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Are scripts considered in this rule as well? That is, are we allowed to use a framework previously written by us or from a third party?

Very cool! I would have loved this game on my Game Boy! :D

Definitely one of the best jam entries I have played!

Cute platformer inspired to Super Mario Land. :)

Fun, simple, well made shoot 'em up!

Nice! I agree the beginning was confusing: I also walked towards the right side of the screen without return the first time. Cute graphics :)

@Jupiter_Hadley Thank you very much! We're honored to be included in your video series and we're glad you enjoyed our game! :)

Very interesting mechanics: it seems like a side-view Sokoban. Kudos for making something innovative while maintaining a Game Boy-ish style!

It's a pity it doesn't feature any sounds and music, but I know it's very hard without a sound designer/composer in the team. For making sound effects yourself, I suggest you to use "sfxr", I used it in a Ludum Dare and I can say it's great!

Very nice fighting game, few mechanics but extremely well done. This is one of the best jam entries I played: great job!

Very cool, hardcore platformer, but you should really speed the character movement up!

Anyway, great work, and great Gameboy feel!

Awesome shoot 'em up: one of the most fun entries of the jam that I have played!

Just one thing: I would put a health for your spaceship, so that you don't lose a life each time you get hit.

Keep up the great work!

Nice mechanics!

Nice concept, but initially I tried to go up to hit the spaceship: it wasn't clear to me the goal was just to survive (which is very hard). :)

You could expand your concept further in the future, for example by letting the player move a whole group of invaders instead of just one. :)

It's a cool shoot 'em up with great music. Keep up the good work!

A nice platformer, great level design. Keep up the good work!

Very, very good! I love how you implemented the cat's movement! :D

Nice job!

@MuscularHair Thank you for your feedback! I made a difficulty curve very steep to compensate the short longevity (3 levels + boss), but you're not the first one who told me they can't get past that specific part of the second level, so probably I should revise it. Thank you very much for your precious feedback! :)

Nice game, but I think the spaceship movement is too slow, with too much friction.

Thank you! :)

Very, very good! Looking forward to play with someone else. :)

Very nice, and awesome music! :)

I noticed you used GameMaker like us: I think it's a great tool for making retro-style games.

Very cool dungeon crawler, simple but very well done!

Great graphics and sounds! Keep up the good work!

Thank you for your answer.

But now, strangely, the number further decreased to 400.

Hi all,

what's the total number of jam entries? I remember seeing it was something around 480. Then it became 402. Now it is 401.

Maybe someone removed their entry at the end of the jam? But what is the total number of entries reviewed?

Thanks in advance :)

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SpaceMiner is an infinite shoot 'em up in which you have to make your way in your spaceship through many asteroids, destroying them without you to be destroyed. You can shoot asteroids with laser, and you also have a special weapon (a must in the genre!) that allows you to cast a very large laser beam that destroys every asteroid it meets, but as a special weapon you have very limited ammo.

The game is fast-paced and difficult. The Game Boy-ish look & feel is high, because of the graphics and the beautiful sound effects. It would have been better if there were also enemy spaceships, but as we all know the time is limited when making a game for a jam. Overall it's fun!

Here's our game: Pahlawan

I have a question: did the original Game Boy allow to have transparency in tiles? I mean, having a tile using all 4 palette colors plus transparency (for example to make a platform slope).