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Sorry, I can't imagine why substituting a b sound for a p would be intentional... it just sounds odd. I've never heard anyone say it like that.

It kinda-sorta-maybe makes sense as a way to show fatigue post-workout, but that'd be better served by a more tired/breathy pronunciation (like a drawn-out 'biiiih-chen', maybe even with an inhale inbetween). Even more complicated is the energized attitude and that if you work-out first he won't say it until after eating (allowing him to Popeye). So it really seems like a higher-energy (contrasting his normal laid-back attitude) and faster pronunciation (maybe even b'ch'n') would be more in-tune with how he acts.

Also Re:English Bernard, does your English Laverne voice actor have English as a second language? She has more of a foreign accent (one I can't really recognize) and less of a crazy voice. Sort of makes me think maybe Laverne is an exchange student (maybe she was kicked out of medical school in her home country for doing something... unethical... or because she had a breakdown/episode? Either one barring her from medical practice, but not in the US?) so it doesn't feel too out-of-place.

Don't think about it too hard... let's just say other people have had the same problem.

Uhh yeah, I understand all of that (hence the last paragraph). I just figured these are small enough to actually fix (hence why I didn't say anything like "you need to redo all of this"). Or, in the case of Bernard, maybe I was wrong about him being born/raised in the US. Some of the issues may even be editing errors (noise removal gone awry or mistakes with splicing?) and may be fixable more easily if the raw recordings are still saved.

FWIW most of the voices are decent impressions of the original voices and good in their own right. Many of them you have to compare one-after-the-other to tell the difference (for instance the original Hoagie voice is more John Goodman-y--as in more gravelly yet booming--although I think the RotT voice is perfectly fitting and acceptable. Like maybe his voice was just a bit stressed back in the DotT days).

I gave hints to Zilon above.

For magnesium, have you been listening to the descriptions of the things you pick up? You won't be finding pure magnesium...

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For ethanol, you need alcohol... this might make it too obvious, but you need to use the coin to get the needed item.

For Hoagie aside from the bowling balls, you need 2 other things... you need to finish Laverne's path in order to get one of those things, and the other is a bit tucked away (I didn't find it until I realized the game has an option to show clickable areas if you press the spacebar). He won't assemble the device until... You also need a suitable place to use it.

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After Hoagie does the bench press, it sounds like he says Pitchin'. Unlike the other instances of when he says that (I mean he still says it a little oddly other times, but it's in-line with the rest of the voice/attitude).

I'm not sure if it was intentional (isn't it set in the US?), but Bernard has a few Intrusive-Rs ( ) as if he (or is voice actor) has a non-rhotic dialect (dialects from the UK/Australia/New Zealand especially, maybe more). An easy example of this is when he says "I don't want to scissor this", he says it like "I don't wanter scissor this". I'd say it was him just saying it too fast but I'm pretty sure he also said 'draw ring' instead of 'drawing' (I don't remember where that was, so It might've been a different character) which is a common intrusive R.

Also in Bernard's description of Hoagie, he says "he's the one who has to tidy it up" like "his the one who has to tidy it up". So maybe it is just hastiness.

I could point out more (I'd have to replay and listen to every dialogue) but I'll just leave it at this for now as I'm not sure what the capacity/desire for fixing stuff like this is. Obviously some descriptions could be differentiated more as well to better suit each character's personality...

While I don't doubt takedowns are swift, unquestioned/undisputed, and can have a chilling effect (intentional or not)...

it's not entirely cut-and-dry. See and

Particularly, simply using a name is not necessarily infringement (people aren't going to assume association of Nutella just because it's the centerpiece of a recipe, and if anything it will boost sales of the trademark holder) and intellectual property doesn't need to be protected like the last thin-shelled egg of an endangered species that's largely undocumented.

I'm sure if fan games are ever attempted to be used as a defense to claim abandoned intellectual property that defense would be stricken down. Certainly if said fan game is gratis (and non-commercial to a certain degree, especially if the difference of revenue vs profit is taken into account), non-competing, not intended to cause confusion, and not causing significant damage to the brand. And heck, if EA match all of that, then more power to them (considering their track record, I doubt they can accomplish any of that).

Unfortunately, companies can easily ask for takedowns of anything with no repercussions and many people don't have the money to fight anything in court (plus the companies have teams of lawyers) and are scared even by the thought. If this project gets too big (especially close to anything planned by the parent company for a new DotT release) I don't doubt that it'll be seen and taken down.

Luckily, most fan projects are removed because of they're stupidly-low low-hanging-fruit... by which I mean they use trademarked names/logos.

This project doesn't do that so likely isn't going to get removed by a simple bot (one that just searches for keywords or searches for a copy-paste of an entire logo) but when it comes to more advanced AI for image recognition (especially with neural networks) it becomes more likely that they could detect it early. Although the AI wouldn't even really need to be that smart, as the logo (particularly the 'of the tentacle') is extremely close even if it's not a 1:1 copy. If anyone is using or will use AI for stamping out anything remotely resembling infringement, it'd be Disney (who owns LucasArts and thus DotT).


