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FREE assets (3d models, textures, audio, UI, etc.)

A topic by Erlind Development created Jun 02, 2018 Views: 285
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I'm keeping it short and just explaining my purpose. For every game  that is released for free in my profile (demos and trials not included) I'm willing to share every asset you may find helpful for your own project. If you play one of my game and find something that you thing would be nice to be part of a project of yours, you can have it. You just need to contact me and tell me what you need.

What kind of assets are included:

Every asset part of the game is included. Meaning, scripts, models (characters, objects, etc), textures, lights, effects, audio, UI and everything else used to construct the game. Scripts, lights, effects and assets of this types are made for Unity so are not useful if you are using any other engine. 3D models are made and animated (those who are) in blender but can be exported in .fbx format so are useful for other engines too.  I don't think there might be an adaptation problem for other assets like audio files or image but for further information feel free to ask me. 

This is a fairy new profile of mine but this offer will be available even for future projects. You can also look for assets in my old profile games. I hope you find this helpful.

Contact hereInstagram, Twitter, or just leave a comment in the game page.

Link to my profile: Erlind Development

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