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Laser TempleView game page

Small puzzle game with CGA graphics
Submitted by alesegdia (@alesegdia) — 2 hours, 55 minutes before the deadline

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LÖVE2D 11.0


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Jam Host

Note that this feedback is based on the build(s) available at the end of the jam.

Laser Temple is one of the most complete and cohesive submissions this year.

The four colour CGA palette is wonderful, and coupled with chip-style sounds and mysterious music, does a great job of communicating the feel of an ancient alien temple. The puzzle elements found within the temple are distinct, but also carry a sense of vagueness in a way that make their purposes feel like a mystery until they've been encountered.

Puzzle complexity ramps up nicely, but doesn't really progress into challenging territory, leaving most solutions easy to discover without moving a piece. I don't think this is a problem for a jam game, but a larger scale game could benefit from dead-end solutions and more temple elements that change/affect the puzzle layouts in ways that aren't identifiable until they're interacted with (for example, perhaps moving a totem onto a switch tile could make a new section of floor appear).

The story of a lost team of sentinels in need of rescue leading the player deep into an alien temple feels like an evocative start, and though I was a little disappointing to not see that expanded upon I don't think that really detracts from the game that's here. In a larger version of this game, it might be interesting to have narrative breaks along the way as you find evidence of Kisaka's team that give players a moment to think about what they've done, what happened to the people you're trying to rescue, and what all this alien temple stuff might mean (without removing the mystery, of course).

Another possible consideration would be to switch the colour palette from the cool cyan/purple dominated CGA palette to the warm red/green dominated palette to communicate progress deeper into the temple.

There are also a number of grammatical issues and typos in the text as well that would be worth looking into.

Laser Temple is one of my favourite submissions this year, and I'm looking forward to seeing where the project goes from here!

Thanks for submitting and best of luck with continued development :D

I'd also like to do a short interview with you for an article I'm writing on the 2018 Linux Game Jam. Shoot me an email via and I'll send you through some questions!


This was really addictive, one of the few jam games I was compelled to keep playing until I was sad to find I had no more levels to play. Really great!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you very much for the feedback! I am seriously thinking on working more on it, since it is having very similar comments! I was also a bit sad of not being able to work in more levels, since everything is there to do so.

The art is amazing, whould love to see move levels. Not entirely sure how the versatile verbs concept is implemented. 


Hi! Thanks for your feedback! The versatile verbs concept is implemented via having to "press space" to do everything :D


The spikes(?) are deafening if you put a totem on them. The levels were quite easy, but the game felt polished and really fun to play. Good work!


Yes! That's a bug ^^ but I can't fix it post-jam sadly D: The game is easy, yes. I was short on time and had to cut features and couldn't work on more levels, but I might rework on it to add more levels when the jam is over.

Thanks a lot for your feedback!


Hey! Because I don't know where to begin with rating a game, I just want to tell you that I played your game.

YES! YES! YES! This is a wonderful game


Thanks! :)


amazing game! Would have played 30 more levels if there were more, nice potential for a good puzzler. Would be nice if there were also tooltips for spikes and lazers, the tooltips make a great accessibility for the game and remove the need to read a readme.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for the feedback! Yes! I would have wanted to make more levels and more block types, but I got short on time and when I was making the last level my vision was already blurry =.= - I might think on working on it more. and add a few features.

P.D.: The spikes were a late addition! The game is somehow prepared to make more simple blocks. I might work on it to add tooltips they lack.