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Yoo this is super weird and creative and I love it. The aesthetic is super consistent and the combination of the two mechanics (don't get caught and don't crash) make this really engaging. One thing I would say is that it's a little hard to tell when the cockroach is turning because of the shape and size of the wheel, but other than that I really like how this plays. I really appreciated the sounds (even if they were just your mouth noises haha). Overall this is super clearly one of your works, and I'm super here for it.

Hey Santi, I love the dimensionality and depth of the pigeons even though I'm pretty sure they're 2D assets. I also think the general aesthetic is super cohesive and the sound is really good. One thing I would add is maybe a little more variance to the tilting, like having it look up a tiny bit or down when the food falls. Another thing that might be nice is if the other pigeons stopped walking for a bit when the food is thrown and maybe pecked at it even just in place. Still though, I love that you can tell that you are also a pigeon even though the only clue in the gameplay is the sporadic bird-like head tilting. Good work man!

Jordan! Finally something that makes all the time I spent playing clicker games on the track and field bus in middle school worth it! Seriously though, this is super creative and super well polished. The aesthetic is really nice, and I love the double view of the clock so that you can see the second hand spin around from straight on, while also having the close up which is super cool in and of itself. I agree with Miles when they say that the difficulty could maybe increase over time. One thing I thought of was that maybe the person is more likely to check the more seconds you've stolen in a short amount of time, so if you steal at a slower more consistent pace they're less likely to check, which might bring an aspect of strategy into the game. I feel like without that or quick re-checks that could catch the player off guard, the game feels like it's almost there, but could use some adjusting. Overall though, it's super fun and I did spend way too long playing this. (I got 01:01:09!) Overall though, great work, and you should seriously consider making a release version of this.

Gabi! This is super nice. Very calming and super pretty. Because the game is so audio oriented, one thing I would maybe add is a little clink sound when a coin is offered, because without it, it's a little jarring. Aside from that, I agree with Euris that it would be cool if you could click on something and have a small animation play or have the frog react to you or something. I also agree with Euris when he says you're good at art because really dude, just look at this! It's so well painted, super good work!

Hey Euris! First off nice work on the animations and artwork. The general hardness of the aesthetic with the blood and the music make the super cute cat and mouse work even more in my opinion. I ran into this problem a few times where an obstacle stacked on top of another at an angle I couldn't get over, or where I needed to jump again but couldn't because I was stuck on top of another obstacle pile. I really like the randomness of their spawns but that was just something I ran into a few times. Another thing that I noticed is that the distance is measured in kilometers which isn't a huge deal, it was just kind of jarring that this presumably normal sized mouse was clearing a km (3200 something feet) in just a step or two. Otherwise though, this is super fun and repeatable, and the soundtrack slaps on top of it.

Hey Ronojoy, nice work with this one. When you explained to me the other day, I was a little confused on how it would end up working with the house playing against you, but it works great. I like that the controls are simple, but I would have maybe appreciated a bit more visual feedback on when the house is "spinning". It felt a bit impossible to catch up once I got behind, and I was unsure if I had a limited number of spins, or just a limited amount of money. Overall though, I think this is really cool, and its fun to see if you can time your stops to get higher numbers even though the whole thing feels rigged (in a good way). Nice work man!

Luuuuke! I love the general vibe and aesthetic of this! The movement is satisfying in and of itself, so the lack of an objective aside from just exploring isn't really a problem. I agree with what TR said about the mouse sensitivity, but that could also just be my mouse as well. One thing I would have appreciated if you had more time would be maybe a tight rock tunnel that you pass through to get to another area or something. Overall though, you should know you've done something right when my only big complaint is that I want more of it! Dope work man!

Jordan! This is super cool. Your games all have this super clean and polished feel and I think you nailed it again with this one. The way the apartment forms out of the plan is really clever, and I like the background music and general aesthetic. One thing I did find was that I was able to escape before the apartment fully grew, so I didn't get to appreciate the placement of all of the furniture until I played it again. Also, and this may just be on my end, but the game ran at a really low framerate on my computer. I don't know if it's just my machine (this thing is pretty janky), but I thought I'd let you know in case it was repeatable. Overall though, great work!

Gen! I feel like you really nailed the invasive, oppressive feeling of being so exhausted everything feels like gibberish. Brain rot is a pretty unique feeling, and so the fact that you were able to replicate it so well is really dope. One thing I did notice when playing the game was that you are able to kinda just spam sheilds really fast because when the bar runs out, it refills quickly enough for you to put another shield down almost immediately. One way I could see you working around this is to have the shields unplacable until a certain amount of the bar has regenerated, but aside from that, I had a really fun time playing this brain rot, even if it was a little too relatable.

