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Strange game doesn't require GPU extensively. Has any of the graphics quality options on the launch menu had any effect on lowering the GPU heat? Please send me your output_log on

Not sure about heat, but when I start the game (even on the 'fantastic' setting) I get coil whine on my GPU. If you can, I'd recommend adding a frame limiter on the launcher with a default setting of 288 FPS (because 144Hz*2). A frame-counter would be nice, too.

Personally I never use Vsync because I'm worried about frame drops, I use 'Force Full Composition Pipeline' which basically system-wide Vsync (eliminating screen-tearing) that allows software to run at the highest FPS it can.

The graphics options doesn't change that, the thing is, the game runs with unlimited FPS and that will bring my GPU to full throttle. As insomniac_lemon, I get coil whine too, which can happen on some cards when the FPS are very high.

Unity should supports both, frame limiter and Vsync, so it shouldn't be too hard to implement it.

I've sent you the log, but it doesn't give any important information/errors.