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Pretty fun game! The enemies started coming from only one direction a bit into the game though, which made it really easy

Really cool! First time I have played a terminal game with a game controller

Really cool!

I think you are using an outdated version of SDL2. I've added an SDL2 SO file to the zip file if you want to try again.

I have added a lua shared object file in the zip folder. Try using it

I use the open source AMDGPU driver on Arch linux.

It really is challenging imo

amdgpu_device_initialize: amdgpu_query_info(ACCEL_WORKING) failed (-13)
amdgpu: amdgpu_device_initialize failed.
do_winsys_init: DRM version is 3.27.0 but this driver is only compatible with 2.12.0 (kernel 3.2) or later.

failed to set mode: Permission denied

I like the graphics!

I built this on Arch. You could make a copy of your liblua file and rename it to what the game expects, that should work

I've updated it. I'd appreciate it if you would try again :)

I've updated it. I'd appreciate it if you would try again :)

I've updated it. I'd appreciate it if you would try again :)

I agree. Having a constraint is half the fun

Thank you for all these great suggestions! How does Inkscape compare to Krita for 2D game graphics? When would you use one over the other?

The problem is probably because I compiled the game with `-march=native -mtune=native`. There are easy instructions on the github page if you want to compile it, I am pretty sure that it will work then.

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The provided binary does not work on ARM. You can compile it from source and run it on a raspberry pi 3 though. Are you getting any errors/warnings in the terminal when it crashes? It has worked fine on Ubuntu and Arch as far as I know

You get stuck when you die (before the checkpoint). The game also did not show keyboard controls. It ran pretty smoothly and the graphics are nice

The spikes(?) are deafening if you put a totem on them. The levels were quite easy, but the game felt polished and really fun to play. Good work!

This submarine must be really experimental since it is able to fly! Pretty nice game though ;)

As soon as I start the game. Does not seem to affect the gameplay though (but you can't control your character after you die once)

Nice graphics and gameplay! It would be more fun/challenging if you had to shoot the boss's hands first.

I really like the graphics!

It would be more fun if there was a timer (to make it more challenging) in my opinion. Nice game nonetheless!

Thanks! Did you finish the game? I thought it would add to the challenge to only be able to shoot at the direction you are standing/walking :)

ERROR: get_node: Condition ' !node ' is true. returned: __null
   At: scene/main/node.cpp:1524.

It is called `glew` in Arch (or `glew1.10`). 

What programming language(s) are you familiar with?