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Just bought your collection, amazing work :)

I was curious why a lot of files are labeled week XX ?
My first thought was that you were releasing those on something like patreon so supporters got new assets regularly, but I couldn't find anything if that's the case

I started working on my game for the jam, but I'd like more details on the limitations.

The rules only mention that the game should run in a browser OR mobile (or both), but is it only a matter of platform, or is HYPLAY looking for mobile friendly games? Or does it not matter if the game targets hardcore gamers and is played only with a keyboard or gamepad as long as it's fun and run in a browser (for example)?


Whoops, had this comment typed in a tab 3 days ago but didn't hit send xD

Thought it was too easy initially, then got insanely hard by the end, then I figured out to cut flowers in the green box to slow the spread in the red box and managed to finish. It's a cool curve and I like that you have to learn how it works and figure out a "counter."

Would be interesting to have a game with multiple similar levels but with different rules, where you have to figure it out like that each time.

Having the score makes the tree grow is a great idea, could be a cool theme for a pinball.
Gameplay wise I feel like the "out lanes" on the sides attract the balls way too much! On my first game I went from the plunger to the lane three times in a row and didn't even get to hit the ball once xD.
Being able to shake helps a bit but it's still too hard.

Was looking at the controls and when I read "fertilize" I wondered if it meant what I thought it did :)

Cute game and works well, as other have said there's really no objective and not much gameplay for now but I'm curious to try it again if you update it!

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Lmao, using spring water to defeat springs, you really got inspired by the jam name :)
Very cool game.
Visual looks good and I feel like the zoomed out camera ends up being pretty useful in a stealth game, I'd be curious to see how it looks without the bug.
I like the stealth mechanic, it's pretty forgiving imo. You can hide after the enemy already saw you and it still works, which is great for me as I'm impatient.
Managed to make an enemy jump in a pit by showing myself, dunno if it was intented but was pretty cool.

Am I done once I get to 4 springs in the inside level ? Wasn't sure if I was done or if I'm not figuring out where to go

Thanks! :)
Yeah there's a bug where sometimes using the item doesn't work even if the cursor is clearly in the "hitbox", haven't figured out why yet.

Wow this was great.
It's hard to explain but it just feels great, the momentum, gravity, speed, ... is just balanced very well so it feels super satisfying to play. And it looks good too.

Was very hard but I managed to beat it in the end :)

I agree with the previous comment that there's a few small issues with the controls to iron out if you kept working on this, but for 48 jours that's damned impressive.

Nice, good graphics and very impressive overall for a first game!


I'm trying to sign up for the jam and I see the rules say we have to register both on and on the Hyplay dev discord.
I joined the discord and started the register process, but if I understand correctly I need an icon and background (and probably a name) for the game to do that, which I don't have yet since I haven't started working on the game yet.

Do we need to do that before the end of the sign up period on itch (in ~2 days) or is it fine to just register on itch for now and register on the discord later on, before June 5th?


Got 230s, apparently I'm very slow from reading other comments :p
Game looks very nice and controls well. Could be expanded on with a upgrade system if you wanted to continue it : carry more tomatoes, have more tomatoes growing at once, etc... 

Thanks for playtesting my game on discord! I did end up making the inventory more visible (and added a background)

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Thanks! I had a lot more ideas if I had more time (temperature controls, nutrients, bugs, flower gaining usable powers when it gets better! etc) so maybe I'll get back to it later on :)

Gameplay feels really good, and some of those upgrades are crazy (got clones as my very first!)
Loved it :)

Interesting idea, never saw reverse seeds anywhere else. Dragging the cloud back and fort made the plants ungrow very fast so it felt satisfying.

Are some types supposed to be rare or am I very unlucky? (I got like <5% D types)

I wanted to have some vines coming through a crack in the wall or roof... but I didn't have time to draw that so they just come out of the right side of the screen :P

Great stuff, very nice ambiance.
Level 6 is a great example of "show, don't tell", having an easy level to show you may need several light sources :)
That's quite a lot of levels for a 48h jam (plus, portals!)

The light beams look really good, how did you make those ?

