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Hello, i have updated this post to reflect the current truth about the project, honestly i had forgotten about it as i have been very busy the last year.

Hey thanks for the comment. It has been over a year since i last worked on that version of Myether but if i remember correctly you need the barrel to collect rain water, then use the bucket on the barrel to collect the water. And yew wood i think is used in the metal hammer, if not i hadn't added it yet and it was for a future tier of tools

Hello, you may not be holding it long enough, it does take a little while to consume food and drink in Myether as to stop miss clicks

Hello, thanks for your feedback, currently development for Myether has been put on hold due to a big redesign but you should be able to enter Full screen mode by pressing F1 in the current version of Myether.

Thanks for the bug report, I am are currently redesigning the game from scratch since forager was released (and is somewhat similar to the idea i had for Myether) I'm very sorry you have had this problem with the game and i'll be sure to keep it in mind for the next version

Hey that's fine. The reason it takes a little while is to make sure people don't accidentality eat the food when they don't mean to, in the early stages of the game food is a little tricky to come by sometimes so while i was developing it i could see people getting frustrated by right clicking to do something and eating there food without wanting to.

Thanks so much for the comment. It does mean a lot during the development to hear good feedback that what i'm doing is worth it :) I'm really glad you're enjoying it and there's plenty more things planned for Myether so keep an eye out. I hope you continue to enjoy the game!

Hey thanks for your comment. Metal starts spawning in the world after you world has reached a certain size (26 floor tiles) This is also where Yew Trees start to spawn but they don't have a use yet and metal is only used for the metal hammer currently, but a lot more uses are coming in the future. Thanks for playing Myether and i hope you have fun with it :)

Okay thank you for the information :)

Ah yeah that does make sense. Yeah i guess i can understand that. I'd say it's not the worst looking game in the world i guess people just like the look of it. It's been on for about a month now, i started with 2.3%-2.5% CTR but yesterday it jumped up from 2.7% to 3.8% and today it's now 4.11 it's just going up. I think i did change the project page a bit so i guess that must of done it. Thanks for the help

Hey. I'm seeing some strange things on my analytics page. It says today i have had 2 views on my project yet i have 3 downloads? Also the CTR seems really high 4.11% I read somewhere that the average is somewhere like 0.6-2% Anyone know what's going on?

I'm sorry your having trouble with the game. To eat and drink you hold down the right mouse button for a few seconds with the water or food selected in your inventory.

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It's been a little while since I last updated the game because I wanted to get plenty of features in this one so you all have more to look forward to. I have to get the right balance between time taken to update and amount of features and bug fixes I can put in. As always please let me know if you find any bugs or issues and share any suggestions you have for the game. They really help out a lot. Thanks for your support and hope you are looking forward to 0.37!

With what I have planned for Myether that may well be the experience.

Thank you very much for your comment.

1. I looked into to adding separate tools at the start of development and felt it might make the crafting menu too full and make the game more complicated than it should be by switching between different items for different things so I added the Hammer which is used for everything. I will defiantly keeping looking into the option to add extra items though. and if it gets requested enough i will be adding them. The idea of extra materials by using different tools is a great idea.

2. Chest crafting is something I could look into. And i agree it would be a great addition to the game. Once i have sorted out the main gameplay, chest crafting is something I could add.

3. Sound effects are only placeholder for now. The main priority of change is the eating sound effect (It is still there from the very first sound effects), I will keep an eye on feedback for sound effects but chances are i will be changing them all at some point in the near future.

4. I do personally have a debugging mode which shows a lot of different things including fps, world size, mouse position and other details. I also have a few tools for debugging which should in the Indev 0.365 version of the game if anyone fancies a challenge. 

5. Spawn rate of items hasn't been balanced very well at the moment due to focusing on bug fixing an addition content. Since a couple of people have said about spawn rates this will probably change in the next couple of updates.

Thank you very much for your feedback and support. Your comments will help a lot in the development of Myether. I'm so glad your enjoying the game.

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This is a post so you can see what bugs and issues I already know about or have already fixed ready for the next update. As the Known Bugs get fixed they will be moved down to the Fixed Bugs list. (Fixes will be out in the next update)

Known Bugs:

  • None

Fixed Bugs:

  • None

I have switched over to the message board to make comments easier to find and understand. This should also make bug reporting easier by allowing you to check if a similar bug has already been reported.

