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hey Kubak thabk you for your time to review the game, i had limited time this week due to unespected  issues at work :( that made me strip a lot of the original plan, you also made me discover that I broke the boss entry script that's why you didn't saw anything at the end T.T 

This game is so relaxing sounds and graphics are simple and efficient  to keep the focus on the gameplay! the puzzles are quite challenging i manage to get to level 4 then i had to go :) i'll probably come back to finish :D 

Well done ^^

What a lovely time killer! :D i dunno if was just my browser been funny but i couldn't hear any sounds :)

few things that i think will make the game more immersive are animations on collisions and scoring points with some particles also if the time counter will be more visible on the last seconds will add that scary feeling to get as much point possible!

i enjoy playing even if my score was terrible ^^ (48) 

Nice graphics and colours it was fun to play :)

Thank you so much for your time invested to play the game, this was my first complete game and comments like yours is so rewarding!
I'll do my best on the next one! :)

Thank you so much for your feedbacks! my background is 100% developer i'm learning how to drawing so i can make my assets and i still learning how to make sounds effects and particles, it's definitely something i'll keep work on it to ensure better results! ^^"

Thank you so much for play :D, i'm so happy you enjoyed this is my first completed game. i know i have a lot to learn, positive comments makes everything more rewarding! thank you so much!

Interesting gameplay i like the idea of risk/reward by allowing the meteors to enter on the atmosphere to give better burst damage.

The controls are intuitive and easy to use from a touchpad as well, probably an open idea for mobile game as well, i wish there was more animations on the space ship and the planet, also bit of random elements on it like different speed or size of meteors that may require the player to change his strategy during the gameplay, the designs and the explosions effect are really satisfy to see , music and sounds makes everything really relaxing and enjoyable to play. 

main menus are a bit too static but not a big deal :D

keep making games like this one i love it!

Nice concept idea! :) I feel the game is not complete enough, it will be good to have a restart functionality when you die some sounds effect and a progressive difficulty challenge based on score or time :)