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I haven't tried Godot but I've seen some videos + your opinion on it and it looks great. I've been using Unity since I started, a bit more than 2 years ago and I never thought to switch to another engine. Maybe because it took me some months to understand it in depth. I had knowledge in C# before finding out about Unity and it was just great for me because it used putted in use all my previous knowledge. Do you suggest me to give it a try and maybe switch over or I should stick with Unity? I mean, is it easy to start using another engine after you get used to one?

An about the fee, I think that Godot is fairly new and it is looking for more users and it will have a fee later on... Just my personal opinion.

Since Godot is open source - it will probably never have a fee.  Whether you should switch is entirely up to you. I would definitely suggest to at least give Godot a try (a week, maybe two) and see if you like the scene/node paradigm. Two years of Unity is enough to get to a point where something starts annoying you (e.g. we've been waiting for nested prefabs for years).  But, don't force yourself. I had good reasons and I don't regret doing it. Who knows, I might go back to Unity if professional (9 - 17h) work requires me to.

Alright man, thank you for your opinion ;)