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Very unique system, even the automation is original. Fun too, great work

Great game.
I'm confused by the Xray tubes. The description mention xray require a special film to be seen, but is that something that can be built? Couldn't find it.   

I'm using them with the invisible rays, but I can't figure out how to rotate them. Is there an input and output side? Or does it just take UV from all sides and output xrays on all sides?

Tried to figure it out with a Detector but it seems to imply there's more xray the furthest I get from the tube, which is weird (and energy rate doesn't seem to agree with that if I put the panels further)

I just put a few Solar Panel randomly around it and I get energy but wondering if I'm wasting the majority of it.

Thanks for the feedback! :)
Most of the points are things I planned but didn't have time to get to yet, so it's nice to see my goals confirmed.
I didn't know about Perlin noise though, that sounds really interesting, will definitely try to generate new sand tiles that way and see if it looks good!

Very relaxing. Love how the game looks,  the procedural (I assume) lightning looks amazing in some forests. Nice goofy hands too :P

I'd love some feedback on my submission, so if you leave me a comment, I'll make sure to check out yours and leave you some feedback too!

Well, I'm already checking out as many submissions as I can anyway, but that'll get you to the front of the list! ;)

Gotta go sleep right now but I'll get to it first thing tomorrow.

Yeah please ping me, it looks fun :)

Very nice idea, it's fun and works great with procedural generation! Keyword system make it very clear what the rules do.

If it was made into a full game you could keep adding new keywords as the player progress and make it more and more chaotic, should be fun.

On one run I got 3 different blocks with the "invisible" rule, cruel xD

I'm amazed by how well this works. And the design looks great too! I have seen tons of maps in actual scenario books that were less interesting than that, and a lot worse looking usually. Amazing Tool.

Hmm, doesn't seem to be working for me, when I click Run Game the frame just stays grey. Any idea? I was curious about this one :(

Heh, I'd watch that : 

This was started for Procjam? Very impressive, looks like a longer project. Could see an exploration game where you have to use seeds to progress being very cool.

Good idea to have Woodladder seeds at the bottom to allow to get back up, but they need to grow a LOT faster ;)

The huge wooden structures look great : 

Very cool idea, would be fascinating to watch with a lot of different needs, kinda like a reverse Sim City 

When I double click the jar, a white window opens but closes a few seconds later :(. Am I doing something wrong?

Interesting. Is there any way to kill the "pigeons" ?

Ambitious list of features in the intro, I'll definitely check back later. If you can bring something in the spirit of Roadwar 2000, this'll be great, the original is bit ... dated graphically :)

Beat it! It worked great, and I love this kind of puzzles :) 

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Very original mechanic, can't think of another game like that and it works well! Got massacred twice in a row in the first room with knights + archers + wizard + priests, couldn't get past it :<

Gorgeous tileset, used in for my Halloween game jam's game (, thanks :)

Love the sprites, used one as an enemy for my Halloween game jam game :
I fit in the theme nicely thanks to you ;)

Je pensais aussi pour le tuto en jouant au tiens, mais je suis sur GameMaker (et tuto GameMaker) ^^
Thanks :)

Was a lot of fun, thanks for hosting!

PS. Someone please comment on my game, I'd love some feedback ;)

Amazing job, beautiful game and with lot of content. Didn't expect to fight that thing. Then didn't expect that ending. And then really didn't expect the game to continue after that! Cool to be surprised so many times in such a short time :)

Very unnerving writing and sound design, good job on that!

Really liked the writing and ending! Cool background drawings too

Pretty nice, there's something very satisfying about  killing a dozen bats with a single apple once  they start to be a ton of them :)

Spent a lot of time playing this, it's super short but there's something so addictive to the chaotic controls! It's beautiful too

Love the game, and going trick or treating to stock up on powerups is such a fun idea :)

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Impressive variety of gameplay for such a short jam, props!

Cool 3D effect and gameplay, reminded me of the Terminator SNES game :)

Cool concept! The platforming gameplay didn't feel great though.

After I click start and the first question pops up, I can't figure out how to do anything. Neither mouse or keyboard has any effect :(