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Hey, uh, dumb question, can you play playdate pdx games on PC?

edit: Looks like you can with the sdk?

This is a good game. The UI works, the full-screen POV works well and is immersive, the music is great. I like the weird stuff the characters say. Amazing that you can complete this in a week. I ran this on linux + wine and also with the love framework. Very impressive, a massive undertaking for one week's work. Congratulations :)

LOL The only way to win is not to play. Thanks for the laugh, I hope you had a good time. Thank you for playing

Thanks for playing!

Great vibes. I think an attack animation could help. Thanks for the game.

I played this on linux + wine. It worked very well. I think the movement was very good, tight controls and fluid camera. I liked how the laser would track the target if you move around a lot. There was one monster that cornered me as I came out of an airlock and just rammed me. Almost killed me, but beside that, the combat was fairly easy. A very complete game to have made in 7 days, great job!

Argh! so Close, Still an excellent submission, thank you :)

Excellent game, thanks for the play! I would sometimes get the battle music to go off, even though there was no encounter. You could polish this up some and sell it. Thanks,

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It is a game play and balance issue, but when you only have 5 monsters in the dungeon they all have to be tanks! lol Maybe the cleric should have brought some bleach spray instead of a book into the dungeon?

Thank you for playing :)

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Good catch :) I was planning on using a robot, cyborg, or alien for the monsters but had trouble finding artwork that I liked. Thank you for playing!
Edit: The DragonRuby discord is very active and welcoming, probably worth checking out.

Cool idea, thanks for sharing this. This kind of originality, i think, could be developed into a more complete game. Good work.

This seems like a really cool concept. Collect 9 puzzles. The level of polish on the random monsters, the random rooms, walking around, the POV spotlight all look good. I like the style. I also died 100% of the time. I think I defeated one dude in about a dozen attempts. Maybe slow down the left/right target, enlarge the target zone, give more health? The controls feel good, the dungeon looks good, my reactions just aren't fast enough.

Thanks for making a cool game.

Oh no! Thats not good to see! What OS are you on? Thank you for the error screenshot. Thanks for playing :)

Thanks for taking the time to review. I'm really impressed with you game. My goal here was to submit something that was 'playable'. I agree 100% that I could add more features and balance things better. 

The coding was done during the week, as well as the art. The game engine is DragonRuby.
I've written a post-jam summary detailing some more thoughts and my general approach:

Thanks for playing!

Amazing work!

The look and feel are very good. I think you could work on this to develop a more complete game that would sell. Overall nice presentation. Although it felt a bit empty. Thanks!

This game drew me in, the monsters were a little basic, but i think that worked to their advantage. Creepy monster sounds. I made it to through one run. I think it would be great to add some spare batteries or a charger as i kept my flashlight on and didn't catch the battery meter until it was out.

Congratulations on submitting a game :) I think this is a pretty dynamic dungeon. I think it would be cool to destroy walls and place barriers to affect how the bots are roaming.

Thanks for giving it a go. I really appreciate it.

Thank you, I'm not sure what a xbot is lol. I wanted to add a mini-map of the visible, local map, but ran out of time. Thanks for playing.

Thank you! Im happy to see you played it. Thanks for the feedback :)

Thanks for the review, thanks for taking the time to play it!

Thats true, I ran out of time, thanks for playing. :)

Thanks for playing :)

I love the running-down-the-hall, the mini games, the artwork. Awesome game!

I think a good start. I dont know what keeps eating me! Haha. I like the three pane view, the top-down pane is big enough and the text pane can add some extra flavor. The music and sound effects are super. It's a little hard to see whats going on through the trees. 

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I like the movement and orientation. I'm wasn't sure about the relationship to jumping and if it costs me diamonds. I think the more you get the higher you can jump? I like that it is turned based, very cool. Thank you for the game.

Solid game. I like the consistent look, the sound effects, the menus. Nice, thank you!

Highscore: 1700

The north pole has a log problem haha thanks for the game.

I also found that it runs noticeably slower for me in the browser (firefox 93). 

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Good spooky theme, fun low-fi vibe. I think some visual indicator like a table or putting some rectangles around where the card stacks are would help orient me, it took a couple tries to figure out i should drag central card to the other card stacks. I was able to play it in the browser and on linux. Thanks for the game, keep up the good work :)
Edit to say: I also really liked the shaking effect.

Nice mechanic! I think this could be adapted to mobile very well, maybe with some curved tracks, too. I wish there were some sounds, i found myself going "Vrrrrmmm, Vrmmmm, vroom". You could also add more gears, and a penalty for bad shifts, maybe flash something red. Thanks for the game.

WASD to move, space to fire. I havent gotten power-ups to work, so you will eventually run out of bullets, and the asteroids bypass shields currently .. but there is no death. Have fun, I managed to get multiple explosion animations to go off thanks to the excellent dragon ruby discord. Thanks, Kota. :)

WASD to move, space to fire

Thanks for pointing out the code. I like the line definitions for the toon. I'm impressed that everything is done in javascript. I've usually avoided the language but the advantages of running in the browser are obvious and compelling. Good work, I hope you have more programs planned for PLATO.

Thanks for playing! Keep an eye out for the next version that fixes these issues.

Thanks, DM. I'll work on updating it to make it more complete.

Thanks :)

Thank you!

Thanks, Man! A final version will be out later where you *do* have to evade the trees lol. Thanks :)