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Create your own 3D models and 2D sprites! · By Kenney

List of suggestions and changes

A topic by Edward Neave created 15 days ago Views: 40 Replies: 2
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Hey so I'd love to see these features:

  • Hold Ctrl or something to scale all axis of a model,
  • Exporting a sprite from the current view angle (or an easier way to adjust the camera for sprite export rather than number on each axis)
  • More settings like changing snap to grid size on inital placement and changing keybindings
  • Ability to unselect a texture after you have selected one (couldn't find an option for this under paint)
  • Toggle which allows you to select assets not on the current layer
  • The sprite export sliders on the right for shadows and ambient occlusion are pointless as you can't drag them right you mouse just hits the edge of the screen so make it so they change value even if you hit the edge of the screen, or make it so you drag up/down to change them instead of left and right
  • Increase the size of the sprite export preview window, it's tiny
  • Lighting adjustment object that you can move and rotate and scale to adjust the lighting for sprite export
  • Hold ALT or something to remove snap to grid in all direction, it's kind of annoying if i want to place small foliage and i am stuck with the large grid Figured out it was "greeble" button.
  • Copy and paste was better in the previous version the 2.0 version is annoying as it just copies it to the cursor which because of the large snap to grid is not what i want i would much rather it create it 1 unit right and 1 unit back (+1,+1) from the orginal and then allow me to move it similar to how it was in the previous version.
  • Allowing an adjustment of the asset thumbnails. They are very small and i can never tell what anything is so i'd love to be able to scale them up without scaling everything.

That's everything i have found at the moment. I love the software as i'm not a 3d artist and this makes it easier to make models


Make it create multiple assets by default and then select another or press esc to cancel. It's difficult holding G and Shift and pressing at the same time

Thanks for your suggestions Edward! Just to answer a few of them;

1. You can scale on all axis by holding CTRL when dragging a scale handle. 

2. You can unselect a texture by selecting it again.

3. Instead of copy/paste you can use duplicate (CTRL + D) to get a copy of the selected blocks in the same position.

Brilliant. Thanks alot! I did find a bug also. When you use "G" to gribble or something whatever that means, if you try to then size the block it scales from an incorrect origin point. I tried making a tree but couldn't do it cuz of that.