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Where is the game :'(



I removed it from the store as we get closer to the release date. I'm really sorry :(
But you can wishlist the game on Steam so you don't miss the release before Halloween! :D

Oh very nice! Got it, thanks for you answer.

Any chance you'll be adding it back? I've been wanting to download this for months but just got a PC today (I only had Macs before) and when I went to finally download the demo, I was really depressed to see it gone!

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Found an earlier demo still available on IndieDB >>

Thanks so much! Downloading now!

What about those of us that purchased  it here? Its no longer available to us. I had a drive crash and now a game for which I paid is gone forever. I intend on buying the full version but still I paid for this title in its early stages and now the files are gone.

Omg I'm so sorry about this. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to fix this except remove the download button. Once again, I am really sorry. There is currently a free demo on Steam that you can try. :)