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Two of the easter eggs are already spoiled in the screenshots and are exactly or near the place where the screenshot was taken. In one of them you need to stop and press the brakes and in the other one you need to be really fast in order not to fall. I can also help you with the third one. You need to jump as high as possible and in order to land as high as possible.

The other 3 are a bit harder to find. You need to try to do new stuff and be in places you're not supposed to be. 

I'm really glad you liked it and thanks a lot for the good words. I personally like old school stuff that's why I also like to give that vibe into my games. Let me explain the stuff you mentioned about the game. 

The exit button needs to exist and will be there in the next update. The restart button just restart the game like you exited and reopened it again, I haven't bothered yet to add a save option hahahah. I tested the truck setups many times before publishing it and they work. Maybe it needs to have some kind of indication to let you know that the the settings changed. Definitely will be there in the next update. If you'll play the game again when changing the truck setups notice the differences in suspension or power. For example try to climb something with the "original".

Thanks again! Have a good one!

Hey, I just want to announce that the game is Updated and there are plenty more things to do.

Hey I just want to announce that the new update is here. More stuff to do and i manage to put the Easter eggs ahahahah.

Alright man, thank you for your opinion ;)

Haha this look like a fun little game. I didn't play much but I'll come back later to give it another try. I don't like that it stick to the walls, feels a bit outrageous  to me but it's not a big deal.

And there will be a lot of EASTER EGGS, if you find the right ones you'll have access to my big upcoming game for FREE so if you are interested stick around ;)

I haven't tried Godot but I've seen some videos + your opinion on it and it looks great. I've been using Unity since I started, a bit more than 2 years ago and I never thought to switch to another engine. Maybe because it took me some months to understand it in depth. I had knowledge in C# before finding out about Unity and it was just great for me because it used putted in use all my previous knowledge. Do you suggest me to give it a try and maybe switch over or I should stick with Unity? I mean, is it easy to start using another engine after you get used to one?

An about the fee, I think that Godot is fairly new and it is looking for more users and it will have a fee later on... Just my personal opinion.

It actually was part of a much bigger game but my ideas on that changed and this scene didn't fitted anymore. I've barely worked on it hahahahahaha. Actually models took me more time than anything else in the game. 

I decided to publish it as it is and if people liked it, I would put some more work into it. Looks like it is going to be updated. Hopefully by the end of the weekend a new version is coming up. You'll have the ability to modify the cars performance; change the density of the dust particles (I actually need to change the logic on that because it's a bit weird); maybe a new track or at least some new stuff for the current one. 

Still looking for a mission or an objective... If you have any idea it would be great hahahahaha

Late to the party but maybe I will have the pleasure and someone will still be interested to read it. I'm a 18 years old developer from Albania. I've been developing games for like 2 years but I published my first game 1 year ago and you can check it out in my old profile. I've been using Unity since I started but before that I was into programming and I also made a some models with Blender. Than I realized I could put my character into live by combining it with programming. My games are improved a lot since then. I'm currently working on a huge project and I think it will be great if it get's a bit of attention. I could say for sure that marketing is not my thing hahahahaha.

I wish I had your kind of dreams. I think that I used to but after seeing how things work I think that my big dream transformed into a "I hope people play my game" kind of dream hahahahaha. 

Except developing I try to give my opinion on other people's games. Mostly on small games that don't have much popularity. But my games don't get much of reviews and if they do, they are mostly hypocritical and with no criticism. I would love to have someone to criticize my game. This is just an early version but if you'd give it  a try would be great.

How did you forget +90% of your content...

J.K. ahahahaahhaa

Looks like you've been using Unity since its first days. I'm curious to know what made you wanna try a new engine and why Godot specifically?

Take my words as critics to improve and not as me being rude because I have no other interest except helping you make a better game. 

Idea: I've seen similar games in my phone, with the exact same concept but with a different POV. Adding some original ideas and features in it would make it more authentic.

Graphics and representation: In my opinion it is better to keep the same style. What I mean is, if you want to do low-poly then do everything low-poly. The sphere has smooth shading, trees are low-poly. The ground: I don't know for certain if you are using Unity's terrain or you have designed it with another program and if it is the second case you have more polygons than you need and looks like they are triangle shaped which is no good for performance. You can do a better job with the snow rather than the Unity's default sprites because it doesn't match the others. The UI can be fancier. I'm a fan of simplicity but the UI you are using is more default than it should be. Maybe try to put some other fonts and not just the default Arial. 

Controls: To me the controls feel a bit weird I would suggest to try another way of making the rigidbody move. 

I encountered couple of bugs. 

  • Playing with effects' slider messes it up and you see black shapes instead of objects. 
  • It started to end the game randomly without touching any of the trees.

