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Don Whitaker

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Gravity Garden community · Created a new topic Roadmap

Here's what I have planned for the next few versions of Gravity Garden

Planned for June dev build:

  • Harvesting of fruits
  • Eat fruits 
  • Convert fruits to Energy or Soil Nutrients
  • basic Inventory and limited supplies

Planned for July:

  • Purchase and place machines and decorations
  • machines to help with watering, fertilizing, harvesting energy
  • Improved inventory
  • Pests

Planned for August/September:

  • Save and load system
  • More plants

Planned for October/November

  • Objects and islands floating though sky

Check the MindMap for more details about what I have planned.  Pplanning on Steam Early Access release in July.

Excellent - thanks for giving it a try. I like the 'playdough meets Tron' description.

Glad that you recovered from your rocket mishap. :) They'll be a better tutorial someday - kind of just dropping people into the game and letting them poke around for now.

Achievements will be a big part of the final game. This will allow me to create a game where players are free to just goof around or challenge themselves by working toward specific goals.

A few that I have in mind

  • Grow X number of a certain plant
  • Grow a perfectly healthy plant
  • Find X number of Alien Artifacts
  • Collect X amount of Energy

What sort of achievements would you like to see?

Gravity Garden community · Created a new topic Known Issues
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I know about these bugs:

  • Player sometimes gets stuck after teleporting rapidly, especially when using both hands to teleport. Can usually be fixed by teleporting again and then pausing for a second before the next action.
  • GeoMelons sometimes mutate and start growing vines that aren't connected to an plant. These def need a rewrite - they are janky. :)
  • Had to turn of Single Pass Rendering feature in Unity - it's causing the game to crash when built. Hoping to get this worked out asap. It'll provide a big performance boost.
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Dev Build 1 - May 14th, 2017

  • Basic player movement - classic first person controls or teleport
  • Bare-bones menu to choose plants and tools
  • Tools for watering and fertilizing soil
  • 7 different plants that grow, die, produice fruits, and respawn
  • Gravity jets that allows players to fly and navigate in 3D space
  • Scanning tool for testing soil conditions and identifying plants

I'll use this thread to collect all player suggestions. Tell me what you'd like to see in the final version of the game! You can reply here or start a new thread.