Hey, Thanks a lot I literally just released the update 0.365 which fixes a few bugs and changes the look of rain and particles. (Only a small update) Glad you enjoyed the game!

Hey, i was just wondering how did you make the game fullscreen. After some testing it seems that fullscreen (In the way that the engine makes the game fullscreen) works fine, so i was wondering if you used some other way to make the game fullscreen so i can see if that would of caused the error?

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I havn't actually tested the game in fullscreen but i think i have fixed the issue and will be released in the next update (I'll do the bugfix update as soon as i can tomorrow, it's getting late now so i wont be able to do it today. For now i'm afraid you'll have to play it in windowed mode and after the update please let me know if the bug has been resolved. Thank you for reporting the bug :)

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Oh i didn't realise it was possible to go full screen yet

Things should craft when you press this craft button (when the craft button is blue), when you hover over the craft button it should turn slightly lighter to let you know you have the correct area (Which while testing is the entire button)

I don't think i know what you mean? What gray square are you talking about?

That's very strange. It should be craftable with 3 wood in the crafting menu at any time. I'll look into the issue to see if i can recreate it but i have never experienced that problem before. The only thing i can suggest is to reopen the game and try again and if that failed start a new world. If the problem still persists after that please let me know. If you could send a screenshot that would be very helpful as well. Thank you for trying Myether, and i hope we can get this problem fixed for you

I'm very sorry you having trouble. Some items require an object to craft (Work bench, Water floor, Camp fire). This is displayed just below the crafting box. If an item requires an object to craft you just stand next to the object and you will be able to craft the item. I hope you enjoy the game

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No problem, i have got item dropping in the game and i have also fixed the crate bug

Thank you very much for your detailed comment it will help out loads in the development of Myether.

1. I'm unsure why that has happened i will do some testing to see if i can reproduce the issue

2. The drag and drop system is something new for me so i was expecting some bugs I'll be sure to look into it

3. Item dropping isn't currently implemented and i can see how that would cause problems, I'll put item dropping at the top of my to-do list

4. The bucket and barrel is for creating water tiles as mackerel requires more than 1 water tile to be in the area to catch. The barrel will fill up with water while it is raining and you can then right click it with the bucket to get a bucket of water which can be placed to create water tiles

5. Yew Wood isn't used at the moment but has been added for future tools and weapons

6. I left the abundance of stone and grass as stone tiles will be added and grass is used to expand the world. I haven't been through much balance testing yet mainly bug testing so i will most likely end up changing spawn rates and rarity of items.

Thanks again for the great comment and i hope you enjoyed giving Myether a try. I am working hard on the next update so be sure to check back if you get the time.

Thank you :) I don't think it's bad but i do think it needs an upgrade a bit, but thank you anyway lol. Hopefully there should be an update coming in the next couple of days

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Hey, i have mouse pointer speed slightly slower than normal i'm talking 1 notch to the left from default, mouse dose have a dpi button i tried changing it but the difference wasn't significant. The game felt <35% the speed i would normally want in a first person game. As for changing the mouse pointer speed it'd be kind of annoying to keep having to change it everytime i want to play the game so i'll just have wait until the settings button works.

Also i don't have any software that does anything to my mouse so that's not the issue

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Hey no problem, i'll give the game another go thanks for letting me know :)

EDIT: i just checked and the game hasn't been updated since i played it's still on 0.0.9e so i think the bug is still there

Hey thought i would give the game another go got into it and sensitivity was sooo slow, so i when into options tried changing it and the slider wouldnt do anything , i tried playing with low sensitivity but just couldn't i'll have to wait till that's fixed

Glad you like it :)

haven't tested it on a virtual but cant see why it shouldn't work. Thanks alot, let me know how you get on with it :)

Fight your way through The Corridor against 10 different enemy types, using 13+ weapons looted from chests. Upgrade your character with accessories and claim the 3 areas of The Corridor (The Dungeon, Lava Pits, Necro Waste) face off against endless levels with increasingly difficult enemies. Will be posting regular updates which will all be free while in alpha.

Give it a try:

[The Corridor real-time combat mechanics.]

The Corridor - Gif

[Lava Pits with ranged enemies (Demon with a fireball)]

The Corridor- Lava Pits

I hope you enjoy the game. If you have any feedback or comments about the game i would love to hear them. Please let me know of anything you would like to see or anything you think needs changing in The Corridor. Thank you.

Download for free: