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This was fun, little confused about the whole intro part? It didn't feel part of the game at all and was just odd in general. Also the audio quality of the voice acting wasn't the best, I understand French but most of the words were difficult to understand. I got to 93 points but the cubes moved faster than I could jump so I lost, seemed a little unfair. Overall it's a good game though. 

It was interesting, but didn't really feel like a game. Maybe I'm just missing the whole point of it though. The opening scene with the sunrise was amazing, well done. 

Cute game, just wish there was more to it. 

This is a nice concept for a game, I only have a couple small complaints. First, I would've loved to have my cursor visible, I found it really hard to control what block I was on. Second, is there no pause menu or anyway of exiting the game? Maybe I just didn't find the write button for it, but ESC would bring up my inventory. Well done though, it's a solid game. 

This was a really beautiful game to play. There was maybe a bit too much dialogue (a lot of just "..." in there), and the game would've really benefited with having the text spell checked since there were a lot of typos. Great game, was a unique experience! 

Really enjoyed playing this game. Quickly learned how everything worked, well done! 

The fire effect is awesome, but I feel like that's all you had time to get working sadly. I wasn't able to find another tree since it was so dark, and just kept falling off the map. Would've loved to see what you actually wanted the game to be. 

That was a lot of fun! I probably would've preferred a larger window to play in, since the game itself was really small and it was hard to see the penguins coming, but overall I really enjoyed it :)

This was a lot of fun, feels like it's the complete opposite of the theme though since you are putting out a fire? Maybe I'm mistaken

Those sounds are gonna give me nightmares.... 

Really great puzzle game, I'm impressed.

Nice puzzle platformer style game. Would've been nice if the character would flip when changing directions. Also one of my ice blocks got stuck against a table, and there was no way to reset it or get it unstuck. Good work overall :)

The controls felt a bit odd, but otherwise it was fun to play :)

The jump was really difficult to time well...and I wouldn't respawn after I died. Wish I could've beaten it but refreshing the whole page each time wasn't very fun. It seems like a good game though, nice work!

Love the Mario Party feel. The memory minigame went on a bit too long, especially against bots. I have good memory but trying to perfectly remember a 10 input sequence in like 3 seconds is way too difficult :( Great job with the game!

This is a really interesting idea, but I spent 5 minutes to only find 1 stick because they are so hard to see...all the food and sticks were tiny :( The game also seemed way too long, I didn't want to spend 20 minutes just picking up sticks. Altogether it's a fun game, the gameplay is just a bit repetitive though.

Fun game, would get devoured by Martin again

Simple gameplay and a lot of fun, nice job!

Fun game, changing skills was really difficult though. I kept scrolling and didn't realize for a while that it only took 1 click on my scroll wheel to swap between them, but it was frustrating so I just stopped swapping skills. Nice job overall, would've been nice to have more to explore!

The art is really well done, though the gameplay needs a bit of work. I restarted about 5 times and never really understood what I was supposed to do aside from collect logs and fuel the fire. Good work either way!

Interesting concept, I think it's missing too many features right now though. I hope you're able to add in everything you wanted to add in the next few weeks, I'd love to see more content :)

It's an interesting concept. The computer enemy just kept glitching out in the same spot over and over so I basically scored 4 points for free...other than that it's fun. Could see this being a fun mobile game where you can play with a friend on the same screen (each holding a different end of the device).

Enjoyable gang violence between penguins! The enemy penguins are a bit too strong...they hardly ever miss and kill my penguins super quick compared to how hard it is to aim and kill them. Regardless, nice job, it's a good game :D

The waddle is fantastic, it's so much fun to watch! 

The hitbox on that walrus is unforgiving :( Fun game, too bad I sucked at it haha

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It's a fun game when you get the hand of it! The biggest issue for me was that you can't see the ice when it is close to the screen, so I thought some levels were impossible until I realized I just couldn't see them. I didn't understand what the black things were? Either they'd really mess up with my movement or I'd go right through them. 