The blocks kinda wobble around passively, which looks nice, but the hitboxes don't seem to update to reflect that, so it feels a bit Janky as Ian_W said. Didn't matter that much in the end with the current levels but if you worked on this more and had one where it's really packed it'd feel pretty bad.

Really liked the concept and controls of the net.
Feels like I missed something tho and I couldn't figure out how to deal with turtles so they just ate everything every time. Also couldn't figure out what to do with the scythe but maybe I didn't go deep enough?

Very nice. Towers are really cute, love their derpy tiny faces :)
It was fun being able to upgrade a tower infinitely (?), it got crazy fast!
I think it'd be better if you can see range while placing, not after (too late). But it didn't matter in the end since you can upgrade the range crazy high too. Waves were a bit too long imo.

Overall really liked it!

Visuals looks great! 
Interesting gameplay because of how you have to balance the 3 needs (counting "not getting eaten"), you always only can do one at a time so choice matters.
Game is really hard, but then I started a new game and found the oasis in 5 seconds, can it spawn randomly even right next to you ? :P

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Nice, I really like the visuals and the idea of having 4 separate cooldown was interesting and felt satisfying when doing a quad attack.

Hitbox felt really small but it might be too easy if that's not the case.

Great work!

Damn, was about to post a comment to brag about my 356k, gg :p

Damn, are you on PC or mobile ?

Where did you find the changelog? Looked for it but couldn't find anything, even ingame it still shows the 1.0.3 changelog

Very unique system, even the automation is original. Fun too, great work

Great game.
I'm confused by the Xray tubes. The description mention xray require a special film to be seen, but is that something that can be built? Couldn't find it.   

I'm using them with the invisible rays, but I can't figure out how to rotate them. Is there an input and output side? Or does it just take UV from all sides and output xrays on all sides?

Tried to figure it out with a Detector but it seems to imply there's more xray the furthest I get from the tube, which is weird (and energy rate doesn't seem to agree with that if I put the panels further)

I just put a few Solar Panel randomly around it and I get energy but wondering if I'm wasting the majority of it.

Thanks for the feedback! :)
Most of the points are things I planned but didn't have time to get to yet, so it's nice to see my goals confirmed.
I didn't know about Perlin noise though, that sounds really interesting, will definitely try to generate new sand tiles that way and see if it looks good!

Very relaxing. Love how the game looks,  the procedural (I assume) lightning looks amazing in some forests. Nice goofy hands too :P

I'd love some feedback on my submission, so if you leave me a comment, I'll make sure to check out yours and leave you some feedback too!

Well, I'm already checking out as many submissions as I can anyway, but that'll get you to the front of the list! ;)

Gotta go sleep right now but I'll get to it first thing tomorrow.

Yeah please ping me, it looks fun :)

Very nice idea, it's fun and works great with procedural generation! Keyword system make it very clear what the rules do.

If it was made into a full game you could keep adding new keywords as the player progress and make it more and more chaotic, should be fun.

On one run I got 3 different blocks with the "invisible" rule, cruel xD

I'm amazed by how well this works. And the design looks great too! I have seen tons of maps in actual scenario books that were less interesting than that, and a lot worse looking usually. Amazing Tool.

Hmm, doesn't seem to be working for me, when I click Run Game the frame just stays grey. Any idea? I was curious about this one :(

Heh, I'd watch that : 

This was started for Procjam? Very impressive, looks like a longer project. Could see an exploration game where you have to use seeds to progress being very cool.

Good idea to have Woodladder seeds at the bottom to allow to get back up, but they need to grow a LOT faster ;)

The huge wooden structures look great : 

Very cool idea, would be fascinating to watch with a lot of different needs, kinda like a reverse Sim City 

When I double click the jar, a white window opens but closes a few seconds later :(. Am I doing something wrong?

Interesting. Is there any way to kill the "pigeons" ?

Beat it! It worked great, and I love this kind of puzzles :) 

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Very original mechanic, can't think of another game like that and it works well! Got massacred twice in a row in the first room with knights + archers + wizard + priests, couldn't get past it :<