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Can you please make a mac one because the game looks so cool but it's a shame that I can't play it. I love games like this but not much games support mac

if you would that would be AWESOME!

thanks :)

Hey , Mac version was planned to released yesterday but unfortunately gets skipped for few days .It can be out by tomorrow or will take few more days but In case it gets delayed,I will extend the sale.

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really? that's great! thank you very much!

but still, it's been like 4 days since I published this comment and there is still no mac version...

Hey, Actually my pc is not booting up (issues with faulty gpu ) so I am not able to work on the game for few past days.

That's okay, I can wait

day 11, still not finding anything helpful, and looks like I am not going to be able to play it for a while...