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The game is free and you can claim it so you will link the copy to your account and be able to download it later even if the free sale is over. Thanks for your interest. Enjoy :)

Thanks for your feedback !

Thanks for your answers.

Ok then maybe next year lol ...!

I guess so.... 

Great job you was right to invest time in it !


Thank you for your answer.

Your light is very impressive. Did you baked it in a 3d software or in a game engine ? I tried once in Unity but the process was so long.

And the textures are so clean ! 

That's my favorite game from you.


How did you managed to get such a render ?

Very good job !

That's cool thank you !

Cool thanks for sharing !!

Hi, thank you very much for your feedback ! 

 I'll adjust music volume. 

The voices are not unsynchronized, I recorded multiples tracks to make the voice more "acoustic". I recorded it in mono, the delay you ear is just some milliseconds of gap between 1st and 2nd track.

Yes I will add a setup menu next week! 

Is motion blur too high ? I really wanted to improve the game feel on the levels but if it makes you see unclear I understand it could be really boring.

Thank again :) .


Thank for your advice, marketing is a real skill I don't own, I'll try to make a better one !

Hi ! 

Thank you for your answer. I'll edit the post. The story is about our collapsing world. How should call it ?

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Hi !

I made a little platformer with narration voice, 3 levels and a shinny world :

Will He Die is the story of a man destroying nature. 

Walk in this world... going to collapse.

Will he die or will he rebirth to make a better world ?

Will you try something ?

The game is story rich, story is told by the voice of the narrator.

3 platform levels :




Die and Retry to change the world.



I love it. Nice aesthetic, nice sound design, nice story that understand games are space. 10/10 ! A little piece of art. 

Ok thank you very much for those informations ! 

Keep going I love your work :)

Did you send a proof to any kind of institution or the simple action of uploading on Itch give us this right ?

How did you put a copyright on your game ?

Etheral, cosmic, liquid... nice alchemy


I made a 3 floors museum with 12 differents rooms. Each room has an interaction. Every statue has a unique sound.

Check it here : 

Enjoy ;)

Salut Itooh,

Merci beaucoup pour ton retour ça fait plaisir. 

Oui tu as totalement raison pour le son du silence. Le son est comme un voile diaphane qui rend palpable l'invisible. Des bruits de ventilation ça pourrait fonctionner super bien. Je m'étais donné une date butoir pour finir ce projet et j'ai donc délaissé cet aspect mais si j'ai le temps je m'en occuperai.

Mais wtf cette histoire de OOB (Tu es sûr de ne pas être un galopin qui court un peu trop vite dans les salles ?). Je vais régler ça merci de me l'avoir signaler.


Hi! I would like to help you and submit these two games :  and this one :

Fiou ! Finally I don't know what happended but anyway. 

You are welcome. Enjoy :)

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Ok so I reuploaded it in Zip format. If the problem persists reply to this post or send me a message by Twitter I will probably answer faster : @_Delapaix

Hope it will works now ! Thank you very much for supporting me :)


What software are you using ? I use Winrar and don't face this problem.

Anyway I will reupload it right now, I am very sorry that happened.

Yes you can't so you don't that's your choice.

What do you mean by "make 5 figures" ?

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Yes but this is Tim's choice.Steam take a bigger percentage on your game but it also give you a bigger market. 

And Tim explained it is an director's cut edition like he added a few things, corrected many levels, etc...

If this can help someone, there is an interview to know if you can apply for ITIN here.

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I am not sure but I trust I readed that for the first payments you get is veryfying all of them before you can get paid.

Oh very nice! Got it, thanks for you answer.

The game is available on Steam :)


Yes I am a one person company. Thank you very much sir !

A pretty lovely game. The controls were a bit difficult because you cannot control the wind power but anyway I love it. 5/5 !

Where is the game :'(