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Very pleasant. An original idea. It looks interesting and stylish

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Sounds and ignorance of the situation are the most important force that creates fear.

The author took advantage of this brilliantly, I don't know consciously or not.

There are so many cool horror games that can't scare you, because you know that the enemy is going to run now, or he can't hurt you or something. You're always waiting for a screamer.

And there is nothing here that speaks about the nature of what is coming. You expect an enemy in the face of a snowman, who turns out to be one, but his behavior, movement when not looking, turns out to be just a distraction. 

You don't know what the game wants from you and you're just looking for corpses, hoping that's exactly what they're asking you to do. And when you find the last one, all they give you - the words "Run" and disturbing sharp sounds that escalate the situation, but again you don't know anything, there is no information in front of the player. Where to run? Does it make sense to still look at the enemy so that he freezes, but you see that all the snowmen have started running in your direction, prompting you to run wherever you look. You run, and they catch up and overtake you, not paying attention to you. Completely lost in this environment of snowmen, until you see one among this crowd who is looking only at you. Death.

That's what I mean by misleading the player. It is necessary not to allow concentration, it is constantly necessary to distract the player, occupying him with thinking about what is happening. But few people use this technique in horror-games.
(and the music on the menu is pleasant)

This Horror -  a Masterpiece


оо, спасибо большое)

после фразы "у меня астма, идиотина" бабу сразу за борт захотелось выкинуть, баллон с воздухом сжатым есть, пусть его сосёт

афигенная игра, жаль мой браузер не даёт играть. Почему нет скачивания? Было бы отлично не во флеш формате сыграть

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an interesting idea, everything is smooth. Great game)

we are waiting for the second part in 3d

How pickup key?

The game is great, but there is not enough pause

Masterpiece! - ★★★★★ - 

Oh my God, this is just a monstrously-superbly made prototype. I've never seen anything like it!

The atmosphere is simply amazing, it's a pity that the keyboard did not manage to feel most of the mechanics with the ease that it should have been, but it's fine. You can make a wonderful future out of this prototype.

Wonderful work, if the project continues to develop, then it should have a great future.

Amazing as an idea and implementation.

A very pleasant game.

The Game is extremely atmospheric and enjoyable!
A wonderful gamе.

Wiiiw, this is a very cool game. It's nice, it's something new and we haven't seen anything like it. This is a really interesting game with a new idea.

But I would like it to be more complicated. If you managed to reach the thing and fix it, he will not notice, despite the fact that you spend several hours fixing it.

Аnd the seeker got stuck here one day for the whole game)

Fantastic game. A very pleasant and mysterious world. At first it was scary from sudden attacks :"

Wow, quite an interesting idea. Nice game.
It's a pity it didn't immediately occur to me that I needed to shoot)

A random person connects to my private room, how is that ?

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My game is crashing :c

But the game is 7/7

It's a masterpiece!

Превосходная игра.
Нельзя допустить того момента, когда экологические проблемы станут настолько сильными, что игра станет явью.

Excellent game.
We must not allow the moment when environmental problems will become so strong that the game will become a reality

How do I start the train?
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This game is a masterpiece!
A great idea and a great implementation.

I love playing games on an alien planet

good game idea.

what is this

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Doesn't work
In multiplayer eternal loading..(  Help

hmm.. my antivirus said that there is a Trojan (HEUR/QVM41. 2. 3196.Malware.Gen)
This is a mistake, right ?