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True Game Tycoon Sticky

A topic by Doga13 created Feb 25, 2017 Views: 1,917 Replies: 27
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Hello,I am an solo developer who has been working on True Game Tycoon for a more than year. I'm super excited to finally make my game available for others to play, and look forward to any feedback.If you loved gamebiz series or gamedev tycoon then You will definitely enjoy the game.

If you have any question about the game or any feature request please post here(:

Thanks for sharing your hard work!


Hey , Thanks for the kind words:) .Just let me know If you enjoy the game

Good game, good options, bad gameplay. Only this, the interface are poor and bad, but mechanics are amazing!


Can you please elaborate bit on the term "bad gameplay" . It will helps me to improve the game

Downloaded to try, will comeback with feedback and matching support contribution


Please leave a feedback.It will help me to improve the game

Good evening. Do You plan to run your game on Steam.

I'm waiting for linux version!


Hey ,Experimental version will be out in few hours.Thanks:)

Can you please make a mac one because the game looks so cool but it's a shame that I can't play it. I love games like this but not much games support mac

if you would that would be AWESOME!

thanks :)


Hey , Mac version was planned to released yesterday but unfortunately gets skipped for few days .It can be out by tomorrow or will take few more days but In case it gets delayed,I will extend the sale.

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really? that's great! thank you very much!

but still, it's been like 4 days since I published this comment and there is still no mac version...


Hey, Actually my pc is not booting up (issues with faulty gpu ) so I am not able to work on the game for few past days.

That's okay, I can wait

day 11, still not finding anything helpful, and looks like I am not going to be able to play it for a while...

One thing i dont like is how a menu is in a menu.


Hey , When I am designing the game-UI I targeted mobile as a main platform also I want minimum icons to be appear on screen so I made one main menu icon. But I am still improving the game thanks for the feedback:)

Pls do the mac version!



Hello sorry for late reply, Well sorry but I cant release game right now on mac as I dont have hardware>If you want to play the game then you can also play it on playstore.Thanks

ok it's have been nearly a month since I requested mac version though.

Hello, your game shows a lot of promise! But as said above, the UI does need some work, and you said you were also targeting this game for use on mobile devices. Maybe you could have two different UI options? Like one for mobile use, and one for PC use?

Thanks for your time!

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2 big things ruining gameplay for me personally after about 30 minutes tgt-experience: 

1. Newspaper is a mess, maybe You did it on purpose (to confuse players or to make us steadily and instantly process and analyze game world environment and such), but... 

 - every 10th news inside screens are empty fields, blank, zero, nada...

- "reviews" appearing in "other" news category under "lifespan" titles, and as a result - no "lifespan" news emerging

- "announcement" icon shows 11 messages (red circle), although really there are 16 of them

but that's a half-trouble as it doesn't interfere with the main game course and i could easily forgive it, but then again

2. Simultaneously opening main menu screen with on-screen game development stage settings, which program forces to show without any kind of warning, leads to very depressing choice: to start over by reloading last save or to distribute focus points in overwhelming urgency.

I mean when i open menu, time stops, but when settings screen opens - time starts again, or vice versa (settings - stop, menu - start) - it's so frustrating that after 3rd time in a row i quit the game. So I must forget about checking out calendar or anything in menu. Well then, why would i even bother about any in-game events outside of my development process if i cant' check em out?

Fix it please. If You have testers then give them some job to do or better yet - find new ones, IMHO. No offense intended. Thanks for trying anyway.


Hello, Actually I fixed all these bugs in mobile version but didn't updated on itch as no one is downloading or the game. After sometime I got busy making another game which I will release in few days most preferably tomorrow. Anyways I will update this version after few days :) 

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too bad, few days, few weeks, no nothing, even cancellation

Hey Doga13,

Not saying I'm getting mad or anything but the mac version still hasn't came out yet.

Could you please do it as I can't wait for it to finally come out!




Hey sorry but I don't have hardware to test on mac, I tried few tricks to make it works but it fails.