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Submitted by Nibodhika — 14 hours, 47 minutes before the deadline
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64 bit linux machine.

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Jam Host

Note that this feedback is based on the build(s) available at the end of the jam.

Multiple jump and shoot actions expressed through the same controls are a straightforward, but effective way of exploring the game's theme.

The the character and foreground art style is cute and functional, though the distant buildings in the background feel bland by comparison, and enemy projectiles could have a lot more presence if they weren't grey against a grey background.

Unfortunately, gamepad bindings didn't function correctly on my Logitech F310, and the keyboard controls are awkward with dash being bound to Q and E while movement controls are mapped to the cursor keys.

Jumping physics feels rough, with the jetpack and wall climbing abilities providing significantly greater height when activated immediately after jumping rather than when close to the peak of a jump. While this might teeeeeeechnically reflect how real physics work, it feels a bit excessive and presents these types of character controls as being about double tapping rather than timing, which would be stronger and more expressive.

The structure of the level does a good job of introducing concepts and mechanics individually while feeling like "hints you find along the way" rather than "a tutorial you have to get through.

Animations and audio would also be good areas to improve the game, but there's a cool start here.

Thanks for submitting and best of luck with the project if you continue development! :D


Decent start. The gun fires WAY too slow and the length of time needed to begin gun charging is very very long. Your respawn point at the beginning of the level simply drops you off the cliff. When that happened to me I thought the game glitched out (which, I guess, it technically did).

Otherwise mechanics were good. Level maybe needed more of a reason for the jetpack. Maybe a few platforms that the player cannot reach via (wall)jumping.


You get stuck when you die (before the checkpoint). The game also did not show keyboard controls. It ran pretty smoothly and the graphics are nice


Looks really nice and with some music and more rigid controls it would probably be a cool little game. Controls sometimes felt a bit floaty, jetpack really only useful for gliding and not getting up, walljumps were a lot easier where it introduced the jetpack. Sometimes I shoot bigger projectiles but I can't really figure out how.