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Interesting gameplay i like the idea of risk/reward by allowing the meteors to enter on the atmosphere to give better burst damage.

The controls are intuitive and easy to use from a touchpad as well, probably an open idea for mobile game as well, i wish there was more animations on the space ship and the planet, also bit of random elements on it like different speed or size of meteors that may require the player to change his strategy during the gameplay, the designs and the explosions effect are really satisfy to see , music and sounds makes everything really relaxing and enjoyable to play. 

main menus are a bit too static but not a big deal :D

keep making games like this one i love it!

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it, I never thought about this being a mobile game but that could be really fun indeed, I should look into that. I have set the speed of the comets to be random but I guess I should have maked more visual and more clear randomness, and yeah menu's and UI really isn't my strong point, but hey, that's a challenge for next Jam...

Thanks for the feedback! ^^