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Is it not possible to fast-drop (not instant-drop) pieces in this? Space works for instantly putting them at the bottom, but I can't seem to make them drop faster to rotate them before dropping at the bottom. Also the pieces are mirrored when they go on the play field. (different on the preview)

There also seems to be a possibility that the game will crash when you get lines and a 3 tall piece at the same time.

I like the graphics.

Fun to grind, but the controls feel a little bit wonky. Enemies can spawn nearly inside of you, resulting in a death you can't possibly anticipate. Sometimes also very very fast projectiles come shooting in, although there you still have the possibility to survive and they are actually quite fun to avoid when it's possible.

Really neat little game. Score seems heavily dependent on RNG though, I've got a really good run where I basically just ate 15 white fish at the start of the round. They spawned the fastest and were really easy to eat because they were running away the quickest from all other fish. I really like the art style.

Is the game broken? Nothing spawns, can't get any score.

I did that but it didn't help me kill both ghosts, one always got me, tried 2 times the bottom one and one time the top one first

very addicting - could see myself playing this for a few more hours with more content

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Thanks for the feedback!

we actually rushed doing the puzzles and items in the last 3 hours of the jam, before that all we did was storywriting, asset creation, voice acting and a lot of code preparation. So the items didn't fit because they were not made for the inventory size and then there was no time left to redraw them or even scale them down - we barely managed to submit t he game 1 minute before deadline (before the deadline was extended by 10 minutes lol)

I'm pretty sure I FC'd with 399030 score but it says 282/283 :(

pretty cool idea

at first I didn't get it because I didn't see any cats but then I randomly found one and got through the rest. Might have been good to include a sample picture of what to search for before playing and not count clicks into the black area.

loved the music! The gameplay is very simple, but very well polished and increases in difficulty just right. Would love to see more content being added!

so it's not beatable? bruh I was stuck in that last level for 20 minutes xD

controls were a bit hard to remember, otherwise pretty solid game!

pretty cool game, similar to snake and really difficult - the bug not making the snake grow makes it too easy then lol

The random spawns just on the corner where your body is feels a little unfair though.

nice intro giving some backstory, very cool mechanics, although I did not quite get what to do or if I was doing good or bad. At the boss I just rushed into it liked I did with the other monsters but not sure if that was good or bad. Pretty cool though

I think I beat that level - at least a level with that mechanic - so it might be a later level than that where I was stuck. In the level I was stuck in there was a crate at the top right after very long vertical stairs spanning the whole right of the level. (and spikes above the crate just to troll people jumping over it without pushing it)

hint: the code is in one of the bedrooms, but it's not all numbers

really spooky, but not unplayably scary! Great atmosphere. Is there an end or is this an endless game? I had quite a long run, but didn't really know if that was good or bad or what to play for really.

the game looks cool, but this is way too scary for me to play - sorry!

addictive - should definitely get more content and gameplay elements!

pompkin is kind of a jerk :(

the music is a banger, art looks great. Gameplay is a bit repetitive for the length of the level, getting hit doesn't seem to do anything. (would be bad because monsters spawn like basically inside you a lot of the time) Would be nice if this supported mouse and keyboard as well.

might have been an issue with incognito mode, worked in a regular tab

I really liked the troll aspects of the game, but I did quite dislike how you could get softlocked so easily by not pushing a crate strong enough for example in level 2 or 3 it was. I couldn't get past the level with the 3 horizontal ghosts in the wide open area from top to middle and the vertical ghost at the bottom left with some useless button where spikes would appear when you go on it. I was thinking maybe I could lure ghosts with the ghost at the bottom left and then kill the other ghosts but that didn't really work and felt like it wasn't intended so I couldn't figure out in what order to do the ghosts to not get killed by one of the last two.

Still great fun!

is there a download? online version doesn't seem to work here

I'm a big fan of rhythm games, so this was really fun. A little bit hard to remember what to click for each crow at the start, but still quite fun. Would have enjoyed a harder mode, the music worked well for normal mode. Is there an end or does the music loop endlessly? Played until 344 score

I enjoyed the nice snappy controls. The monsters at the start could maybe only start once I start running or at least give me some time to get from my mouse to my keyboard, got killed the first few times immediately because I didn't know I needed to press right immediately.

nice minigame, the letters were pretty hard to read though (at fast scroll speeds especially just becoming no longer legible, maybe could have been bigger)

Love the dynamic music, but the it was really not clear what to do, the tutorial wall of text only showing for 1 second also didn't make it easier. I figured I needed to hold LMB and spam RMB at the end but then the music just got slower and it seemed like the game crashed, so unsure what to do actually.

yeah we didn't manage to put in all voice lines we made, when trying to use the knob it would say something like "it doesn't work like that" because you also need a pin to put in the hole first (it's on the table in the living room)

Thanks for the nice comment! The runtime is still downloading here right now, but we will publish builds shortly once it's downloaded! We had some problems with assets not loading every time and like on every PC it looked different, so we hope the build from a good working PC will also include all assets.

The cow was actually just decoration, you could put it in (after the pin) directly into the hole.

very cute graphics, I like the concept, a little short

doesn't start, says:

Set current directory to /home/webfreak/Downloads/Exe
Found path: /home/webfreak/Downloads/Exe/Runnin Running Candy.x86_64
no boot config - using default values

not a linux build, pls fix metadata

looking forward to all the other games! A few friends and me are meeting up for this game jam - now almost a year without game jam, the motivation is high and fun will be had. Good luck to all the other teams and solo devs!

The server was sometimes overloaded, it will be improved tonight with a new server and in future updates with fixes.

really fun platformer, but what makes it stand out especially is the multiplayer aspect of it. You can see everyone playing levels and the game design is especially focused on making it spectatable even with the dynamic elements. Races are really fun if you get a bunch of players together, no matter the skill level.

Also currently is a great time to grind up the leaderboards, especially with the new update/rebrand to Makerking which reset the leaderboards!