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Welcome to the second annual Linux Game Jam! The purpose of the game jam is simple: create fun, interesting games for Linux.

Last year we didn't have a motif or a theme, but many people thought that we should. So this time around, I'm pleased to announce that we have a theme!

Theme: Versatile Verbs

What does that mean? I was first exposed to the term by Mark Brown from Game Maker's Tool Kit. Check out his video on versatile verbs here.

For those unwilling to watch a 12 minute video, versatile verbs are well explained by Mario's jump. Tapping the A button gives Mario a short hop, holding it causes him to jump much higher. Having a running start gives him a ton of forward momentum, while pressing jump from a crouch causes him to do a backflip--unless you're running, in which case you do a long jump. This is one of MANY ways that a verb [jumping] can be versatile [have many uses].

Not every mechanic in your game has to be versatile, but you should definitely have at least one and have it be central to your gameplay.

Now for the rules:

  • Be as creative as you can be. Think outside the box. You can:
    • Redefine the word 'versatile.'
  • You can use any engine. Your own custom built one (developed outside the jam) is allowed.
  • Your game’s programming should be done within the time frame of this jam.
  • Your game must be submitted to the official game jam page before the end of the day April 14th (EST).
  • Your game must have a Linux build.
  • Your game's Itch page should have:
    • A brief summary of your mechanics.
    • Clear instructions on installation, dependency requirements, and how to run the game.
      • The judges are going to be trying (perhaps as many as) 50 games and we don’t have time to troubleshoot them all.
  • Your game must use assets that you created or that are freely licensed
    • That includes music, sound effects, fonts, all of it.
    • While you *can* use freely licensed sprites, I’d encourage using original sprites. If you’re really not that creative, you can always find an artist in the community tab to work with.
  • And yes, you’re allowed to work in teams. Head over to the community section of the itch page and look for people who want to team up.
  • Finally, you get exactly one bonus point if your game is open source and developed with open source tools.

The Judges:

The Linux Gamer - Organizer

Cassidy James Blaede (From ElementaryOS)

Bryan Lunduke

Wendell from Level1 Techs

Cheeseness (game dev, Linux porter and writer)

Check out Cheeseness' guide to surviving a game jam.


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A game about the saga of Godot's core developer trying to code new features and fix bugs
Play in browser
A short text adventure about a person trying to get through a day of their life.
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
Game of Fair Trades and Spies
Play in browser
You're a werewolf, awoo!
Platformer for the Linux Game Jam 2018
Roguelike for people who like bad memes
Role Playing
Top down 2d game written in pure C with SDL2
Linux Game Jam 2018 submission
Small puzzle game with CGA graphics
A short, 1-level platformer with a boss at the end.
Play in browser
A very short game made for the Linux Game jam 2018
Role Playing
Experiment in two-button fighting controls.
Destroy everything without running out of money. Be efficient!
Play basketball using your voice.
Ketchapp inspired arcade game
For king and country
Simple platformer. Reach the end of the level before the lava reaches you.
Survive waves of angry penguins.
Beware of water... and mops! [Made for the Slime Jam and the Linux Jam 2018]
Play in browser
Pong with more complex controls
Taiko but with D-Man, eventually also harder and with fancy graphics
A simple game about inhaling pleasant fragrances and avoiding unpleasant smells.
Play in browser