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I really enjoyed playing this game, a bit sorry for the robot fate, I guess adding some timer would make the throwing mechanic more relevant ( I'm terrible at it anyway).
the pixel art was cute and constant across the game, love the animation you made for the building crafting the new item.
i would love to see a final version of it :)

Well done!

Very nice game, the idea of sharing the universe with DrTronik made all this even more charming, it felt like a progressive story split into episodes,  one of the puzzles was more challenging for me and require multiple attempts,  getting more weapons made the game simpler rather than harder, other than that it was fun destroy those bases!

I personally love the voice acting, Love it!
Well done!

I used to play games for a long time now (more than 20 years), Oddworld, Metal Gear and Digimon world are my best memories of the ps1 era, I don't know yet what is the fate of this project,  a lot depends on people feedback and traction, I have your same hope to see a fair Digimon world successor maybe multiplayer online as well, maybe we can try to set up a team and work together on it for a small version of it.

here is my discord Degrand#0362 if you want chat about :) 

Thank you for your time on review our game, the idea was to make a mobile game, where you are the baby in the room that is trying to defeat the fear of monsters, you manage to make a friend with one and he fights the others by your side.
All atmosphere was meant to be in the sleeping room of the baby and the monsters were supposed to resemble the shadows or illusions that the baby sees on the night before sleep. 

Obviously, all this is currently not visible on the game due to the time restriction and cuts, we manage to get out of the battle system and we spent all the effort to make that "fun" and "fair" since it's the core mechanics of the game .

The Evolution is to create that variable and make the game more dynamic, spending different points on different attributes allow you to evolve in different forms  all the time, from there the idea of "collectibles" with the monster dex

Thank you for your time on review the game, your point is absolutely correct, the issue that i step on was the balance between the attributes some of them give benefits on the long run others are early game, making the exp boost was killing the meaning of the early ones, i should have though a better scaling system :) to sort that i can add a video of a full game play with the boosted exp, i guess that would help

Hello, thank you for your time on review our game! , you right most of the vibes that I was trying to express with the game were related to Digimon world, i thought that game still a hidden gem to those days, it wasn't for the virtual pet aspect of it that ruined evolutions paths, the idea of a post-jam release is to recreate those feelings, adding a story, a baby protagonist , the room environment ,and improve and polish the current battle system, with only 2 days the battle system was the only thing that we manage to bring out :) 
I'm impressed by your game knowledge I saw some of your other comments mentioning other's inspiration and you got all of them!

Lovely story and art style, I like the idea of multiple ending, had some issues with a couple of bugs but the description allows me to pass them. i'm impressed you manage to get so many dialogues in a short time, were you thinking about the story before the jam started? 
Well done!

Thank you for your feedback unfortunately some features has been sacrifice in a way we could finish the game in time, a lot of the time trying to balance all the attributes and monsters in way the game way fair and not too easy

Thanks Mark

C&C inspired simple and effective controls, I'll probably make smaller the base and bigger the towers to give them more importance, I'll probably make all the arts from the same perspective probably top-down, overall fun to play and it's all that matters! :D 
well done!

It took me some time to get the mechanic of the game, it may need some tutorial to get used to them, i see this well suited for a mobile game with some tune on the controls, overall a fun game! 
well done! 

yeah I just felt it require to much time to rember all of them is somehow not intuitive but maybe is just me :) 

Ps if u end u review mine sorry for the missing checkpoints 

Nice concept, had a few issues to get used to the controls, was hard to remember all of them, maybe a few icons in the in-game UI would help that :)

I'll continue to work on it after the jam end to a better playable demo :) thank you so much for the feedback!

i'll work more on it after the jam end :) thank you so much for the feedback!

lovely art style, good fast-paced game!

lovely art style, good fast-paced game!

thank you so much for the review I guess is the HTML player is that happening for the windows version? :)

fun concept and nice artwork :) 

cute artstyle a score would improve the gameplay 

thank you :) I wish I had more time to implement and animate all of them 19 right now :)

hey Kubak thabk you for your time to review the game, i had limited time this week due to unespected  issues at work :( that made me strip a lot of the original plan, you also made me discover that I broke the boss entry script that's why you didn't saw anything at the end T.T 

This game is so relaxing sounds and graphics are simple and efficient  to keep the focus on the gameplay! the puzzles are quite challenging i manage to get to level 4 then i had to go :) i'll probably come back to finish :D 

Well done ^^

What a lovely time killer! :D i dunno if was just my browser been funny but i couldn't hear any sounds :)

few things that i think will make the game more immersive are animations on collisions and scoring points with some particles also if the time counter will be more visible on the last seconds will add that scary feeling to get as much point possible!

i enjoy playing even if my score was terrible ^^ (48) 

Nice graphics and colours it was fun to play :)

Thank you so much for your time invested to play the game, this was my first complete game and comments like yours is so rewarding!
I'll do my best on the next one! :)

Thank you so much for your feedbacks! my background is 100% developer i'm learning how to drawing so i can make my assets and i still learning how to make sounds effects and particles, it's definitely something i'll keep work on it to ensure better results! ^^"

Thank you so much for play :D, i'm so happy you enjoyed this is my first completed game. i know i have a lot to learn, positive comments makes everything more rewarding! thank you so much!

Interesting gameplay i like the idea of risk/reward by allowing the meteors to enter on the atmosphere to give better burst damage.

The controls are intuitive and easy to use from a touchpad as well, probably an open idea for mobile game as well, i wish there was more animations on the space ship and the planet, also bit of random elements on it like different speed or size of meteors that may require the player to change his strategy during the gameplay, the designs and the explosions effect are really satisfy to see , music and sounds makes everything really relaxing and enjoyable to play. 

main menus are a bit too static but not a big deal :D

keep making games like this one i love it!

Nice concept idea! :) I feel the game is not complete enough, it will be good to have a restart functionality when you die some sounds effect and a progressive difficulty challenge based on score or time :)