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A topic by Don Whitaker created May 24, 2017 Views: 158
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Here's a loose outline of my development plans Gravity Garden. Development will be slow as I do have other responsibilities and can't devote 100% of my time to game development.  Early Access release planned for late  2018.  

My current priorities are too expand upon the basic game loop, allow the player track their progress - and give them some goals to progress towards.  Save/Load system is high on the list, too. 

 More details about what I'm planning for the next several months of work. 
updated September 2018

  • Build on the Game Loop and add more gameplay elements
    • limited resources
    • care for plants to survive and thrive
    • discover new plants
    • rewards for exploration
    • Player can PROGRESS
    • Goals so player has something to work towards
  • Save System
    • Save each active plant
    • need location, age, totalHealth
    • 'fast forward' each plant to proper time, growing a new plant in the old spot will not be exactly the same plant but it will be equivalent
    • need a fast forward mode for plants anyways
  • Intro/Tutorial
    • in-game video accompanied by images showing buttons to usImprove UI
  • Refine current hand tools
    • raycast lines
    • grab indicators
    • get rid of green 'grab this' lines
    • replace with icon and matching icon in palm of hand
    • more subtle grabcast indicators - sparkly spheres are distracting
    • very dim point and line as default
    • 2 stages - normal, Interactable
    • less visual clutter when nothing to grab
    • more info about what each tool is
  • Locomotion Options
    • snap-turn, angle, strafe already in
    • walk speed
    • turn speed for smooth rotate
    • Move with Left/Right hand
    • Save/Load
      • Simple Slot system
      • multiple saves with no typing necessary
      • Simple pre-set icons instead of filenames