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too bad, few days, few weeks, no nothing, even cancellation

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2 big things ruining gameplay for me personally after about 30 minutes tgt-experience: 

1. Newspaper is a mess, maybe You did it on purpose (to confuse players or to make us steadily and instantly process and analyze game world environment and such), but... 

 - every 10th news inside screens are empty fields, blank, zero, nada...

- "reviews" appearing in "other" news category under "lifespan" titles, and as a result - no "lifespan" news emerging

- "announcement" icon shows 11 messages (red circle), although really there are 16 of them

but that's a half-trouble as it doesn't interfere with the main game course and i could easily forgive it, but then again

2. Simultaneously opening main menu screen with on-screen game development stage settings, which program forces to show without any kind of warning, leads to very depressing choice: to start over by reloading last save or to distribute focus points in overwhelming urgency.

I mean when i open menu, time stops, but when settings screen opens - time starts again, or vice versa (settings - stop, menu - start) - it's so frustrating that after 3rd time in a row i quit the game. So I must forget about checking out calendar or anything in menu. Well then, why would i even bother about any in-game events outside of my development process if i cant' check em out?

Fix it please. If You have testers then give them some job to do or better yet - find new ones, IMHO. No offense intended. Thanks for trying anyway.