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Wow wow! Thanks a lot dude!!

I really hope you'll enjoy the full game when it will be released <3

Thanks :

Thanks! For your kind words, and also for your gameplay! 

Yes the game is... MediEvil, but not exactly MediEvil, but a little bit MediEvil nonetheless... Thanks anyway!

Check out this video guys, I really enjoyed it and you shouldn't miss it!

Thanks a lot for trying out the game and enjoying it so much <3 I promise I will finish and release the game ahah!

I can't be sure already, but the full game probably won't be on :/

Ahah thanks a lot that's heartwarming <3 I want the people to feel like they felt when playing MediEvil!

I guess you managed to go to the end of the demo since your comment, but if not then yes, the boss you see is the end of the demo :) You'll be able to see more of the game in the next demos or/and in the released version!

Thanks again!