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I just played this after watching your video on its development. As a big fan of rhythm games, I really enjoyed it. It's a little punishing, but it's nothing a little tweaking can't fix. The core design is really solid, and the execution is very well done.

I would love to see more!

Hi, thanks for your answer. I mean for the moderators to play and decide which games will be in the bundle. Not sure what that process is like.

Since all submissions are paid, do we have to give a key or something so you have access? Just want to make sure I'm not missing anything.

This is fantastic. The graphics are such high quality and it feels really professional. The puzzle mechanics are super unique and really well done.

The music was a bit repetitive, but the ambient minecraft-cave-sounds-like background sfx were well done.

Very good concept, I'm glad to see you're pursuing this. 

The visuals and music/sound was very good, and the concept was really interesting.

I got stumped on the first level with the box, I didn't understand what you meant by it doesn't work upside down.

Other than that, I had a good time with this. Keep making stuff!

This music bangs. I will not be taking questions. I would totally buy the OST for this.

The cutscene in the beginning is a level of production value that's pretty rare in jam games.

The mechanics were really creative and fun. My one issue is that the movement feels a bit floaty and difficult to control, but given how good everything here is, I have no doubt that you can tune that right in.

It's so awesome that you made everything yourself!

Really cool final product, I'm very happy I fit this one in at the last minute.

Cool game! I like the music and overall aesthetic.

At one point I accidentally dragged a piece off the window at one point and it disappeared, but that was the only bug I encountered.

Keep it up!

Very impressive. My high score was 1729. The music was really good, and the graphics looked very nice, especially with that CRT filter. The A/D keys didn't work for me, but the arrow keys worked fine and I was able to play no problem. I like how it causes you to split your focus over the whole map.

Also, that cover art it pretty amazing and definitely got my attention.

This is a super interesting concept that I really enjoyed playing. Keep it up!

I had an absolute blast with this. Very cool!

Yeah, adding the pattern key to the main gameplay screen is totally on the list of improvements I want to make.

I had a really good time making this game, so I'm super happy to hear you had a good time! I had a blast with yours as well!

Hey I really enjoyed your game! If you get a chance to play mine, I hope you like it!

The music absolutely bangs. The music plus the artwork is such a great aesthetic. Super great job. My only feedback is about the enemies. Sometimes they bunch up and overlap each other, and then they all attack at once and deal tons of damage. Also their attack cooldown is a bit short, so if there's an enemy to my left and right, I can't attack one without getting hit by the other. These are minor issues though.

Overall I had a great time playing. I can't wait to see what you do next with this!

Hey, cool game! the music was great.

If you get a chance to play mine, I hope you like it!

I think this would be really cool as a local multiplayer game, but I think as a singleplayer experience it's really hard. I had a hard time grasping the controls.

The music was great though, and the graphics had a really cool aesthetic I haven't seen before. The level editor, and especially the online leaderboards are really impressive features.

Really great work on this one, I'm stoked to see where this goes next.

The change in speed caused by the different tiles kind of messed up my timing, especially since you're not confined to the grid. There were a few bugs when starting the game, the game wouldn't start, or the menu started flickering and required a refresh.

Once in game though, the sound effects made it really satisfying to collect coins and reach the goal. I found myself coming back trying to do better.

I think a little more time in the oven will make this game even better. You should keep working on this!

I had a good time with this. The graphics are really nice, and the gameplay is really engaging. It took me a minute to get the hand of aiming the ship, but I got it eventually and ended up really enjoying the game. I'm glad I read the comments here, or I wouldn't have known there was sound (which is really good by the way)

Great work! I'm excited to see where this goes!

Oh I like this. I had a smile on my face through my entire playthrough. The whole presentation feels so polished and professional. My favorite has got to be the animation on the checkpoint - it feels like a balloon and I love it. The ending was adorable, and the art piece shown afterward was made me smile. I'm sure I would have enjoyed it even more with a controller, but I played with keyboard and mouse and still had a great time. The camera tweening makes it feel like this is an intended way of playing, even if its not *the* intended way of playing.

My one suggestion is to maybe add a blob shadow directly below the player and floating platforms to help with depth perception.

Overall, this was a great time, and I can't wait to see where you take it next.

This was super awesome. The art is adorable, and I loved that face on the candy corn changes when you take a bite. The music fits perfectly, and I would totally listen to it on its own. The puzzles were fun and challenging, but not so hard I got stuck. The interpretation of the checkpoints limitation was spot on, but also out of the box, and I never would have thought of it.

I had a fantastic experience, and I would buy this if you continued it. Great work!

I really liked the graphics and audio. I think this would be made even more fun if the player could either arrange their road pieces however they want to get the longest path, or if the game did that automatically. The selection of road pieces you end up with seems a bit random, and since they just get put down in order, I end up wasting most of them. But maybe I just need to get better at it.

