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didn't fully finish because I was too bad, but had fun trying it out anyway. Though I agree with the challenge part, making it a bit easier to aim diagonally (because that already works) would be nice, it's really hard right now.

yeah the main menu in general was a last minute thing, it was actually picking random maps from a Songs folder before, which allowed to symlink your osu folder, but that didn't really work with this approach, I didn't want to modify the folder. I think I would definitely redo a bit of loading here

cool mechanic

yes it happens every time I shoot faster than casual clicking, the webgl version crashes and the downloadable version crashes. Very annoying when you are nearly done and then click faster

is there any way to play this without controller?

it is really hard to win against the CPU! :p

very nice game, but im too incompetent to get past the first level uwu, plz halp what are controls

fun little game, being able to aim more precisely would be cool

the game segfaults if you shoot too fast :/

really fun game, nice work, though a bit frustrating sometimes because you can't save yourself from the spikes once you are falling to them, but satisfying when you complete it. Should really get more levels!

cool really fun game, though a bit weird to setup that file format

amazing music and graphics but the controls are so floppy they made me ragequit

there was a crash here:

> use edibles
You fondle the edibles for a bit.
> use eyes on self
You have currently stashed about your person:
☛ eyes      ☛ hand      ☛ legs      ☛ brains    ☛ keys      ☛ edibles   
> use hand on edibles
You grab some things you deem the most edible.
> use eyes on self
You have currently stashed about your person:
☛ eyes      ☛ hand      ☛ legs      ☛ brains    ☛ keys      ☛ edibles   
> use edibles 
You fondle the edibles for a bit.
> use brains on edibles
You can't think of any use for the edibles right now.
> use eyes
╭ You are in dark corners of the Earth. ╮

Shady backside of the shady store. The acrid smell of human urine invades your nostrils. You spot the massive dumpster, open and inviting you to dive.

There's also the seemingly abandoned dwelling of some unfortunate person, constructed out of a single cardboard box.

Your options seem limitless.

Various things catch your interest:
☛ cardboard box   ☛ blanket         ☛ dumpster        ☛ store front     ☛ hedge           
> use store front
╭ You are in the convenience store parking lot. ╮

Your eyes behold a vista of multiple square metres of potholed paved yard filled with rusting motor transport. Broken lamp posts have wheels of bicycles chained to them, speaking volumes of the kinds of people who frequent this slice of

All this glory is lit by flashing neon signs saying STORE, overpowering the sun with their brightness. You think the parking lot should have one of those warning signs for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

Various things catch your interest:
☛ gate          ☛ path around   

The security hulk comes rushing after you, rips awayeverything you took, pushes you to the ground and bans you from entering ever again. What a bully.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 109, in <module>
  File "", line 78, in run
  File "/home/webfreak/Downloads/games/", line 74, in use
  File "/home/webfreak/Downloads/games/", line 935, in <lambda>
    way_to_front.add_use("default", lambda : cont.get_gs().move_to(store_yard))
  File "/home/webfreak/Downloads/games/", line 110, in move_to
  File "/home/webfreak/Downloads/games/", line 30, in run_on_enter
  File "/home/webfreak/Downloads/games/", line 902, in yard_on_enter
  File "/home/webfreak/Downloads/games/", line 49, in remove_object
ValueError: list.remove(x): x not in list

this is missing a data folder

amazing game! Would have played 30 more levels if there were more, nice potential for a good puzzler. Would be nice if there were also tooltips for spikes and lazers, the tooltips make a great accessibility for the game and remove the need to read a readme.

Looks really nice and with some music and more rigid controls it would probably be a cool little game. Controls sometimes felt a bit floaty, jetpack really only useful for gliding and not getting up, walljumps were a lot easier where it introduced the jetpack. Sometimes I shoot bigger projectiles but I can't really figure out how.

really cool idea

nice arrow key+spacebar simulator

cool game! Controls need a bit of getting used to but they work well after some time. For some reason input stopped working on my first playthrough after some time and I had to restart, no big deal because there is only one level. I want more levels

the graphics aren't loading for me

Switching colors didn't really work for me but the concept seems cool. Works fine on my Arch Linux x86_64 install

@kentarospin98 @atolVerderben @solazdev thanks for the feedback, now that you mention Initial D, that would really fit. :D

The D in SpaceD actually comes from the D Programming Language (the language the game is made in)

I updated the install instructions on, forgot to include apt install libevent-dev libssl-dev on ubuntu/debian

This is unplayable, it's so super laggy, even with my new RX 480, you should REALLY optimize the game. That also explains why this such a ridiculously huge file!

virtually unplayable because it keeps forcing itself into fullscreen

./MikeMonkey: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I get the radicals but I don't get when to parry high and when low

cool game, nice difficulty

./reality labolatory: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Really really cool game, it gets a bit easy if you just stand still though because the ghosts never touch you

lib32-libxpm is required for the game to run

Nice and simple game but the physics were a bit buggy sometimes

Nice little game but using the mouse for dragging seems a bit of a poor choice because you can move the mouse so quickly, these things will never catch you if you just do a quick stroke down to half the field, you just repeat this a lot until you win each level, I got to level 20 and then quit

Well this certainly is art and the controls are very intuitive, I guess I can only rate you 5/5 there :p

I think the bullet bugged out for me and no projectiles could go down anymore, they all died randomly in the air

A prediction line how bullets are gonna shoot would be cool

Crashes with a segfault on my AMD card (ArchLinux):

441MB... So why exactly did you include every python library in existance as well as blender? It doesn't even run:

./veelancer: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Cool level editor, but shouldn't there be levels to play or a game?