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This was a WICKED FUN game!

Wonderful story

I’m not very far into the PlayDate’s season of games, but this is such a fantastic and deep experience, with amazingly realistic conversations and thoughtfully neat uses of the crank. This might be one of the best, the breakout game, on this system!

Firstly, love the new home screen animation.

Secondly, no - still broken - It runs (can push the button for instructions, but then crashes when you take the crank out. I’m seeing a “run loop stalled for more than 10 seconds” on screen.

Fyi, the system seems to lock /freeze the whole device (requiring holding down the power button to crash reboot) if the game is launched with the crank holstered (I assume you’re trying to read a value and get null or something).

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I just downloaded it today and I’m getting this issue.

EDIT: I fixed it by manually editing the pdxinfo to have the “buildNumber” value.

That was awesome! I’m so glad there was a reset button there, haha

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This is a real tricky one. I cannot recreate the issue either on release or debug builds of the game. I’m aggressively trying to break it too.

I’d say “screencast the issue” but the game doesn’t run well at all while recording with the quest 2’s small horsepower (I made the recording with the desktop build).

If you’re comfortable, it might be helpful for us if you ran an adb logcat > logs.txt, play til it crashes, stop it (ctrl+C) and send that to us.

P.S. For MacOS users, the “Wild Araz” folder is in your user’s “Library” folder.

For Linux users, it’s at “~/.local/share/citizens-of-antiford-wild-araz”

It says made with Unity fyi, not actually a gameboy game, just artistically styled. No gb could do framerates this good.

Same when using the itch desktop client. I had to download the new one via a web browser.

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I was working on a Unity project myself and tried the new input system. I couldn’t get gamepad support to work on Linux at all. That might be it :( Unity is normally so good to us too…

I’m certainly hoping to clean up any of the bugs and user experience stuff at the least.

I really wish I could have spent more of the beginning feeling like I got to know the world a bit better (I know it’s supposed to be zany and mysterious). It felt somewhere between “Hitchhiker’s Guide” and Remedy’s “Control”. The beast fight was cool but… i dunno, I never felt like my choices meant anything?

This reminded me a lot of the series .hack, when the characters got to talk to a digital representation of the guy who created the game. Very awesome concept done well.

Very cool story, with a lot of reference to the old text and early graphic adventure game era!

I was not ready for that ending. This was very fun, it did really feel like being a kid in the 90s again, hit me in the nostalgia before it hit me in the feels.

So neat. I really wish there were more. Cool idea

Glad to see you’re first go at a jam! I really enjoy the story so far, such a tease haha

That was neat. I really liked re-trying the memories and having the new dialog. And the portrait animations

I had to replay it a few times to be sure I’d seen all I could. Very good writing and world building.

Wow very distopian, very cool story. I feel like it would be a great candidate for a bigger, deeper sequel. I want to see more of this world and how such a place exists in it.

This had a really cool premise, and it was pretty scary to boot. I’ll have to try for other endings

Oh my… the creepiness, the dread, daaaang.

This was a riot to play, so much innate humor, so many quirky situations and characters. So much written here, variations galore!

Oh my goodness, I’ve replay a few times and haven’t got the sofa yet! Try again later… lol


The real story was the one where the reader discovers that the author is an agent of the troll known as time, and has stolen from them, too (when you realize the game is endless)!

This was a rather simple, but neat game.

You’re meant to be playing an unseen character, Elena - as if first-person. That may have been not so obvious. Glad you liked it! (game’s programmer)

I loved the little musical flourishes and the inline artwork. This was so well done!

Yup, I was also thinking about Hitchhiker’s Guide ( and also Red Dwarf )

Oh my goodness… that was such a hard choice to make. So many options. I feel like this is definitely one of these jam entries I’ll be playing again to see other outcomes.

This was a great concept!

Works great for me!

I love the atmosphere of the scene, and these characters have some nice personality I’d love to hear even more about who they are and where they came from, maybe what brought them there in the first place :D Lovely.