Overall, I enjoyed Truck Rush. Keep it up!

Took me a bit to understand, but my second playthrough was much better than the first. It was a bit unclear what was going on, and I stopped my first playthrough before the fires appeared. I'm glad I gave it a second shot though, because once I got to the main gameplay it was fun. The music was really good, and I like the art style. Overall a good experience.

The art is really fantastic. My favorite is the animation when you collect the eyeball key. The music contributes to much to the overall atmosphere and vibe. I really like the concept too. The puzzles got kind of hard, though, and I had trouble understanding what to do around level 8 or so. Even still, I was smiling the whole time I was playing.

Great work, and really cool game!

Very fun and interesting concept! Your interpretation of the theme is totally out of the box thinking and I really like it. The music is super awesome, I currently have the game running in another tab just so I can listen to the menu music.

The option to disable the filter is very appreciated. It looks nice, but makes it hard to tell when I'm rainbow and can attack.

The way you did the two button diversifier was really interesting. You managed to get a good character movement with just one button, which is really unique. You should put this on mobile! It would work great with a touchscreen.

The only thing that's a bit unclear is the amount of time I'm able to attack, and when. It would be nice if there was a progress bar - like telling me how much time is left until I can't attack - just so I can get used to the timing of it.

This was a great experience overall, and I really enjoyed it.

The graphics and presentation are top tier. The flyover cutscene at the beginning of the race, and the high quality tutorial were awesome and unexpected bonuses. The music and sound effects fit perfectly.

The handling of the car was a little difficult for me to get the hang of, though. It took me a little while to realize you could switch left and right to keep your boost. Before that I was just going really slow and didn't know why. The turn radius felt a bit wide for how slow I was going, but I could also just be missing something obvious.

The foundation is totally there, and I'm sure that given more time, the handling could be dialed in just right.

Overall a super impressive, awesome looking, awesome sounding, really fun game. I definitely enjoyed this.

This made my day. Thanks for your kind words!

I'm happy to hear you liked it!

The level editor kind of came accidentally, as it was the easiest way for me to make levels for the game. I just had to make it a bit prettier and add some extra UI, and it went in the final game. Due to some security stuff on, you can't copy/paste level text into the game directly, but the windows and android versions allow you to encode/decode levels in text form and share custom levels. Here's one, for if you happen to have used one of those versions. (make sure not to get any leading or trailing spaces) Otherwise don't worry about it.

5 5 7/-0,0-0,1-0,2-0,3-1,2-1,1-0,0-1,1-1,2-2,3-2,2-2,1-2,0-1,1-3,1-3,2-3,3-4,3-4,2-4,1-3,1-3,1-3,0-4,0-3,1-3,0-4,0-4,1-3,0-0,1-0,2-1,2-1,1-0,1-1,1-1,2-2,2-2,1-1,1

Either way, thank you very much for your comment!

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A little bit unclear at first, but fun once I got it. It would be cool if the balls moved a bit faster to test my reflexes a little, and the score was more emphasized to give me feedback when I do something good/bad.

The visuals are really nice, and I like the interpretation of the theme.

Excited to see where this project goes!


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The color palette takes the pixel art from good to great. A bit more polish and this would be even better. Would like an option to run, the underwater sections are particularly slow. Really like the whole mysterious vibe. Extra technical implementation points for using your own engine.

This was very fun. Keep it up!


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Super fun and engaging puzzles, beautiful pixel art, and music that feels like it's straight out of wind waker.

All around great experience. You should totally continue this.

Love the visuals, and it totally matches the theme. My only feedback is that I would like to see where the next checkpoint will appear so I can plan ahead a bit more. I find myself losing focus on a car once it hits its checkpoint, but could turn real strategic real quick.

This game was a good time. Great work!

Thank you! It's so great to hear you liked it. And thank you for playing it on stream! Super cool to see you play it.

Thank you! Super happy to hear it!

Thank you! I'm super glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks a lot! I'm so glad you liked it.

Oh I didn't even think of that. After the jam I'll add an option to disable the background motion.

I'm glad you liked it anyway!

I had a good time with this. The name of the game made me laugh once I got it. The only feedback I can think of is about the wall running/jumping. I think if you make the trigger for the wall detection slightly bigger than the players collision, it would make it less likely for me to push myself off the wall and fail to wall jump. 

Really like the pixel art, and the 3d environment looks really good. Really solid experience. Keep up the good work!

The graphics are beautiful. The flag at the end of each level makes me smile every time. My only feedback is some of the puzzles are pretty hard. I would love it if I had a bit more time to master each mechanic before the tough puzzles.

Overall really creative game with standout graphics and sound.

Thank you very much! Glad to hear you had a good time!

Thanks a lot! I appreciate it!

I'm really glad you liked it! There's a key on the title screen which shows how to get each color, but I think you're right that it should be more clear. Thanks for the feedback!