From what I see I'm not willing to pay 5$ for it and I guess not many people are. I would suggest adding an intriguing trailer, a good description and  possibly a trail version in order to make your possible buyers more interested in it. Have a good one! I hope you succeed!

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You can adjust mouse sensitivity and graphics setting by pressing ESC and then click SETTINGS. As I mentioned in the description you will soon be able to adjust the car's performance fitting it to your needs. The current settings of the car are between drifting and rally. I may add an option to adjust particles density because I'm aware it affects performance. 

Thanks for the feedback, it really helps 😉. 

It would be great if you'd rate the game, if you haven't already.

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Hey look, why won't you reach me out on Twitter or Instagram because I can help you out. I've got couple of suggestions that may be useful but it just can't be discussed here. Sounds good? Find the links in my profile. 

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I'm trying to help because I think people will not show much interest in your game in the current representation. I develop games with no budget either and I'm not much older than you, I know it can be hard but at least you can do better making it look representative.

Have a good one!

Translating it in english would be great because as you said it, it will reach a larger audience and I would love to fully understand the story because it sounds interesting. 

Looking forward for the next version. 

I've done the same mistake 😂😂 so nothing to worry about. I'm glad I helped.

Yeah... You need a better cover image and couple of screenshots or at least a decent description. Why would I download it if I don't know what it's like + when you say there is an unfixed bug it makes things even harder.

The game won't run if you upload just the .exe file, you need to attach the game documents together with it. You have to put everything in a zip folder.

I would suggest adding more screenshots and most importantly checking if the download works properly. 

I'm definitely interested in this and I would like to play it.

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I'm sad that this game is more popular than much better games out there. It is just a momentary trend and no one will remember this after but still... I mean well done to the developers but people who enjoy this are just weird.

I thought we were talking about video games and not about books. If you want people to be interested in your content you must have a good representation so judging by the cover is actually the truth. With your representation you let me think that this is one of those other games. I can be hypocritical in my opinion and say that it is a good game but that way you won't be able to improve and if you think there is no room for improvement you'd be wrong because there is always room for improvement, especially when it's your first game. I hope you'll understand now. Keep up 😉

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I'm keeping it short and just explaining my purpose. For every game  that is released for free in my profile (demos and trials not included) I'm willing to share every asset you may find helpful for your own project. If you play one of my game and find something that you thing would be nice to be part of a project of yours, you can have it. You just need to contact me and tell me what you need.

What kind of assets are included:

Every asset part of the game is included. Meaning, scripts, models (characters, objects, etc), textures, lights, effects, audio, UI and everything else used to construct the game. Scripts, lights, effects and assets of this types are made for Unity so are not useful if you are using any other engine. 3D models are made and animated (those who are) in blender but can be exported in .fbx format so are useful for other engines too.  I don't think there might be an adaptation problem for other assets like audio files or image but for further information feel free to ask me. 

This is a fairy new profile of mine but this offer will be available even for future projects. You can also look for assets in my old profile games. I hope you find this helpful.

Contact hereInstagram, Twitter, or just leave a comment in the game page.

Link to my profile: Erlind Development

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Nice concept. I think there could be a better job with the level representation as you said it yourself. The sound is really repetitive and it gets really annoying  so it would be better if it was more organic. I didn't play much but the main idea is interesting and leaves room for a lot of puzzles. I'm not mentioning the bugs because I think you already know. And the last thing in my opinion is to add English as a possible language too. I speak French but there are people that don't and as a developer I think you looking for more audience so this might help.

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Well, I don't know Spanish but I got it. As I can see the game is about an African girl and I like this idea a lot. 

Since I don't know Spanish I started the game, got some water but I died, i think because of thirst hahaha.

I can't judge the gameplay so my only critic is that I think there could be a better job with texturing because the graphics look cheap.

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There are loads of this type of games out there and I would suggest adding something intriguing into it to make people interested. I didn't play the game but it doesn't seem to be much different then the others.

As a developer I need critical reviews for my games in order to improve, that's why I try to give critical reviews to others. I hope you understand.
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I'm a really big fan of the style and the puzzles are great too, they are easy but it's ok. I thought it would get harder but it doesn't. I reached level 14 and the puzzle's difficulty doesn't seem to get higher. 

Overall is great tho.

 I would suggest adding some kind of a menu to select the levels after completing them.

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Nothing promising about this game. This scene was supposed to be part of another game but apparently that is not going to happen. I don't want to trash it or abandon it because it is not bad at all. 

If you like driving than you're probably going to like this game. Basically now it's just an unfinished driving game with no defined mission. Just enjoy driving the pickup truck around the track, maybe try to do some drifting or tricks because the car is capable of that.