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Hey sorry but I don't have hardware to test on mac, I tried few tricks to make it works but it fails.

Hey, Sorry but I removed the game from the store. 

Hello, Actually I fixed all these bugs in mobile version but didn't updated on itch as no one is downloading or the game. After sometime I got busy making another game which I will release in few days most preferably tomorrow. Anyways I will update this version after few days :) 

Hello, To create a new game go to menu --> new project and select appropriate settings

Hello, I requested payouts for my game(True Game Tycoon) approximately 3
months ago via paypal. But I had some issues with paypal so my account
became limited. This issue gets resolved on June 21st but my payout is still in review. Can you please tell me time required to get payments.Thanks.

PS:My payout id is 3,723 and status is still showing it is in review.

Hello sorry for late reply, Well sorry but I cant release game right now on mac as I dont have hardware>If you want to play the game then you can also play it on playstore.Thanks

Hello I made it paid game but free version is available on play store.

Thanks for the reply.

Hi folks,I am offering my game free on hours ago I got email from that my paypal id is invalid

Is this is scam email or genuine email?

Hey , When I am designing the game-UI I targeted mobile as a main platform also I want minimum icons to be appear on screen so I made one main menu icon. But I am still improving the game thanks for the feedback:)

True Game Tycoon community · Created a new topic Update 2.7

Hello guys below is the list of improvement in 2.7. This version is mainly focused on solving bugs and ui improvement.Also performance is optimized.Research points are new addition in the game , Now you need to generate research point before searching for any new technology.

->Huge performance boost.

->Optimize performance.

->Added research point to research new technologies.

->Added Back button.

->Improved Ui.

->Office cost optimize.

->Fixed ui text issues.

->Employee bug fixed.

->Added Game Data.

True Game Tycoon community · Created a new topic Update 2.4

Hello sorry for the delay new update is available for windows user.

With this update focus points are added in sliders mechanics. For each game you get 60 points to invest in sliders. With addition of focus points you need to carefully distribute slider points.

Goals system will be added in next update also animated tutorial will be added Thanks.

Hey, Actually my pc is not booting up (issues with faulty gpu ) so I am not able to work on the game for few past days.

Hey, Thanks for your suggestions. I will update linux build in 1-2 days to address this issues.

Strange game doesn't require GPU extensively. Has any of the graphics quality options on the launch menu had any effect on lowering the GPU heat? Please send me your output_log on

Hello ,In case you want to give game another try then, change the resolution with window then you will see building icon.

Unzip and play

Hello True Game Tycoon is now available for linux , but this is experimental version .If you face any issues please post here.Thanks

Hey ,Experimental version will be out in few hours.Thanks:)

Hey , Mac version was planned to released yesterday but unfortunately gets skipped for few days .It can be out by tomorrow or will take few more days but In case it gets delayed,I will extend the sale.

Hello ,Right now game have few issues like ui overlapping,missing some texts in newspaper column,better documentation etc.I will fixed them in next updates, Also following things will be added in next update which out tomorrow.

-> Better documentation for sliders.
-> More detailed review.
-> Showing more info about Ai games which affect your game sells.
-> Detail Info about Ai working.


Please leave a feedback.It will help me to improve the game

Can you please elaborate bit on the term "bad gameplay" . It will helps me to improve the game

Game is in active development .Ui and interface is not quite good but I am still lookin to improve it . Thanks for testing the game.

Hey , Thanks for the kind words:) .Just let me know If you enjoy the game

Hello,I am an solo developer who has been working on True Game Tycoon for a more than year. I'm super excited to finally make my game available for others to play, and look forward to any feedback.If you loved gamebiz series or gamedev tycoon then You will definitely enjoy the game.

If you have any question about the game or any feature request please post here(:

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Hello,I am an solo developer who has been working on True Game Tycoon for a more than year. I'm super excited to finally make my game available for others to play, and look forward to any feedback.If you loved gamebiz series or gamedevtycoon then You will definitely enjoy the game


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