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Oh ok that issue is probably because you need to install the latest version of Microsoft DirectX, Lemon Cake needs DirectX 11 to run correctly ^^

No Steam key included with Lemon Cake, only the itch download :)

No sorry it's just for Windows!

Hi, I was just wondering if you could give me a bit more info about this issue so that I can help you :) Did you unzip the game after download? When you launch LemonCake.exe, what happens? Does the game crash or not launch at all? You can also try to launch the game as an administrator to see if that fixes it. Thank you!

Hey thank you so much for the feedback! I'll look into adding your suggestions to the full game and make the controls smoother. The demo doesn't have a save function but the full game def will too ^^

aw hahah thank you! it's just the demo so this version will always be free ^^ I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Hi, sorry about that issue! You should find the greenhouse (with the cocoa tree in it, once it's purchased) to the right of the kitchen. There are three rooms in the game (store, kitchen and greenhouse) just go through the doors on the sides of the rooms to swap between them ^^

Manage your own bunny park! Give snacks and toys to your bunnies. Improve and decorate your park to increase its popularity and collect all the bunnies!

Itch Link!

Hi, sorry for the confusion! This devlog wasn't a game update, just what I've been working on that month. However I will be updating the game on August 22 since it will be releasing in Early Access, and it will include the updates from June, July and August :)

Check out this quick guide to claim your key :)

Hi thank you so much! 

You'll be able to play the early access and full release versions either here or on Steam if you want! I'm not sure how compatible the different versions will be, I think you would be able to keep playing with the same save but a few things might not be saved properly. 

I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed playing the game!  :)

Hi, I released a demo of my game about 6 months and it has about 5K downloads. Since then I've moved the game into alpha and it now costs $10. I will release the game on Steam in about 2 months and want to distribute Steam keys to people who purchased the game here, but I'm not sure if Steam keys will be available to everyone who downloaded it for free back when it was a demo or to those who donated less than $10.

Could someone confirm if keys will only be available to those who purchased the game or how to manage that?

Thank you!

Hi! Thank you so much for playing my game and taking the time to write this, it's really useful!

1. I will definitely add a bigger barn & coop! It will probably be in the next update. You'll be able to use the lumber collected in the forest to build and upgrades things around the map.

2. Yes, I will make those notifications last longer! I didn't realise how short some of them are.

3. The forest is still a work in progress. The main thing that will allow you to progress further is upgrading your axe to lose less energy when cutting down trees. There will also be an energy potion and a hot air balloon  to fast travel in the forest.

4. Yes, that would definitely make it smoother and I think I can add it in the game easily!

5. I'm still figuring out which items I want to spawn at night, and the dark moths will be one of those. It's a feature I will add in the future for sure!

6. Yeah I'm still thinking about how I could change the trees to work that way.

7. I'm not sure how to fix that, I think it's mostly an issue if your camera is zoomed out a lot. You can always zoom in when in a building so the camera isn't in the walls. I'll see if I can add something to make it smoother though.

8. Thank you for finding that bug! I'll be sure to fix it soon.

9. I'm sorry you had so much trouble with that! The gifts are useful to boost your affection with a villager, which will unlock quests and events with that villager when it's high enough. 

I'm thinking about adding a library in the player's house where you can read about different features if you're missing information about something. It will probably take me a bit of time to complete it but I think it would help new players for sure! Hopefully we will have a wiki to help with that. Thank you again for the feedback! :)

Hi, just to be sure I'm understanding you correctly, the active quest is still to gather mementos and talk to Jasmine? You could try to reopen your game, the save might load it correctly and you'll be bale to do the next quest. Either way I'll look into it and try to fix it!

I'm not planning on adding a male player character for now but it is requested a lot so I'll think about it!

Hi! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the game :)

I'll just go through all of your suggestions, hopefully it will answer everything!

1. You will be able to romance the characters later on and date your favorite one.

2. I will definitely add a map and a quest tracker in the next update, it should help with that.

3. I could make it easier to collect everything from the tree, I'll think about how to do that!

4. The forest is still something I'm working on, in the next update there will be a potion energy and special levels that you can reach.

5. Yes! The character customization will be for hair styles and clothes.

6. I think I will make changes more with the moons rather than the seasons, it would fit the alchemy theme well!

7. Yes, I want to make night/day ingredients too.

8. I do want to add familiars in the game but it would be much later in development. 

Thank you for playing, I hope you'll share your ideas with me in future updates too! :D

If you'd like to suggest a new feature or changes to an existing feature, please let me know about it here!

Alchemy Story is early in development, which means I'm still adding new features.

Thank you!

Alchemy Story community · Created a new topic Bug Report

If you've found a bug in Alchemy Story, please let me know about it here and I'll look into it!

Here are some info that will help me recreate and fix the issue.

  1. Which game version you are playing.
  2. Description of the issue you've encountered.
  3. System specifications

Thank you!

Play Alchemy Story Demo here!

An upcoming indie game about magic, cute creatures and adventure!

Follow the charming story of a village struck by dark magic. The villagers have all turned into animals, and the Professor needs your help to revert them back into their human forms! 

Aw thank you so much! I'm definitely planning on adding different haircuts and outfits later in development :D 

The potions need to be used a certain way to work, and I think that might have been the issue? To use the Fertilizer Potion you need to stand over a garden bed where sprouts are growing, and to use the Triple Brew you need to stand over something you can forage (like Chamomile or Lavender). The Dash Potion should always work, it might just be hard to notice the speed increase. I'll probably add an on-screen effect to make it more clear that the potion is working.

Thank you for playing the demo, I'm glad you had fun! ^^

Thank you for the comment, I was wondering if the Mac build was ok! I will add the option to control the text speed in the next update :)

Sure! It could help figure out what's wrong more precisely

Hey thank you for letting me know about those issues! I tried reproducing the potion bug, but it seems to be working fine. Do you have the right quantity of all the ingredients in the recipe? The visual bug with the clothing/hair floating around is probably a lag issue, I will look into it. Thanks! ^^

Hi, I'm really sorry about that! From what I've found it seems to be a problem with Unreal Engine, so I'm not sure if I can fix it. I will look into it and see if I can reproduce the crash and prevent it. If you haven't tried already, maybe restart your computer and download the file again, it seems to fix the issue for some people.

Thank you for the detailed feedback! I definitely have a few things to fix in the game, I hope you still enjoyed playing  :)

I'll do my best to fix these for the next version!

Yes, I will look into it this week and add a Mac version soon!

You are so sweet, you just made my day a thousand times better <3 Thank you for the offer, I do hope to add voice acting once I have a few more characters in the game! I will also probably add a jump button ^^ Have a great day!