Jordan! Super interesting feeling you've captured here. I love the little eye twitches once you've poked them, and the blinks but otherwise unflinching nature of the open ones adds to the effect when you do poke one. I also think that your use of the layered white and red text works really well both in the pixel, and scratchy styles, and it's really clear the different voice that the phrases have. I spent a probably unhealthy amount of time wondering if there was a specific order for the eyes to be poked in because initially I poked one of the two  unpokable ones which made it seem like you had to get them in a set order. I feel like allowing those two to be poked or even making it kind of simon says-y in that you poke eyes in an order but it resets if you hit the wrong one might be interesting, but I feel like the focus of this is the text. One thing I did notice was that the area you click on the door can still be clicked once it is open, and it resets the music, which is a bit jarring, but then again, considering this game's theming, wasn't really a problem. Overall this is super interesting, and I'd love to see more works like this from you!

Hey Phillip, great work on the game! I love Max's expressiveness and the way he reacts over the course of the game. The writing is really good and I found it really interesting that even though you "break the immersion" of the player by having Max break the 4th wall, I feel like that only served to increase my investment in the game and the personality you built. The game works really well as a meta-commentary about the genre, and on top of that, it looks and feels super clean to interact with. One thing that I might add would be some way to play with Max that isn't just the feeding, like maybe a feather toy or something that would have Max react with different dialogue to flesh out the character even more. I think the feeding as a means to progress works really well not only because the writing is so good you want to see what's next, but also because Max is done in such a way that you do want to take care of this cute thing even if he himself is aware he is not real. The choice to make ending the game a definitive action taken by the player after you build a connection with Max is super powerful and a really strong way of cementing the commentary made in the game. Overall man, huge fan of this one.

Hey Ronojoy, first off nice work with this game! I love how subtle the transition to full goth is. The comparison shot is super helpful for just reminding the payer how much has changed on Earl. I think it would be cool if your requests increased how quickly or how goth Earl became by the end. I did have a little trouble reading some of the text, like the "No" was "Do" when I first looked at it. I do like the vibe of the font, but maybe there's a way to edit it to be a bit more legible. Overall though, I love the take on the traditional pet game.

Miles! I love this. The writing is good and unique, the aesthetic is super cute, and its very repeatable. I love the sound effects that play when you select an answer and the one that plays when you're assigned an element is really nice and adds a real sense of this being a polished game. I agree with what Jordan said about the text selection. On my initial playthrough, I had to select between the two answer options for a second just to see which one was highlighted. I think maybe a slight size increase on highlight or maybe a pulse or bob effect might make it clearer, but this is only really a problem super early on. Overall though, super good work!

Hey Robert! Really good work on capturing the vibe of a predatory gacha game. The slimes are super cute and creative, and the animation on the lootbox animation has a really satisfying timing to it. One thing I would add is that if you wanted to really emphasize how much money you've spent on gems, you could make the size of the number grow or maybe add some external things that you need money for that pop in, but you don't have the money because you spent it on slime lootboxes. I also couldn't find a use for the coins, so maybe that could be a bit more clear, unless there is none and that's an artistic choice, in which case good job! Overall, dope game!

Euris, this has a very potent vibe that you capture really well. The super sweaty, bloodshot eye having, presumably smelly, slouched gamer, is an interesting take on a pet, as something that doesn't take care of itself. The artwork is really well done and captures the gross and unsettling vibe really well. One thing I think would be cool is to have the gamer maybe melt even more into the chair when their needs are going down, or some other visual feedback aside from the colored icons because those only show for a little bit before you click again. Overall, good work

Ethan! First off, just great work with this assignment. From the music, to the visual style and even the tuning of the gameplay, this game has a very clear and polished identity, and it's clear that you put a lot of care into this. One thing I really appreciated was the distortion of the music when you die. Everything is communicated very clearly in the game, like the timer in the center, the white effect around the obstacles that move, and even the player's shape and trail. One thing I did notice was that the changing obstacles like the floating spike balls can phase through the player when despawning which can be very jarring, especially during a tense section. Overall though, really good work! If you told me this was currently available for purchase I'd believe you.

Jordan! Great work on the game and really interesting mechanic. The game has a really clean aesthetic and I could easily see it on mobile now. The falling feels really natural and the bounces give the player enough time to react and change to the appropriate color, but it would be interesting if the bounces later on gave the ball more speed or wackier angles. Balancing more colors is a great way to scale difficulty, and I think that you spend enough time in purple and blue to get used to the mechanic before you gain another color, so great work on the tuning there. I had a bit of difficulty with the framerate, but that could just be on my machine. Overall, great work!

