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Hrm… I plugged in a Dualshock 4 and it had no problem. Guess I’ll just use that.

The title screen says it recommends using a gamepad, but it’s not recognizing the Xbox One gamepad I have hooked up. Even the controls option screen doesn’t have options for movement and camera, so I assume it’s supposed to be built-in?

Ubuntu 19.10 using the itch app to launch it. No issues with other Unity games.

OMG Cliyde Ghoulington and Bonie Humeurass… Totally legal good new stuff. HAHAHAHA

Throw Ubuntu in a virtual machine and play that way. Better than nothing.

No worries, still a neat game

It was really cool to be that sort of character in a written format. I enjoyed that a lot.

I'd love to have more games like this (maybe even with a 'push x to hop mind' thing).

Cool beans

Could you enable the fullscreen button?

I really enjoyed the art style and atmosphere it created. 

Aw man, I found freedom, but it was sorta a pyrrhic victory. Maybe I'll return to find a different means of escape.

Cool idea, I hope you take this and develop it after the jam.

left of bracket is part of choice and resulting text, inside bracket is only part of choice, right of bracket is only part of resuting text.

So-  * This[.], will be it, then?

Gives the choice "This." and then you choose it and it becomes "This, will be it then?"

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I wish you'd enabled the fullscreen button, so I just opened the javascript console and make it fullscreen myself.


If anyone's interested in doing the same, use: 



I really wanted to play this, but Pedro kept blocking my way out!


Even when I fullscreen, it cuts off text :(

I wish you'd chosen another button rather than ESC for quitting, as it will take you out of fullscreen

Fantastic, surreal, very nice story.

I'm going to have to recommend this read to a few friends.

It works beautifully. I Installed it via the itch desktop app and had no issues with it.

This was, due to being narrated, very easy to sit back and enjoy.

I really didn't know if I was going to like this, since I've seen many meta games at jams I've been a part of, but this was really great.

A lot of this made me really laugh. Wow, this was lovely to play. WOW.

"Who starts a game jam at night" guess I was in the luckier time zone for this.

that... ending... wow.

I meant how it was like a consumable list of questions with the non-moving accept/reject that was the one side. My entry made the dialog for all things a big box at the bottom, but yours was more creative

Oh man, This was great. It was like paper's please meets invader zim or something. 

Very fun. Liked your UI too, made it very enjoyable to play.

I don't know if there was an ending, but I really liked the ghost story.

The mention of the theme was forced, ellipsis-comma is odd, and I wish there was a single street light to pass by them every so often to improve the illusion of movement.

But mostly, I wish you'd used consumable choices instead of all sticky ones, I clicked the story twice by accident and it takes a while to get through again.

Awesome what you were able to accomplished during the jam. I really loved the cinematographic camera angles.

Your theming really got me in the mood for this story and I really enjoyed it.

Wicked nice story. Simple but effective

Really trippy stuff. Nice

Linux (or web) export please? 

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Linux (or web) export please?

I want to play as many submissions as possible, and tried to play your windows export via wine, but that didn't work.

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Linux export please? 

Wow... this is amazing!

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Thank you so much for not being blinding white with black text.

Also, Yay Ubuntu Font! And the CSS color transition is really nice looking.

Also the story is amazing and I very much enjoyed this entry.

I got more and more invested in the zany story as it went on. Really fun tale

I thought it was very interesting that it was strongly political, but multiple choice. It was upsetting, but at the same time, I was in control. I think that final moment really gave you the full control you wanted over the narrative, but it was still tense, because then you read what speech came from your choices. 

global_status: impressed

global_status: crying

The back/cancel button ( keyboard button 'X' or Gamepad 'button 2') will erase the "Player" on the naming screen. You can't rename yourself once you choose your name.

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This reminded me of other games like Anodyne and OFF.

Very much enjoyed playing this.

I grabbed the ROM (from devtools) and put it on my phone, since I have one of those hyperkin Gameboy controllers/readers and this is like some gb studio games in that I can't play on mobile web because it keeps telling me to rotate my phone...

Fixing the mobile edition and/or offering the ROM normally might be nice.