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My thoughts on the game, not good im afraid

A topic by Edward Neave created Jul 27, 2019 Views: 372 Replies: 1
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First time i played this game it went amazing, game ran so smooth the graphics was gorgeous there was a few minor bugs but the game was fun and relaxing. Had a great couple hours with it

Second time i played graphical glitches was everywhere and screen was flashing like crazy

Third time i played, mouse sensitivity was messed up and was unplayable (So slow a snail could of walked past my monitor quicker)

This time i tried it lag spikes are all over, graphics have gotten worse somehow, gameplay is confusing and like there used to be instructions around your blacksmith shop now theres just blank paper on the bed. I played for a minute made a dagger with difficulty fitting the handle on the blade then tried to make a sword and it wouldnt put the handle on the blade on the workstation area so gave up

Overall this game has gotten alot worse since the begining of development. I was excited to see that it was coming to steam and i thought wow this must of got alot better with over 500 people on patreon and now releasing on steam but i was very disappointed. I wont be bothering with this game anymore it has been over 2 years and i have seen such amazing potential go to waste.

Sorry this is harsh but had to share my opinion better to let you know than just walk away and you never know why a player stopped playing the game.


Hey Edward,

Thanx for you feedback. 

I can't speak to why you are having graphical glitches but there is an option in game to adjust your mouse sensitivity.

In terms of tutorial/instructions. Most of the base game is the same. Not much has changed. Certain things like smelting,mining, wood cutting, are optional.

I did add a book beside your bed that has a few advice for crafting and I will be adding more in the future. Shield crafting works the same ( although it is buggy) as making weapons and there is instructions on what is need to make a complete shield in the book as well. 

If you visit our Discord channel, you could also get help for some of your concerns/problems.

I do respect your opinion and I'm sorry you were dissapointed.

All the best.