Even if you think to yourself "MY corporation wouldn't do that to fans, they're cool!" remember that they want money, don't always have fans' best interests in mind, and can end years of work with less effort than a finger snap (in relation to the collective of the organization). Just because you (possibly) can, doesn't mean you should (risk it).

So you should distance yourself from any existing designs (design things as if you were given description alone). Use the core ideas (in spirit, that is) and incorporate your own ideas as well. If you absolutely have to make things similar, make names/designs original-but-close in an "everybody knows what you mean" sort of way (Mikey Mouse, Polkamen, McDarren's, Burger Lord, Harold Sampson, Harvey Potter and the Alchemist's Stone, Lucas Cloudrunner) and design your game to allow players to rename characters or even specific story elements (places, events, concepts etc) via options or via data packs for people who want the names from the inspiring work (also resource packs for the assets themselves).

I would be even more paranoid than that: I wouldn't even mention the inspiring work in any official capacity. Much like renaming/resource packs mentioned above, fans as free to do what they want. If others make comparisons, that does not concern the project itself. It wouldn't even give keywords for bots to latch onto, just like I'd try not to give even a shred of legal justification in the work itself.

It might not be preferable, but you could always try installing Linux (maybe in a VM or on a removable drive/portable hard drive?) so you can play the Linux version of the game. At least if this is fully an OS issue.

"That is all you have to say about this game?" Yes, because I haven't been able to download it. It is current year, but I live in a somewhat rural part of the US so I only have 1 choice of ISP for wired broadband, so price and reliability leaves much to be desired especially compared to other countries... no fiber for me.

I'm sure it is great, but it's also 10x larger than the original. I've played the original, and I don't think the graphics or audio was completely unbearable. However, modern technology and techniques mean much more can be done with much less. So that's all I was saying.

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How much of the size is from the voice lines? If it is a significant size, perhaps doing a seperate download for each language would make sense.

I get that doubling the amount of downloads would be a bit messy... if your setup allows separate data and executables (like Godot and I believe Unity do... also ren'py if you count that) perhaps you could do multiplatform downloads (the executables in the zip would have their platform in the name), so you'd have 2 downloads (English and German, I'm assuming) instead of the current 4 (that cover both languages but are per-platform).

Also I don't know if it applies to your speech files (forgive me if it doesn't), but the Opus codec seems interesting for decent sound (particularly voice, not sure about music) at low cost.

I'm not sure how much of your art is touched up or redone/new, but some areas have that wobbly look like you used an upscale as a base (similar to how the official "remaster" did). Using in-game filtering or or going full vector would likely also be more scalable, particularly if you're not fully saturating the detail of 4K anyways (but you could still get smoothness+sharpness out of it). Yeah, probably too late now even it something like that was an option, but I've always preferred scalable/dynamic formats particularly for their value.

Why is this 1 GB? I'm having trouble downloading... which is partially the fault of my connection, but it's also an issue with the server as well (particularly because the download goes into 'forbidden' status blocking download resumption, and because I cannot use a download manager--like jdownloader--to download this game from itch because of the download being behind javascript).

I'm not sure if it's uncompressed audio or if all of the art is HD bitmaps (rather than vector or upscaled+filtered pixel art) but a smaller file size would be nice. If the issue is that you're using bitmaps and you can't change that, GPU compression might be a possible solution.

I am talking about the rotation or your art, not the art itself. Particularly I mean AA in the project settings of Godot, so your rotated pixel art looks better. Making 1:1 pixel art is more of a style issue.

I wouldn't mind testing, although I don't use Discord (I prefer IRC).

Assuming everything you're using is a sprite (no polygons), have you considered using anti-aliasing (AA)? The pipes especially look bad without AA.

Godot can't do AA on polygons yet, but for sprites it should be fine.

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The Linux download currently only shows up on the Linux-mentioning news page... not even on the downloads page from there.

Although you should be able to include the Linux executable with in the same .zip as the Windows one (maybe the MacOS one too, if they're all using the same .pck file like it seems like they should).

On the Linux version, the CRTs do not function (black screen, music does change and a sound can be heard when typing)... essentially meaning that the game does not function.

Not sure about heat, but when I start the game (even on the 'fantastic' setting) I get coil whine on my GPU. If you can, I'd recommend adding a frame limiter on the launcher with a default setting of 288 FPS (because 144Hz*2). A frame-counter would be nice, too.

Personally I never use Vsync because I'm worried about frame drops, I use 'Force Full Composition Pipeline' which basically system-wide Vsync (eliminating screen-tearing) that allows software to run at the highest FPS it can.