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Hi! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the game :)

I'll just go through all of your suggestions, hopefully it will answer everything!

1. You will be able to romance the characters later on and date your favorite one.

2. I will definitely add a map and a quest tracker in the next update, it should help with that.

3. I could make it easier to collect everything from the tree, I'll think about how to do that!

4. The forest is still something I'm working on, in the next update there will be a potion energy and special levels that you can reach.

5. Yes! The character customization will be for hair styles and clothes.

6. I think I will make changes more with the moons rather than the seasons, it would fit the alchemy theme well!

7. Yes, I want to make night/day ingredients too.

8. I do want to add familiars in the game but it would be much later in development. 

Thank you for playing, I hope you'll share your ideas with me in future updates too! :D

Thank you for responding! I really do appreciate your time not only on the game but to respond to people!