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Possible to distribute External Keys on a free game only to customers who pay?

A topic by Don Whitaker created Mar 24, 2018 Views: 107 Replies: 3
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I have a game that has been selling with a minimum price. It includes a free Steam Key with purchase. I'm thinking of changing the price to free with a suggested donation. I'd like to continue to give keys to people who pay, but not to free downloaders.

Is it possible to continue distributing the External Keys, but only when someone pays for the game? 


If you change the price to free, then people who download without paying will not get a Steam key. They will have to pay some amount in order to get a Steam key. (Our minimum allowed payment is 50 cents) Does that work for you ? Or do you want to set a minimum price on the Steam key

The more I think about it , the more I would like to see a custom threshold price for the External Key distribution.  50 cents is fine for my old games, enough to probably deter key resellers. But for my game-in-progress, a higher minimum would let me attract more players/testers during development while still attaching a 'Retail Value' to the game. 

Maybe something similar can already be accomplished with the Refinery tools? I did experiment with a crowd-funding style reward system when I first posted Gravity Garden on Itch, but I've failed to generate much buzz. Maybe too early in development, poor marketing, not enough interest.  

I did switch my VR games,Crashed Lander and Chunky Orbits,  to Pay What You Want with a bonus Steam key. See if I can generate some buzz. If it goes well I might consider something similar for Gravity Garden


Excellent. I was hoping that's how it would work. The standard minimum of 50 cents will be fine. Thanks for the info.