Miles! Your use of the game's mechanic as a storytelling conceit is amazing. I think it's super dope how you are able to communicate this feeling of facing an increasingly difficult task in front of more and more expectant faces all through mashing the space key until your wrist hurts. It's tuned in a way where level 5 still feels "possible" so your inevitable failure does feel like your fault, even though it is impossible. As someone who struggles with artistic burnout as well and has been feeling similar anxieties, I think your game communicates the feeling it tries to really well, and in a way that doesn't just sledgehammer you in the face saying "BURNOUT BAD" in all caps. It really makes the player feel the struggle themself. In terms of critique, I guess I liked the way the crowd felt less grid-like in the earlier levels, so maybe overlapping some of the people in level 5 a bit might make it feel a bit more organic? Also I think that you could try slowing or distorting the music as you stop at the end to help communicate the feeling that something is wrong. Overall though, great job!

Ronojoy! Good job man! I love the music and atmosphere of the game. The character designs and the sprites are really well done as well! If we had more time I think it would have been cool if the talkative guy had a -- or even a couple -- dramatic "oh no I've been shot" kind of lines to really drive home the point that this guy is there purely for the talk. It might even be funny if you could shoot again and he still doesn't shut up. One problem I did find was that you could "shoot" multiple times if you press space a lot, which makes it sound like Rhonny Ringo is wielding a tommy gun. Overall though, great work! Love the Rusty Spoon Saloon.

Luke! Nice work making the drum feel really solid. I like how the particle effects and the drum model are of a really clear aesthetic. One thing I might add is a tiny bit of screenshake when the stick hits, or maybe add a couple more sounds to the drum that it could cycle through. Overall, really good work! 

( Also play MHW with me bro :0 )

Abby! Whatever inspired you to make this game, I'm so glad it did. The visual identity of this game is so clear and I love the oddness that it has. The ending was super unexpected but I'm actually glad it has one. It adds a nice wrap up to the experience and gives it a sense of completion. In terms of gameplay, the feeling of impact when you smash the nuts is very satisfying and makes it easy to keep playing. The fact that the crushed nuts line up behind the hammer in a grid of your successes against the nuts that be is also very nice and adds a nice feeling of progress. One issue I did run into though, was that the hammer sometimes zooms across the belt, making it kinda hard to hit the nuts at certain points, but I guess one could argue that just adds difficulty to the game. Overall, great work!

Santi, good work capturing the movement of the original game! Your rotation/growing speeds feel nice and I'm able to maintain the DNA and keep them spinning which feels satisfying. I also like your personal humorous touches in the UI, which, when paired with the original audio creates a unique experience. In the first game, the blue obstacle moves really well, but in some of my tests it broke out of the playspace and disappeared. Also, even though in the original the movement is one-direction-at-a-time, in your clone it makes it hard to keep more than a few of the cells moving at a time. Still though, really good work! Proud of you son.

Hey Euris! First off, good thinking cutting out the parts of the audio that play on the splash screens at the beginning of the original so that only the "gameplay section" is left in to match your clone. I think your animations really invoke the original, but I like that you added your own touch with the fetus in the last screen. Also,  while shortening the time spent on each game does make it easier to test, the slow player speed means that you only get a few seconds of interaction with each game before it switches. It also messes with the timing of the tape, which isn't a huge deal but the tape will have the woman say "The DNA Welder, I am machineeeee" when I am no longer playing that screen. Overall though, good work.

Hey Ronojoy! Nice work on capturing the vibe and feeling of the original game, while making it look much smoother than the original. Your animations are really well made and the effort you put into them shows. I also really appreciate the addition of the play/pause button on the tape at the bottom, which is a smart way to integrate the original audio into your clone. One thing I had a problem with was maintaining more than a couple of the things spinning. Even though you nailed the grid-based movement, the player's speed made it hard to make small adjustments to get onto the specific object I wanted to speed up. Small complaint though, and overall, really good work!

Hey Ethan! Overall, great work on the clone! The change from hitting 2 bikers and then switching the time of day to just infinitely spawning bikers really works for me. The way the new ones zoom in from the sides is really well done and makes it feel like everything in the game is moving at high speeds. One thing I noticed was that I felt a little tall while playing it, at least compared to the trees I was passing but that is a minor gripe. Maybe lowering the player a bit or raising the heights of the trees might sell the "racing through the forest" feeling a bit more, but overall, great job.

Hey Jordan! First off, great work with this clone! It felt really nice to play and I could easily see myself playing this again and again to get through more of the days. Another thing I think you nailed is the spacing and amount of trees. There are enough for it to feel challenging but not overwhelming and impossible to weave through. Additionally, despite the bullets not always originating from the same point on the bike, I felt like if someone was skilled enough, it might not matter. If I had to point out an issue I had, it would be that occasionally I would hit a tree I felt was out of my way, or dodge one that I felt I hit, though this mainly happened at the higher speeds.