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True Game Tycoon :- Start Your Own Game development Company(100% offOn Sell)

A topic by Doga13 created Feb 25, 2017 Views: 327
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Hello,I am an solo developer who has been working on True Game Tycoon for a more than year. I'm super excited to finally make my game available for others to play, and look forward to any feedback.If you loved gamebiz series or gamedevtycoon then You will definitely enjoy the game


• Free to play game with mixture of strategic planning and simulation.

• Take on the challenge and discover the best game development strategy and earn as much profit as possible!

• Start your game development studio.

• Expand your gaming empire and Open multiple game studios worldwide !

• Tests your time and resource management skills to manage up to 7 cool video game studios.
• Tonnes of replay value - Random world generated in each play through!

• keep your business strategies updated to compete for your studio against 5 AI studios.

• AI-competition: Ai will compete with the user for supremacy.

• Unique Share market simulator: In share market, company share depends on its performance. Play with strategy and make a profit from a smart investment to push your economy.

•New consoles will generate with time.

• New Research feature will be available with time.

• Stay competitive by investing in research and development of new and better technologies to implement in your games, to achieve high customer ratings and sell more units.

•Read monthly newspaper to decide your strategy according to simulation events.

• More than 80 topics with 25 Sub-genre and 7 Main Genre to make video games.

• Create Expansion packs, DLC or Remaster your old video game.

•Realistic contract bidding system competes against rival companies.

• Investor Simulation: Investors may offer you high-interest loan or percentage of the company it depends on recent company products and reputation.

• Unique fan simulation. Fans are the most valuable asset to any company.

• Analyze various charts and graphs to determine what you should make and decide when to release your games.

• Show your creation at the convention to attract fans and generate hype.

• Train your employee's to help improve their performance and forge the best development team.

• A video game simulator with strategy element.

• Appropriate for all ages