I'm sure it would've been even more fun with a friend, nice work :)

(sorry if you got multiple notifications, it sent 3 times for some reason but I deleted them)

The difficulty was just perfect to make me want to keep playing. My main feedback is because the moving platforms didn't reset when you died, sometimes your fire would go out before you had a chance to actually finish the puzzle before you got sent back to the checkpoint, and there wasn't much you can do about it except for hope the platforms were in the right spot the next time around. Really fun game though. 

(also with all Unreal engine games, they launch in VR by default, so turning that setting off would make me happy, but obviously not your fault that it's still on)

"In that game you scored 50 out of a possible 60, in 78 turns."

Haven't played a text adventure in years so it was a nice change of pace! Took a bit of getting used to, but you did a really good job. I enjoyed playing it a lot :)

I didn't really understand what I was supposed to do, even when I wasn't touching anything I still didn't seem to be losing. I also couldn't find a way to close the game without Alt + Tabbing out. Either I'm really dumb or things weren't explained well :(

I'm sure the game is fun, but I couldn't even hit the first button. I tried about 30 times and not once could I get the gun to point towards the button to hit it. Maybe I just didn't understand it, but the gun would always face in the wrong direction and there didn't seem to be a way to control which way it faced. Was just extremely frustrating to not even be able get through the tutorial section of the game...

It's definitely a fun game :) I was just confused about why I was collecting coins since they didn't seem to do anything? Also how many rounds are there, I died on round 9 or 10 I think but it just felt like it was gonna go on forever? I also clicked on the "How to Play" button and really wasn't expecting it to bring me to a browser page that didn't have any instructions on how to play...maybe just adding in the controls in the "How to Play" would've made more sense? For a 1 week jam, you did a really great job, there were just some small things that confused me.

I think the game is good but has a few flaws to it. 1. I didn't know if I should be killing the cats or not until they started to kill me...usually cats are friendly :( 2. It's not clear that you can build your own fire, and I only accidentally managed to do it which kept me alive. 3. There's no point in exploring at all since the trees respawn so quickly that I would just cut down the 4 trees around my house over and over. 

I think if there was a bigger focus on exploring the map instead of just cutting down the same 4 trees, it would've added a lot to the game. Either way, I did enjoy it, well done!

If there was a rating for "Psychologically Disturbing" I would give it 5 stars. It was definitely interesting...

This was a lot of fun! It was unpredictable, and it truly felt like my decisions were important to get my penguins home safely. Really well done! For it to be just a "text adventure" style game, you really knocked it out of the park. 

My only feedback is that the font was a bit difficult to read at times, and I could see someone with English as not their first language struggle a bit to read the story.

Of course the art is amazing, but that goes without saying. It's a relaxing game, though there is a lack of actual things to do besides matching icons to the cards. I love the take on the Penguin Party theme, since it was similar to ours. I also felt that I was losing more gold than I was getting from certain adventures, so maybe I was just playing wrong, but I couldn't know for sure.

Small note, the game launched in VR for me, so just disabling the VR setting in unreal would be ideal :) It's stupid that it's on by default so I don't blame you for not turning it off.

Overall, it's a fun game and with a bit more to do in it, I could see myself spending a lot of time creating the best penguin adventuring team ever! 

Overall this game was pretty fun! It was a cute tower defense game and you did a great job of incorporating both themes.

The audio was fairly painful to listen to and I had to mute the game after about 10 seconds, some nicer bullet sounds would've made the game more enjoyable.

I also found it a bit frustrating that the polar bears spawned immediately, and I almost instantly lost the first level since I didn't know how to play and polar bears were already killing me. 

The levels felt a little small for a tower defense game as well, I found myself just spamming shotguns as close to the entrance as possible just to speed the game up a bit. 

You did an amazing job :D

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We had some last minute issues with the high scores, and as a result didn't have time to balance the time properly to make sure that players could get 3/3 anvils. Thanks for playing, sorry about the high score issues! (edit: we realized that we forgot to set the timer back to it added something like 10 or 12 minutes to your time :/ We are posting a patch sometime today that fixed that and some other small tweaks if you'd like to try for 3 anvils again)

It was giving me the instructions to defend something on the first levels but I was dead before I was even done reading it :( I love the art style though, gameplay needs some work