dungeon Maker Sketch. The good and the bad. When you tell me what you like and don't like about the software it let's me get an idea of what everyone wants out of the software and i can keep doing the things you love and fix or stop the things you don't.

Thank you for thinking about posting a bug report, this really helps the development of Dungeon Maker Sketch.

When posting a bug report please include as much details as possible on how to replicate the issue. Things like what you was doing, how big your map is and what operating system you are using is helpful information to determine what is causing the bug.

If the bug is a visible one please post a screenshot of the problem.

Sorry for the delay on this update but i'm now about to release another devlog with everything i have added so far, please check back in about 10 minutes to see what's been added so far

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Thanks for your comment i'm not sure why that is, are you using the escape menu setting to go into fullscreen mode? Also what OS are you using? There should be a button in the Escape menu also the F1 key should also allow you to go into fullscreen

first of all you are not bugging at all. I don't actually have plans on adding windows as it's top down it wouldn't make sense for a window to be popping up out of the wall all the way to the top. i may add something like window ray line that come out of the window and land on the floor if users wish to mark where windows are, it will take a little messing around but i think i can come up with something :)

Looks great, your doing some cool things. Just keep in mind that the assets in the software arn't to be used for commercial purposes. Giving away things you make though is fine

Also a little tip when placing the cave wall tiles, place the floor first in the shape of the dungeon you want then place the cave edges then inners and corners. That way you get the exact shape of dungeon you want. I'm planning on making some videos soon to show what sort of things can be done in Dungeon Maker Sketch and tips on how to use it but again there is no correct way to use it so just experiment and have fun, also the new rocks can be used as cave walls if you want a more varied cave wall

No problem i hope you continue to enjoy the updates

There is no right or wrong way to use Dungeon Maker Sketch, if it looks okay then your using it right. I hadn't thought about inverting the cave wall tiles but it looks cool in "B". I did think about adding free draw so you can draw your own walls but it would be complicated to impliment with the engine i'm using. I'm not ruling it out but if i do add it, it wont be for a while. It does seem like a few people would like that though so it could be worth thinking about abit more.

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First time i played this game it went amazing, game ran so smooth the graphics was gorgeous there was a few minor bugs but the game was fun and relaxing. Had a great couple hours with it

Second time i played graphical glitches was everywhere and screen was flashing like crazy

Third time i played, mouse sensitivity was messed up and was unplayable (So slow a snail could of walked past my monitor quicker)

This time i tried it lag spikes are all over, graphics have gotten worse somehow, gameplay is confusing and like there used to be instructions around your blacksmith shop now theres just blank paper on the bed. I played for a minute made a dagger with difficulty fitting the handle on the blade then tried to make a sword and it wouldnt put the handle on the blade on the workstation area so gave up

Overall this game has gotten alot worse since the begining of development. I was excited to see that it was coming to steam and i thought wow this must of got alot better with over 500 people on patreon and now releasing on steam but i was very disappointed. I wont be bothering with this game anymore it has been over 2 years and i have seen such amazing potential go to waste.

Sorry this is harsh but had to share my opinion better to let you know than just walk away and you never know why a player stopped playing the game.

Not currently. The vision for Dungeon Maker Sketch is to keep it as simple and user friendly as possile. Adding selection tools would clutter the UI and be abit tricky to impliment (Not impossible just a little tricky) and i'm not sure it's worth it. That's not to say i wont add it in the future if enough people want it, i just think removing the objects and replacing them how you want is simple enough that it's not a priority. Thanks alot though for your feedback and i'll write it down as a possibility for the future

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I check regularly throughout my day incase anyone has commented, thanks and no problem i hope you continue to enjoy Dungeon Maker Sketch :)

Sorry full screen hasn't been added yet but will be soon, and the current reason i have limited scaling is due to the image size i can set it to go higher but it wont be high quality i will add it though just for you :)

Thank you for the response from this most recent payout have taken 30% of revanue, i checked all the detailed payout info and i only got 60% of gross revanue i have lowered the cut to 5% which i think if they're taking 30% each time before then 25% to them should be fine. I went with because they only took 10% but with all the fees ontop it's 30 so 25% is somewhere in the middle of what i wanted and what gave me.

I see, i understand now and the caps was because VAT is  how it's spelt with caps but i do apologise about the punctuation. says it themselves that the industry standard is 30% and it's default is 10% however i'm only recieving 60% of my gross revanue which means they are taking 30% before paypal takes their cut of course. It seems abit shady to me. At the very least it should say "10%+fees".

No i pay t hat myself after i get income and you don't pay income on anything under around £10,000 i file my own tax returns

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I'm in the UK though i shouldn't have to pay US tax. and i checked my payout and there is nothing withheld "Tax Withheld(0%) -$0.00 USD"

Ah i see now that the buying pays the VAT well that's something atleast but still they're taking 30% when they should be only taking 10%

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okay worked it all out i should have got $50.92 before any fees, $45.83 after there 10% fee. But then i have a payment processing fee then adjustments for charges i have aquired somehow they i never asked for so i have no idea why there charging me for things i didn't accept. After all that i only get $35 and that's before paypal takes there cut. i'm $10 short in extra fees they have randomly added. This is silly i'm setting my cut to 0% if they're just gonna keep taking extra stuff i might then actually only give them 10% . this time they have taken 30% instead of there 10% they're taking tripple what they should. Even if i set it to 0% they'll still be taking 20% of my income which to me is more than fair.

Not sure what you mean because i'm not recieving that 20% of income when people from the UK buy my software. And when i worked it out it seems like all payment have 20% taken off them. I worked it out earlier my sales was $55 and i only got $35 which has 36% missing from it takes 10% they then take another 20% and then 10% of whats left for proccesing fee which i guess adds up to 6% of total. So why are they taking the extra 20% off all my sales. Doesn't seem right. I'll work it all out when i get a run down of my last payout

No, i have no withheld tax it's the tax charge that i get ontop of my sales which is 20% so i'm guessing it's VAT and it's only for sales in the UK but as a tax payer i dont have to pay VAT as i'm under the 80k threshold

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The payouts and stuff was explained properly thank you everyone for your comments.

Thanks for your feedback, i am looking into enlarging objects. I love the idea of importing your own tokens and will add it to the list of possible features in the future. I am constantly expanding the library of objects in every update. Next update is sitting at around 17 new objects and counting :) Thank you for supporting the software and i hope you enjoy using it asmuch as we enjoy making it!

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Looks through the code the image must be saved as a *.png to work properly. previously the default file name was just "image" so i have now set that to "image.png" for future updates to make this clear