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Interesting mechanic, it reminds me of Alucard's magical sword. The VFX are really nice, I liked the indicator when you and the enemy are being damaged. On the other side, I will consider the camera shake less aggressive.

Nice work! Great theme interpretation. The controls are easy to get us to, even if playing as single player (mutlicontrol). I really like the detail when get hit and the music and sfx are really enjoyable.

Awesome OST! I hope you can get it to a game, I  will really like to heard more.

Nice idea for a puzzle game, it would be great to have more levels, also I think sfx and music will be nice to have it. Good job!

Got a great idea, I really like to see expand the game with more branches and puzzles, would be interesting to add some sound effects to add flavor. Good job

Good job, I liked how the green and red particles distribute with the movement and also their sfx, would be great to have some atmospheric music to enhance the game experience.

The idea is very interesting, would be nice to let know more clues to know what is going on with each goblin and some other instructions.

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I had not seen this type of game in this game jam, It could be polished more to get more branches and have more participation of the characters, though I understand the time limitations but I would like to see more of this in the future. Keep up the good work!

The control idea is very interesting, so random that though. If the idea of the music and the game title were intentionally selected to represent a nightmare, well you sure did it. I think the game could be improved because the concept is nice and is kind addictive to use the hookshot. Good job there!

This game is very promising, a chill music and some sfx would be great. I found this game challenging and pretty fun to play, nice concept and great work!

Very cool game! Is really fun and the puzzles are awesome too, it seem that the game has a good future, I hope you develop more leves, because is kind addictive to see the increasing difficulty. Te art is very minimalistic yet is very suitable as the music, I  liked it, the theme adaptation is fantastic.

Great work there!

Nice job there! I really liked the art and character designs, I found the game very creative and the subject is very interesting, I felt like everyone of us finishing the game before the jam time limit. 

Well done!

Really fun idea and design are interesting, though I didn't understand how to hit the enemies, because I tried many things and had no clue or maybe I couldn't aimed right. I think it could get more sounds or visual feedback to know if you hit the enemy or when you are getting hit. 

Awesome! is a creative work the way you use the theme. The level difficulty increase is well done, I really enjoyed and the chosen art and music assets are nice to, the movement mechanic it helps a lot to complete the levels (for example the jump distance is very long). I find it really fun to play.

Great work!

Cat! No! Great idea, is kind of frustrating but is a really problem with cat owners, well done! Love the detail with the tutorial part, the mechanic is very clever. I would include some sound effects of the cat purring or meowing to make the cat experience more annoying haha.

Overall I find it a really good game and I enjoyed. Good luck!

Fun idea with the out of control panic attack, it can make a quick play though is a bit challenging.

Really cool game, creative idea. I love the minimalistic art and the visual effects, nice use of sfx too, it would be awesome to include a chill background music. The mechanics are a good idea, it really could help little kids to understand a bit of programming and get interested of it.

Great work!

Fun game! The controls are so crazy, it makes it challenging and addictive to going fast, well done, I didn't expected the customers though it was a funny idea. Too bad no audio were included I think it would improve the game experience.

Good work!

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Fun game! it reminds me to brush my teeth after eating every snack. I really enjoyed, quite creative thematic, the art is simple yet it works well and music selection is perfect. I liked the details of upgrading the cannon and the removable strike option is just fantastic for games that have limited lives. Got a little suggestion about spending the cash to do more things but I guess it can also be seen only as the total score.

Great work!

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Out of control cats in a box! awesome thematic, is a really fun game, it gets more difficult using the trackpad due to small the hitbox, but you did a great work, too bad for the music that suddenly stopped.

Nice modeling, you really did a good work in a short time!

Interesting game, is really satisfying when you see the little cars moving like ants delivering food to their home. The puzzle is pretty nice, simple controls makes it easy to play. 

Good work there!

The part of the character hiding in front of a knight is a funny idea though it works! The concept is nice, I feel like it can be polished adding something to feel the progression (like a score or levels). 

Good work!

Talking about the overwhelming thoughts! Pretty cool idea, it makes you see the emotional side of the character and it gives a complete twist for a platformer game. Also nice selection of music and art I really enjoyed.

Keep it up with the great work!

Interesting mechanic, will it be more helpful if the weapon change with some feedback, maybe a sound or a message because is hard to notice it, also more sound and visual effects in details will improve the gameplay experience (totally understand by the limit of time), the three heart with no recovery add more difficulty of the game. The art and the music is pretty good and suitable. Good work!

Pretty cool game! The mechanic is very simple yet is much fun and challenging, specially when some baddies spawn in front of you when you are about to run. I enjoyed the glow effect in the dark ambiance and the effect of the screen opened up when you aim away to the other side is a nice detail. Great work!

Awesome game! Is very tricky when you're about to perform an action but the screen changes to another theme, the mechanic is pretty clever. Love the references, the art and music too. Great work!

The co-op mode in this theme is great idea but the control is not easy to get used to, specially when the ships disappeared. The animations and sfx are also good and the music is suitable too.

Great theme, I really liked the chosen art style and animations and the sound effects , too bad for the gigantic screen (had to zoom out to see the entire screen play). Is easy to get used to the controls and kind difficult to finish the game, specially when one of the kids walked out of the screen.

Nice work!